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PostSubject: Dairoku   Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:18 pm

Clan Information

Dairoku Clan

Bloodline Name: Syouten (Ascension)

Elements: Varies; Pure Chakra

Physical Traits: Pitch black hair and a buff, built body.

Location: Hidden Storm (Boufuugakure)

Clan History: The Dairoku clan is one shrouded in mystery. Its roots are seemingly impossible to trace, but their power is one that is world renown. Legend says that an old, skilled shinobi created the clan after seemingly unlocking his inner potential through years of meditation and rigorous training. Throughout the years, he had taught his sons how to unlock their own potential and reach a state of "ascension". Since then, it has become tradition for the elite few who have attained their ascended form to try and teach their children how to achieve it.

Over the years, the bulk of the clan has migrated to Boufuugakure, a place they now call home. Though many in number, there are very few member who are considered "true" Dairoku.

Members of the Dairoku clan typically spend their time meditating and going through intense training to hone their skills and bodies.

Bloodline Ability Description: The Dairoku clan's kekkei genkai is one that not many can achieve. Consisting of various stages and forms, each form is distinct in both abilities gained and appearance. Similar to the infamous Uchiha clan, each form must be unlocked and certain scenarios must occur before the progression of the kekkei genkai.

The main functionality of this kekkei genkai is the increase of power, speed, stamina, and chakra. Through the focusing and releasing of incredible amounts of chakra, the user can achieve several levels of power. Once a level is reached, a visible aura shrouds the user, with different intensities depending on what stage the user is in.

An ability that each and every member of the Dairoku clan possesses is the unique ability to completely manipulate the shape and length of their chakra into a physical state. Once molded, the chakra may be used as a blast or wave to strike their opponent. The nature of this blast is 100% dependent on the user's chakra element. For example, a user with a fire element will emit a fiery red blast that is capable of inflicting burns on the opponent.

The first and most common form that the Dairoku reach is the Unlocked or Pre-Ascended form. This form offers a slight boost in stamina, raw physical power and speed. When in this form, the user is surrounded by a faint white hue. This is the only physical change the user experiences. This form is acquired fairly early in the clan members' life and is unlocked through rigorous physical training. This form is sustainable for a fairly long time, seeing as it requires minimal chakra output.

The next stage a user may acquire is called Ascended Form. It is much rarer and is instantly noticeable. In this stage, the user's hair turns a bright yellow and a faint golden aura flares around him/her. The user's muscle mass increases slightly, This form sees a much more significant boost in everything the Pre-Ascended form offers with the most significant boost being in the speed department. This form is achieved once the user experiences extreme stress and is consumed by rage, usually through the death of someone dear to them. A need to protect someone would also be enough to activate this form. Since this stage primarily focuses on the physical aspect of the user's body, chakra abilities take a backseat and are weakened. While sustainable for a fairly long time for those who have attained and mastered this form, those who recently achieved it can stay in it for no longer than a minute and a half.

The third stage of the Dairoku clan kekkei genkai goes by the name of Super Ascended. It is a direct successor to the Ascended form but focuses on chakra, strength, and stamina. This form is notably slower than the Ascended form, but it opens the gateway to a different variety of attacks altogether. Chakra-based attacks attain an entirely new level of power. This form nearly doubles the power of its predecessor. In this form, the user's hair maintains its yellow color and instead stands upright. The golden aura becomes more defined and electricity crackles around the user. The pressure emitted by the user in this form crushes the ground directly below them. Achieving this form requires incredible focus and chakra release, tremendous compared to the chakra needed for Ascended form. Naturally, the user must experience another emotional upheaval.  This form is hard to maintain and a reasonable amount of damage dealt to the user can knock him/her out of this form altogether.

Only a miniscule amount of members have reached this next form. The fourth transformation, Heavenly Ascension, offers a significant upgrade in speed, power, and chakra. Stamina, however, is greatly reduced in this form, meaning that the user cannot maintain this stage for a reasonable amount of time. It also means that there is a strict limit to the amount of chakra-based attacks before the form completely draining the user of their chakra. The user must take care of business immediately or he/she is knocked out of this form and is rendered useless for the remainder of the battle due to passing out. Chakra output in this form is other-worldly and can crush weak individuals just by standing too close. This form offers the most notable change in appearance. The user's hair grows to an incredible length, reaching down to his/her waist. There is no change in aura, but the electricity seemingly intensifies.

The final and ultimate form of the Dairoku clan is the Ultimate Ascended stage. This form is only attainable if the user had previously reached the previous stages of transformation. The second requirement is that the user must be in a near-death situation where there life is severely on the line. This form greatly upgrades every facet of the user's traits to remarkable levels. This form is less sustainable than its previous form, and the user's body is slowly crushed as a cost. After the user's transformation recedes, he/she passes out and requires extreme medical attention. This will require a rehab post 1,000 words in length before the character is usable in battle again. While in this form, the user's hair turns pitch black with a red, faint tint and reverts back to its original shape. The aura that shrouded the user in previous forms is completely gone and is instead replaced by a change in bulk and muscle mass.

Drawbacks: Physical pain and stress after the ending of Ascended or higher transformations, some requiring medical attention and rehab. Time also plays a factor seeing as the user cannot maintain the individual forms for very long before being forcefully pushed out of them.


Unlocked Form:

Ascended Form:

Super Ascended Form:

Heavenly Ascended Form:

Ultimate Ascended Form:

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