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PostSubject: Takahashi   Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:00 pm

Clan Information

Bloodline Name: Kage no Aoitaka 'Shadow of the Blue Hawk'.

Bloodline Ability: The Kage no Aoitaka kekkai-genkai only reveals itself in a sole member once every other generation. To activate the kekkai-genkai, one must be in a situation involving extreme peril or emotional distress, such as a comrade/friend about to die, or the user himself about to be seriously injured. When activated, the chakra coils of the user triple in size, allowing for a much extensive use of chakra (not to mention an extreme amount of chakra to be used as a result). As a result of the chakra coils expanding so rapidly, a large amount of chakra is expulsed through the body in the form of a shockwave that shoots anything with a ten meter radius flying. The combative purposes of this ability are extensive, as the extra chakra serves to dramatically increase speed, strength, and reaction time.

The reason such an excess of chakra is possible is simple. From the moment the Takahashi wielding the Kage no Aoitaka kekkai genkai was born, small amounts of chakra immediately started siphoning in another place where it was stored and untouched. When the bloodline is activated, the large reserve of chakra unleashes itself and allows itself to be used. To regain the immense store of chakra, a work-week of bedrest is required.

Aesthetically, the excess chakra swirls around the user, creating a visual blue aura that does nothing to anything it comes in contact with. The entirety of the user's eye turns blue, as well. In addition, the members of the Takahashi clan are usually gifted with extreme prowess in kenjutsu and weaponry, reaching Jounin-ranked kenjutsu abilities through diligent practice from an early age.

Physical Traits: Blond hair.

Location: Boufuu.

Clan History: The Takahashi clan was originally not a clan, but rather a group of families that traveled across the deserts of Kaze no Kuni. These families were ruthless in nature and merciless during combat, maiming their enemies and preserving the life as long as possible, as to cause more suffering. The group would pillage villages and rape women, both in order to ensure the material wealth and continuation of the clan through stolen goods and bastard children. It wasn't long before the group attacked shinobi groups. The first attack was against a fresh genin team from Shippugakure, two boys and one girl. The boys were killed in a most gruesome manner, and the girl raped over and over again. However, what the group did not know was that the girl was the holder of a kekkai genkai - one that entailed great power. It wasn't long before the result of the rape was born several months later: a bastard boy named Takahashi Izuna. Izuna would grow up to become an extremely talented swordsman, such that he could beat anybody in the clan in a battle. The clan soon saw Izuna as a threat, and launched a clan-wide assault on the teenager. Izuna was on the verge of death before he awakened his kekkai genkai and dispatched of his attackers, leaving him the sole survivor of the Takahashi clan. It is unknown what happened to Izuna afterwards, but it is clear he passed on his blood to the future generations, creating the Takahashi clan as it is known today.

Important: To activate the kekkai-genkai, one must be in a situation involving extreme peril or emotional distress, such as a comrade/friend about to die, or the user himself about to be seriously injured with a fatal wound. It can't be activated by yourself, only if you're in a situation given here.

Name: Kage no Aoitaka - Kai (Shadow of the Blue Hawk - Release)
Rank: D-S
Element: /
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Self (Shockwave: 0-10m)
Description: This technique allows the user to access the Kage no Aoitaka whenever they please. To perform, the user must be in a state of extreme emotional distress (examples listed above). Once this is accomplished, the user's speed, strength, and vision will improve by a factor of one-and-a-half ranks (i.e. a fresh genin that uses this technique will have mid-Chuunin level strength). The technique by itself is mostly passive, with the only combative purposes being the shockwave that is released when the chakra is released that blows everything within ten meters back. This technique lasts as long as the user is fighting, and after the effects have faded, the user requires five days of bed-rest in order to recover from the strain the technique places on the body, as well as recover the chakra that was used from storage. As the abilities given by the kekkai genkai are supplementary and only build on pre-existing items, there are no distinct abilities of the clan other than the one listed above. Requires one post charge up.
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