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 Dazai, Ryuishin Skar

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Skar Ryuishin Dazai
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PostSubject: Dazai, Ryuishin Skar   Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:22 pm

First Name: Skar Ryuishin.
Last Name: Dazai.
Alias: The Vocal Dragon.

Gender: Male.
Age: 30.
Height: 180cm.
Weight: 75kg.
Birthday: January 12.
Sexuality: Straight.
Relationships: None.

Affiliation: Hyougagakure.
Rank: Jounin.
Element: Wind, Fire and Lightning.
Specialization: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu.

Personality: Skar has the personality of a wise old man. He is calm and sturdy, yet he is relentless and does what needs to be done. He adores challenges of his physical capabilities, and highly respects those who feel similarly. He has been through many hardships in his lifetime, and through those hardships he has learned many lessons that most his age, and even some older than he, would never dream of learning. His past is frightening and considered inexpressibly brutal by some, but to him, it was just how his life went. He didn't know any better life than that of his own, so he was content with it. He had learned to adapt to whatever hardship was thrown his way, and therefore had become a hardy adult. He was built to comprehend the worst odds that were stacked against him, and he was strikingly calm about handling it all.

Likes: Skar loves challenges. He loves doing whatever he can to beat any challenge thrown at him, because it gives him a sense of self-completion unmatched by any other experience. He also loves acts of human compassion. He was raised into a terrible life, and because of the lack of compassion shown to him, he loved watching acts of compassion occur throughout the world around him. If he were to open up to any individual, he would also enjoy performing these acts of compassion himself. He also really, really likes sarcasm. His life has developed a dry sense of humor to arise inside of him, and he relishes others who understand that humor. He also loves the wind. Wind, to him, is life. It is free, full of motion, and it is its own. He strives to be like wind, in that sense.

Dislikes: Skar dislikes darkness for reasons that occurred in his past. In his mind, darkness is evil. It is raw, destructive power that can't be tamed, unless by the defensive power of light. He also dislikes tyrants and dictators. He will do what he can to usurp for the people, and to do the right thing no matter the cost.

Motivation: Skar's rough past leads him to strive for the well-being of others. His main purpose is to defend good against evil, to put it broadly. He has been through a lot, and aims to help anyone else on any rough journey that they may be going through to ease the pain he knows they feel. In the long run, Skar aims to be the ultimate form of the defender of good, bane of evil, and upholder of the righteous. But because of the realistic side to his personality, he realizes this is a very far-fetched fantasy. Although that doesn't mean he won't try to reach it.

Fears: Skar fears being succumbed. He fears the awful feeling of not being able to help no matter how hard he tries. He is mostly fearful of being hopeless. As most of his life was void of all hope, he forever feared the return of that sense, and attempted very hard to live an optimistic lifestyle to get completely away from ever feeling hopeless again.


Bloodline Name: Ryūissei 'Dragon Voice'.

Bloodline Ability: The ability to focus chakra into their vocal cords and project jutsu into a vocalization. All members have ninjutsu primary and have the elements Fuuton, Katon and Raiton.

Location: Hyouga.

Clan History: The Dazai began long ago with a main who had been raised by dragons, and taught their language. They taught him how to use chakra to transform jutsu into shouts using his voice. He and his people prospered for many years after his death and managed to live in harmony with the dragons. However, after many years, a small group of dragons betrayed the Dazai for they believed that their language should only be resevered for dragons. They were annihilated with only few survivors left. This small group of Dazai moved to Hyouga and settled there. The next generation was no longer able to speak the language of the dragons and where therefore left alone by them. The only thing they had left was the ability to use chakra to transform jutsu into shouts.

History: Hyouga didn't participate in the war so Skar was free to train during this period. He asked for permission to train outside of Hyouga in the Blizzard Country, which was granted by the former Fubukikage, Tenzou. Skar had heard rumors about dragons in the glacial mountain region so he went out to investigate it himself. He was completely amazed when he saw Glacier Dragons, for he had only heard about dragons told in stories by his ancestors. He begged the Glacier Dragons to train him, but they knew about the Dazai and the broken bond. One of the dragons managed to convince the other dragons because he saw that Skar's intentions were pure. So Skar got trained by dragons for a year and even has a scar running across his back from one of the trainings. He got promoted to Jounin when he returned.

RP Sample:

Source: Adoption.

Face Claim: Byakuran - Katekyo Hitman Reborn
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Skar Ryuishin Dazai
Male Posts : 56
Ryo : 4304

Character sheet
260/260  (260/260)

PostSubject: Re: Dazai, Ryuishin Skar   Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:23 pm

This character requires a 500 word RP sample to unlock. Post your RP sample here if you are interested.
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Dazai, Ryuishin Skar

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