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PostSubject: Samehada   Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:03 pm

Weapon Template

Weapon Name: Samehada (Sharkskin)

Weapon Type: Greatsword

Quantity: One(Unique)

Description: Made of some strange, chakra-eating creature, and is considered impossible to break.

Abilities: This weapon is in constant symbiosis with its wielder. Its wielder lets it feed, and in return it defends its owner, much like the Aburame Destruction Bugs. This sword can literally eat the chakra of enemies when it cuts them. Coupled with its hundreds of scales covering its body, it is very deadly. It can absorb 30 of the opponent's chakra when it cuts them, and as such, it can cancel out ninjutsu that it touches with that much chakra in it (any higher and it doesn't stop it at all). It comes with its drawbacks though. This weapon, will constantly leech the chakra off its wielder, when carried, causing them to lose 5 chakra every post of the topic they are in. It is also very heavy and difficult to maneuver without much strength, using it actually saps away at their stamina over time.

In heated combat, Samehada can siphon some of its 'meal' (chakra that it absorbed from an opponent) to its owner so they can last longer in combat, though as a drawback to that, their chakra pool will become halved for every time this happens, the side-effect lasting anywhere from minutes, to days (until end of topic). When this sword's stomach is empty, it will act as if dead, only performing its minor instinct actions, like eating. When someone who isn't the wielder it chose picks up the weapon, the scales around the handle will stab them in the hand. This doesn't really stop them from using it, but to do so will continually drain 35 chakra per post. (5 because it is being held by a 'wielder' and 30 because it is cutting them)

This blade is S-Rank and is quite powerful.

History: Suikona, coming from the Oradashii family came into possession of this sword after passing his rite of passage through which the prodigies of the Oradashii clan(Those who are born able to use suiton jutsu effectively) are given to either die, or become the champion of the clan. Suikona's test was the same as all the others, to enter a hidden cave hidden in the forest outside of hurricane. Climbing the mountain and finally finding the cave hidden behind a large boulder, he entered. It was damp in the cave, but atleast the rain wasn't hitting him any longer. Suikona ran across a booby trap every few steps, getting used to it rather quickly. He managed to pass through all the tests in traps in about a day's worth of time, and only sustaining a few minor injuries. At the end of the cave, he found what seemed to be a dead end. However, after busting his way through the wall in front of him after pounding it in rage, he found what he had came for. He had made his way through the mountain, all the way to the tip, which was hollowed out. At the top of the mountain was a small hole, allowing light to pass through and shine upon the samehada, which growled lightly on what looked like an altar. Taking it, it realized his heritage, taking a taste of his chakra after not having eaten for several generations. The Samehada wasn't too picky at this point, of course, and took a liking to Suikona. Suikona later found out from his clan that this sword was for the best of the best, and he was the first who had succeeded in 10 generations, and that before he died, he was to place it back there so that the next champion would earn it. Suikona accepted this, keeping Samehada as his trusty weapon.

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PostSubject: Re: Samehada   Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:12 pm

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