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 Soul Hazard!

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PostSubject: Soul Hazard!   Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:27 pm

Humans (Humanity): Like most higher primates, humans are social animals. Humans are uniquely adept at utilizing systems of communication for self-expression, the exchange of ideas, and organization. Humans create complex social structures composed of many cooperating and competing groups, from families to nations. Social interactions between humans have established an extremely wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which together form the basis of human society. The human populace is estimated to be in the billions, though severely lowered by a combination of events including the arrival of the Syndicate as well as the destruction of China. The human consciousness is comprised of thought, reasoning, and abstraction; similar to spirits. Humans, however, have a higher sense of compassion and tend to put more emphasis on moral rather than logic. Humans vary widely in appearance, whether they have blonde hair, brown hair, black, red, or even white; humans are highly diverse. They also can have a multitude of eye colors, their eyes come in just about any color, excluding the color red.
Average Ages: Toddler 1-5 years old, Child 6-12 years old, Teen 13-19 years old, adult 20+;
Average Age of Death: 97 years old.

Spirits (Syndicate): Spirits, also regarded as demons or 'dark angels' by the humans, are creatures who evolved along a more spiritual path than humanity. They hail from what is known as the Spirit World and can easily be recognized by their sharper teeth and red eyes. Instead of their hair being various colors, like the humans, their hair is always either black or white. Their teeth are so sharp due to their race being extremely carnivorous. Their body naturally rejects vegetables and fruit, therefore they indulge only in the meat of other creatures. This sometimes includes the consumption of humans, as humans are the only other creatures that possess spiritual energy and therefore can contain large amounts of energy for the demons. However, some spirits view such an act as disgusting and barbaric, while others consider it infecting their body with human filth. Either way, the consumption of humans is not very well practiced among the Syndicate as the knowledge of humanity itself is newly acquired to their race.
Average Ages: Toddler 1-9 years old, Child 10-55 years old, Teen 56-120 years old, adult 120+;
Average Age of Death: 460 years old.

Half-Breeds: Half-breeds are extremely rare and a feat in of itself. The mere fact that humans and spirits can reproduce together simply supports the fact that they are either of the same species or of an extremely similar species. Half-breeds are very rare due to the fact that it is an atrocity in the eyes of the Syndicate and is subject to the death penalty. Not to mention that even being able to have such relations would be strained for both species, particularly the spirit. For this reason, the number of half-breeds throughout the entire world can only be counted up to around three or so. Under the Syndicate, all half-breeds are 'put down' to eliminate the shame of their existence. However, as the humans are more compassionate, half-breeds can find asylum in living in human society. It still stands, however, that most humans are still repulsed by half-breeds which has led to them working for the Akakumo to make a name for themselves. Their physical attributes can vary widely, but tend to resemble more of a demon in hair and eye color while taking on more of a human physique. They are thus able to consume the same diet as a human and their teeth are usually that of a human.
Average Ages: Toddler 1-6 years old, Child 7-20 years old, Teen 21-50 years old, adult 51+;
Average Age of Death: 125 years old.

In the new world, the humans have acquired the power they've longed for for time now. With this new power and new world, however, there is a new way of making end's meet. The completion of jobs give them purpose and the money they need. It also helps them develop their abilities further. These jobs are labeled as missions and ranked in levels from 1 to 8 based on difficulty. Missions are handed out by the organization or government that you are affiliated with.

US Government: The federal government of the United States is the national government of the constitutional republic of fifty-six states that is the United States of America. The seat of government of the United States is in Washington, D.C., a geographical area that is not located within any state. This has led to "Washington" commonly being used as a metonym for the U.S. federal government. The United States occupies the entire continent of North America, having assumed governmental control over Canada and Mexico as a result of the third world war. The US Government is most notable for experimentation on humans with spiritual abilities and using them for a multitude of purposes which vary from fighting Spirits to even completing missions against other countries. The destruction of China, to prevent their nuclear power from falling into Spirit hands, is actually said to have been a result of the US Government. The CIA naturally refutes such accusations.

Japanese Government: The government of Japan is a constitutional monarchy where the power of the Emperor is very limited. As a ceremonial figurehead, he is defined by the 1947 constitution as "the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people". Power is held chiefly by the Prime Minister of Japan and other elected members of the Diet, while sovereignty is vested in the Japanese people. The Government of Japan has very limited participation in world affairs, especially political games of espionage. In fact, they were the only country that had limited participation in the third World War. However, as one of the two remaining world super powers, Japan participates heavily in the war effort to save humanity. They openly contribute with the US government, which could very well be one-sided at times, and invest more-so in human technology rather than spiritual abilities and advancement. They're more likely to hire normal human mercenaries than humans with special abilities. After the third world war, Japan became the smallest country in the world as they had not expanded at all while other had.

The Syndicate: The Syndicate is the official government of the spirits. Their methods differ from that of humans as they lack any compassion when dealing with those who break the law or who are enemies. The universal penalty for breaking the law under the governance of the Syndicate is the immediate death penalty. Those who desert their duties or commit any form of treason as ordered to be immediately killed. Anyone who aids or harbors criminals are to be killed as well. This has led to the strict obedience of Syndicate laws throughout the Spirit Realm and presently in Russia, as a military base of the Syndicate. They have no interest in relations with humans as humans are considered below them on the evolutionary chain, therefore has led to their irrefutable slaughter of the human race thus far. Those who work under the authority of the Syndicate are often given missions against the governments of humanity and can vary form a large-scale assault to small-scale espionage.

Akakumo: Akakumo is a secret human organization composed of human criminals who despise their old governments and the Syndicate. It also welcomes spirits if they wish to rebel against the Syndicate, but such a thing occurring is highly unlikely. The Akakumo bears the symbol of a red cloud and started in Japan. However, the majority of it's member-base is of US decent due to the pride of the Japanese people and the restlessness of the American people. Akakumo thrives on distrust in the world's governments and uses it to recruit new members. Their missions range from attacks on the human governments or the Syndicate. They tend to give out missions that ensure the survival of humanity more than anything, as seen when they offered support in the American espionage mission to take out China before it fell into Syndicate hands.

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Soul Hazard!

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