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 Just Another Day at Hyougagakure's Dojo (Flashback)

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Karei Momochi
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PostSubject: Just Another Day at Hyougagakure's Dojo (Flashback)   Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:08 am

While not in home or out with friends, Karei spends her time to train her ninja skills. She hates people see her failures and countless attempts over learning some technique so she found herself a good isolated place about half a kilometer north from the Kumogakure's village gates. The place is a ice cave which appears small from the outside, however, when going in, people would notice that it is really spacious and that it continues a good couple of kilometers deep inside with a number of tunnels that can confuse somebody not familiar with the cave's deeps.

After taking her about ten minutes to get to her home to her secret training place, Karei was already doing her warm-ups for the training that was about to follow. She was dressed in her usual training outfit that included a warming, yet, sleeveless top and shorts, both of course in her favorite brown-red color. For training the technique she has chosen, the Body Flicker Technique - Push, she knew she had to perfectly warm her legs up for the training. Otherwise, the training could've gotten problematic and it's outcome would be a failure. First, Karei did two series of squats, each serie of twenty squats. She did this in order to get her knees in shape for the training. After the squats, she did a couple of normal stretches and a couple of round twists of her ankles. Karei wasn't really good in TaiJutsu, actually, she totally sucked in it but a friend of hers has gave her a tip that she could also train the Body Flicker Technique by molding chakra into her feet - something she was really good at. It would be a big mistake of hers if Karei decided to shead straight for the Body Flicker Technique after the warm-ups and stretching. She knew that the technique had a limit of usages per a period of time and that she passed the limit, which was 3, her legs might end up rendered immobile and that she could end up having to suffer a great pain.

To use the Body Flicker Technique, Karei would have to mold her chakra into her feet as she would do when using the Water Surface Walking Technique and instantly use the chakra she has molded up in she r main foot's fingers to repel herself from the ground in an instant travelling in a distance of ten meters and that whole process, three times to call the technique successfully trained. Karei connected her hands one another and concentrated her chakra flow in her feet. For now, she would use mid-versions of the techniques while trying to run in a straight line. One of the tunnels in her cave was a straight line coridor and that was the place where she went to after warming up fully. On her way to the coridor, Karei did a couple of fast crosses in the tunnels which were having a longer straight path. As she reached her desired tunnel, she drank some water from her bottle, left it in a courner where she also left her baggage at and was finally about to begin the key part of her training.

"Okay.." Karei said as she did a couple of final stretches. She molded chakra in her feet and took a cross-running starter position. The ice corridor was about fifty meters, meaning that she had ten meters to go into full speed running and then repel herself forwards by using her chakra. Not knowing if she will succeed on a Shunshin with her first number of attempts, she left the remaining space from the corridor out of her plans because falling on the ground was definitely better than hitting in a wall in your attempts to stop in high speeds. Ready, Set, Go! Karei launched herself running at speed about 29 mph until she reached the tenth meter. As she crossed the line that she marked at the tenth meter, she pressured the chakra that she has molded earlier and repelled herself forward with that. She reached speed of about 36 mph if not more, the basic has been covered. She remained at that speed for another 9 meters, then she began slowing down and the stopping path led her meters before middle of the corridor. Luckily, she stopped without any accidents occurring. Now, she had to master step two of the Body Flicker Technique and it was to create the poof of smoke and travel the 10 meters starting from a still position. It would be an easier task now that she managed to increase her speed with running and repelling herself with her chakra.

Karei turned back facing her baggage. She wanted to succeed the Body Flicker Training with her first attempt, something that was very unlikely to happen. Karei stood still, fully up without curving either her knees or back for running. She took a deep breath, released it and mold her chakra in her feet. She did the shinobi universal handseal as she pressured the chakra down her fingers to repel herself forwards, sheading for her baggage. Karei increased the pressure of chakra and fortunately for her, repelled herself forwards in an instant by only curving the back side of her feet up. She was a meter away from her baggage and when she looked backwards, there smoke of the Body Flicker Technique has already began disapearing in the air. "Yes!"

Karei saw the puff of smoke and she has moved about 8 meters.. that was a success right? Wait, where was the pain that was supposed to occur from the Body Flicker Technique in her legs? Something was wrong and moving less than supposed to proved that much. Karei's enthusiasm suddenly fell. She obviously failed with her first attempt to succeed the training of the Body Flicker Technique. She turned back again to the straight corridor and molded her chakra in her feet. In a sudden, she quadrupled the pressure of the chakra on her fingers and launched herself forward, This time, there was no poof of smoke but the distance felt better to Karei than the first time.. but it was slower. Not the wanted result again.

Karei sighed. There was still no pain in her legs. Not that she liked and wanted to be in pain, just that, this kind of pain would be some kind of a sign for her that she was at least getting the hang of it. She walked back to her baggage and drank some more water from her bottle which was soon going to dry out. She threw the empty bottle on the iced floor and angry thought about what she was mistaking. There weren't any of the side effects that were suppose to appear. After the first usage, and this was her second try. She sat for a while to think. After she done that, she got back up motivated as she was from the start. She had an idea in mind that would get her to where she was sheaded - ten meters ahead with a poof of white smoke left behind.

