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PostSubject: Xanadu   Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:27 pm

Clan Information


Bloodline Name: Meikai no shugo-sha (Guardians of the Netherworld)

Bloodline Ability: Members of this clan are half-phantom and half-human. Although this is true, it also caused their Chakra pool to be completely removed from their body and deposited at a mysterious orb-like spirit of varying colour. The spirit orb can only be seen only by the members of the clan or someone who has seen death happen in front of their eyes. They have a very high level of concentration.

Genin, Chuunin:
During this level, they have to concentrate and absorb chakra from their spirit half. This makes it quite troublesome for those who want to be quick on their toes in battle. Although, they can use E~C rank jutsu’s with ease.

Sp. Jounin, Jounin, S-rank:
During this level, jutsu’s ranging from A~S rank will backfire on the caster if it involves chakra but to counter this disability members of the clan are able to merge with their spirit half for only 15 posts. Thus, letting them access Jutsu’s from A~S rank. Note that if the jutsu involves absorbing chakra from ones spirit half, it would require two posts for A~S rank unless stated. This can be used once per topic.

Below states the weapons that can be carried by the clan members. Note that the weapons are passed down from their forefathers (Explained in history).

Chastity – Increases jutsu damage by two fold.
Temperance – Dispels Genjutsu every two posts.
Kindness – Heals the user passively but at a small amount.
Charity – Has the ability to sap your life in return for an increase in power
Diligence – Able to continue a battle after being landed a critical hit
Patience – Increased focus, insight, foresight and senses.
Humility – Does not feel fear or pain when used.

Lust – Has the ability to sap life from the opponent to heal yourself.
Gluttony – Loves to drink blood; the more blood drunk, the lighter the weapon wielded.
Envy – Has the ability to copy the shape and effects of other weapons but its strength is 80% of the original.
Greed – The more Ryo one has in hand, the more powerful the weapon
Sloth – The being of slowness can have a very slow movement but very high damage output
Wrath – Increase all stats by two times but at a cost of your sanity
Pride – Being as pride, it does not like other chakra except for its owner, thus it will push aside all other chakra.

(Last edited by Eden Shinteki on 12/18/2014)

Colour to discern the seven members:

(Note that each member can have a max of two weapons, one Virtue, one Vice and I’m stating the suggested effects but not the type of each weapon as I want it to be versatile for other members that want to join. Please take a look at the last post after approval as I’ll state who takes which Vice, Virtue and Colour.)


Chastity –
Temperance – Shigeru
Kindness –
Charity –  Seijuuna Haikyuuren
Diligence –
Patience –
Humility –

Lust –
Gluttony –
Envy – Seijuuna Haikyuuren
Greed – Shigeru
Sloth –
Wrath –
Pride –

Colour to discern the seven members:
Red -
Yellow/Orange - Shigeru
Green -
Cyan -
Blue -
Purple/Indigo -
Pink/Violet - Seijuuna Haikyuuren

Members (2/7): Seijuuna Haikyuuren, Shigeru

Physical Traits: None.

Location: Scattered.

Clan History: Long ago, war broke out. Countless lives lost in the blood stained grounds, bodies rotting, souls left unrest. Scarlet flames swirl in wake, devouring anything in its path. Merciless. Unforgiving. It comes after each battle. It’s fate? To cleanse! It’s desire? To give peace to those who have passed on.

In truth the clan was just scattered bits of nomadic people. They have no intension nor relation to what happened to the outside world. They preferred to throw everything not normal to them and live in peace as they travelled from place to place, gaining knowledge on much of the geography of the world, not to mention some well hidden ancient temples, shires and hideouts. They also have wide knowledge over many rumours, myths and legends that held were around at that time.

Among every mystery, one of them stood out the most. The legend of the temple of judgement, Tamashī no handan. Although, none of the seven members founding members of the clan went there as of yet, the legend spread like a virus, unrelenting, ever putting people in a trance state of desire. Everyone thought it was salvation and eternal bliss that will be found inside but the clan founders stayed away, fearful that the corruption will get to them.

Alas, they couldn’t escape the fate that which the temple already predicted. Soon, all of the ten leaders and their families meet at the temple. The famed mystery of the temple of black and white. One side it was rotting with darkness, malice and sin, the other with pureness, clarity and virtue. Stunning it was, but something or someone stood out. A certain elderly caretaker, stood to greet them. Unknowingly, their life had already been changed when they first came to know about the temple.

