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 |O| Milk for me

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Meruka Tormentarii
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PostSubject: |O| Milk for me    Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:05 pm

It was one fine nice day, the sun was shining brightly in the morning and the wind of blowing in his face, just the way he loved it. He needed to enjoy every last second of it, that weather is rare around that village. He wanted to go grab some milk since his mother is too busy buying alcohol instead of the actual needed stuff, he was starving and needed breakfast as fast as possible and the old milk had gone five days over date.

He was half way there until a huge storm of rain poured down on the village "Argh... Great, something I hate about this village, one second it's sunny as hell then it turns into a shit storm. Really need to move outta' here.", Meruka said as he turned his way down a covered ally for shelter. Soon after he took refuge in the ally, he looked to the left, there was a kid about his age, he looked the right too and there was another kid his age.

A huge grin popped on his face and he jumped to his feet "Looks like my day just got better", Meruka said happily as he began to crack his knuckles, readying himself for a brawl that was going to cheer up the rest of his day. "So punk, ready to get your ass kicked for messing up my boy", the mystery kid said while he was smiling.

Without reply or notice, Meruka dashed off to the kid on his left who seemed to be the leader. He cracked him right in the face, not giving him time to react. The kid fell to the ground holding his nose which had blood slowly pour out of it. "It's not over yet!", Meruka shouted as so he was having fun. He leaned over the kid as he started pelleting fists into his face one after another, blood just filled Meruka's hands and a smile sat on his face too.

The second kid tried to pull Meruka off his leader, it was a big mistake though. Meruka hopped right up and yelled "You wanna go me too?!", Meruka began to laugh as he grabbed the kids head and slammed it right into his knee, probably breaking the kids jaw. It wasn't over yet, Meruka pushed the kid back which was about to pass out to the ground and swung a kick right into his head.

He looked at the knocked out kid as he and saw he had a zip up hoody "Oh look here, I got an umbrella", he said and he unzipped the kids jumper and threw it over his own head. He then continued to walk down out the ally and to the milk stand where he was going to buy some milk for his breakfast.
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|O| Milk for me

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