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 Generic Missions Bundle

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PostSubject: Generic Missions Bundle   Fri Apr 05, 2013 9:10 pm

Mission Title: Damn Weeds
Difficulty: D
Location: -set-
Reward: 10,000 ryo
Objective:Mrs. Yomochi is a sweet, kindly and fragile old woman who loves gardening. Being elderly has it's pros and cons, and Mrs. Yomochi happens to suffer from arthritis. Recently she's had several flare ups of pain in her fingers and wrists, and hasn't been able to garden as she loves to. Your job is to pull four week's worth of weeds from the elderly woman's garden without harming any of her vegetables, fruits or flowers. If any of her produce is harmed you have failed the mission and you will not get paid.

Other: Half way through the mission Mrs. Yomochi will come outside and offer you lemonade and a sandwich.

Mission Title: Catch that cat!
Difficulty: D
Location: -set-
Reward: 20,000 ryo
Objective: It seems that a little noble girl, by the name of Kimi, has lost her oh-so-sweet Mister snugglywugglycuddlypoofy-kins. The long haired cat has been spotted across the village, sighted by multiple people. Her parents have posted a nice reward for bringing the cat back.

One thing. The cat is an escape artist. No matter your rank he will escape from you at least twice, clawing your arms and shoulders up getting away. The second time he escapes he will flee up a rather tall acorn tree, taking pleasure in knocking the acorns off onto your face and head. After a few minutes the cat will realise that he is stuck in the tree, and you'll have to get him back down.

If the feline is harmed in anyway you have failed the mission, and you will not get your pay.

Mission Title: Walk that pooch!
Difficulty: D
Location: -set-
Reward: 15,000
Objective: People are busy nowadays! A kind and soft spoken blonde woman of about twenty years old has asked that someone walks her adorably fluffy chocolate brown pomeranian dog. Walk the dog and make sure no harm befalls the little ball of fluff. If the dog is harmed you have failed the mission and will not be rewarded.

Mission Title: WALL DUTY!
Difficulty: C
Location: -set-
Reward: 50,000 ryo
Objective: Yeap. Everyone has to do it at least once. Guard your village's main gate. Your guard shift will last throughout the night, and you will be completely alone with no help. You would've had help guarding the gate, had the chuunin that had been assigned to the mission along with you shown up.
Tonight is your lucky night as well! During the course of the night you will be harassed by multiple bugs and you will have to fight off a large wild boar. Kill it or scare it away, either way it won't matter. Just make sure it doesn't kill you.

Mission Title: Escort the Tourists
Difficulty: C
Location: -set-
Reward: 60,000
Objective: Today you will be escorting a group of civilian tourists(ten people) through your village. Show them around, make sure to point out landmarks, tell them some history and tell them a bit about the local food joints. You know, the normal tourism things.
Except one of the tourists, a balding man of about forty, has been sipping on alcoholic beverages throughout the entire tour. Near the conclusion of the tour this man will start to act rowdy, shouting at you and saying that the tour sucked while stumbling around. He will then swing at you, attempting to fight you. Detain the man with the least amount of harm possible. If you kill the man, or break any of his bones you fail and do not get rewarded.
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Generic Missions Bundle

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