Time passed and each of the founding members changed, their families were told to wait for them far away, at the nearby river they all meet. Soon a ritual started, the caretaker revealed to be an immortal lady named Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, her job to get people to help her judge the living and send souls to their final resting place. She granted each of them a power they will never forget. Separate souls representing seven colours, their heirs having the colours of their respecting souls and weapons each depicting a vice and a virtue. Their goal was simple; to help people leave behind regrets and finally leave the world in peace.

Shocked by their predicament, each of them went down the path and the only way to move on was forward, but slowly, each member found themselves ever tied to this path. Unable to run away. “The truth is that peace is always within..” Shikieiki said before the seven founding members left the temple and it will forever stay the same as time goes on for eternity.


Name: Netherworld Reflection Slash
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Element: None
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: 2 meters in front of user
Description: Creates a projectile-reflecting barrier with the weapon used. Has no offensive properties but reflects the projectiles over a wide area. This also includes projectile/long range types of ninjutsu up to B-rank. The barrier size depends on the size of the weapon used. Cooldown of 1 post, barrier lasts for 1 post.

Name: Human Knowledge “Angel Dance”
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Element: None
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: 0-30 meters
Description: Does not require handseals. Have to concentrate to absorb energy/charka from the spirit half for one post then slashes an area twice dealing damage and slowing down movement in the area by 10% once the first slash starts. The first slash is normally avoidable but the second is harder as it aims directly at the enemy’s position, regardless of where you are, thus the second slash is harder to avoid. Afterwards, summons 8 energy projectiles flying outward from the slash over lapping location. The slash area depends on what type of weapon used. The larger the weapon, the larger the slash area.


Name: Enlightened “Rise from Delusion”
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Element: None
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: 0-15 meters
Description: Does not require handseals. After concentrating for one post, the member puts a huge amount of energy/charka from the spirit half into the weapon to create an immensely destructive blade and mow down everything in front. This effect only happens when one slashes with the weapon. The range of this technique is 3 meters in length (Does not include weapon length) and 0.5 meters in width. It is very hard to dodge due to its range. Lasts for 2 posts, cooldown of 2 posts.


Name: Paschal Moon “Reflecting Satellite Slash"
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Element: None
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: 50 meters in radius
Description: Does not require handseals. One must merge with spirit half to use this technique. This technique requires the presence of the moon and starts. This technique has five stages and requires concentrating for two posts to absorb the light from the moon. Its one and only weak point is that while it is powerful, it takes a great deal of time to store up power. If you move when charging, it won't hit. Once per topic.

New Moon: (Duration: 2 post)
Darkness fills the area until such a state that only the caster is able to see. Then, a heavy slash will come and sparkles of light will light around the area, as the light touches matter a powerful but not large explosion will be created.

Waxing Crescent/Waning Crescent: (Duration: 3 post)
Darkness still fills the area but a Crescent moon could be seen. Slashes done during this point will fly towards the enemy with strong homing but still avoidable.

First Quarter/Last Quarter: (Duration: 5 post)
Half of the moon could be seen. Every slash position in will create a light on that position that will damage anyone who wants to go through except the caster.

Waxing Gibbous/Waning Gibbous: (Duration: 3 post)
Every slash in the three posts will resurface as real energy slashes that will fly up high into the sky. Once it touches matter it will explode and rain down upon those unsuspecting people below.

Full Moon: (Duration: 1 post)
One is able to create a slash that covers great distances which able to destroy and mow down buildings. The effect is that countless daggers or slashes blanket the earth and sky.

Lunar Eclipse: (Duration: 1 post)
The final stage but this is a rarity as Lunar Eclipses does not happen most of the time (I’ll put that I can use this only once a week). The effect of this skills is that a reddish hue will be seen covering the whole battlefield, then without warning waves after waves of high frequency energy spew forth to cover the land, destroying everything in it’s path but due to the wave being a reflection of near invisible, the only hint that it is coming is the reddish hue. There is no escape due to the constant diffraction and interference. Your only chance of survival is to defend with something on par with a small Hydrogen Atomic Bomb. The drawback is that the aftermath of this is that the caster will receive internal damage causing immense pain to all their organs. Hence, it’s only used as a desperation attack. One final push for victory before death or enormous pain takes them.
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PostSubject: Re: Xanadu   Sun Jun 07, 2015 9:45 pm

Xanadu weapons and clan positions are now freely open.
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