She stretched her arms back and up and took the stance she took with the first two tries. She molded the chakra in her feet and did the universal shinobi handseal with her left hand. As she did the first two times, she pressured the chakra down her feet but this time, she also pressured it from the bottom of her feet making it move upwards, pressuring with the one moving downloads, they created a double sided pressure. Then, she released the chakra pressuring down and the one pressuring up got up the way to her knees. There, she pressured it down again and made a pressured chakra flow between her feet and her knees. She made a little, almost invisible crouch and released the pressure from her feet, pushing down the pressure from her knees as a secondary chakra speed boost. Almost instantly after releasing the pressure from her feet, she launched herself forward and before she was able to blink, she was 10 meters away from her start spot. Looking back, the white smoke was fusing with the air.. but there was still no pain in her legs or kness.

Damn, a fail again? Karei walked back to her baggage and repeated the process again - pressuring chakra down the feet, pressuring it up the knees, pressuring it down backwards and releasing it instantly. This time, she pressured a larger amount of chakra, aiming to cover a larger distance. She launched herself forwards and instead of stopping at the 10 meter line, she released another amount of pressured charkra. Instead of tapping on the 20 meter line, she released another pressured amount of chakra but instead of covering a 10 meter distance, she felt over the iced floor. "Gyah!" Karei screamed due to the pain that she felt on her feet, barely being able to drag herself back to her baggage and use a skin-apply medicine cream to endure the pain.

After applying the skin cream, Karei managed to pull herself home. On the next day, she went in the Snow Forest which was east from the snow village to test her Body Flicker Technique and a rabbit she saw staying in the middle of her path was a perfect target for her test. Karei slowly walked closer to the rabbit being careful not to be noticed. She walked until she got the rabbit within her radius of ten meters. She once again made this almost invisible crouch, pressured chakra inside her feet and knees and released it in an instant. The rabbit noticed her movements and ran in the opposite direction but it was too late for the poor little creature. Karei launched herself at the rabbit with her Body Flicker Technique and with a second Body Flicker, she equaled to it and managed to capture it. Being able to capture the rabbit proved her that she would be able to move exactly as effectively as now in a battle against creatures on two feet.

Walking from the cave, she looked out of the small wisping entrance, staring at the sky in amazement before thinking of what had happened to her father before her death. Rerunning the memory in her shead, she gripped her fist. The antics of hertory once more protruded and came crashing down on Karei` way of life, causing the remaining Hunter-Nin, famed ninja within Kirigakure who tracked down escapees or refuges who had left Kirigakure without officially being denounced from its records, located Karei after only three days of tracking. This led to a brief tussle resulting in the death of a Hunter-Nin, though not by the hands of Karei. They were the hands of her father, Kagarashi Momochi, a famed bone-wielding shinobi who was granted the title 'Kamisonohone', or God of Bones, for her prestigious mastery over the bloodline limit of Shikotsumyaku. Telling Karei to continue, she waved her off while she stayed and fought the remainder of the Hunter-Nin, urging her to leave if she wanted to keep her life. Before her departure, she threw her a sword which she carried around daily, a prized possession and sheirloom of their family. Nodding and without shesitation, she escaped with her life at the cost of her fathers.

After two months of travel, she came across a narrow mountain pass, cascaded by rocks and falling boulders from atop the giant structures. It was here that she would discover her element, as a boulder came directly from over her and threatened to crush her with ruthless force. Utilizing quick thinking, she activated the Hiding in Rock technique, although unknowing that she possessed it, as her body was enveloped by the surface of the mountain and allowed for the boulder to smash the mountainside, leaving her unharmed. Unable to keep the channelization of the chakra going, she was thrown from the rocks and landed on her knees and hands, looking at the ground, few tears escaping her eyes. Looking up to the sky in remembrance to her dear father, she stood and continued on, tired and famished from weeks upon weeks of travel. The flashback caused a few momentary tears to fall from her face, though she knew that all of this would only make her stronger. She slept soundly for the time being, though tomorrow would don a new morn.

After the momentary break, as the sun has risen into the sky once more, she walked back into the cave, meandering inside of it almost exhausted from the training procedures aforementioned. Kumogakure seemed like a safe haven for the time being, especially due to the fact that the Hokage and the Fire Nation seemed to not want to bother the village and its civilians or shinobi for the time being. She gripped her fathers sword in its sheathe, squeezing the handle tightly. “For you father.” She noted, gritting her teeth and continuing to perform duties in accordance with her strict training regiment.

The first clone would jump over her, congealing the sunlight from above in the high morning and casting over a momentary shadow before the real Karei would jump upward with a spinning sheelkick, slamming the clone directly in the face and sending it flying toward the beckoning entrance of the cave. A second clone would team up with a third clone and throw a combination punch and kick toward Karei, the first hitting the skullcap on top of her shead, which would accordingly deflect, Karei catching the fist thrown by the other clone by the wrist and thrusting it into the other clone's face before landing and initiating a spinning sheeldrop in a circular motion, both tripping and destroying the two present clones.

The final two remaining clones rushed at Karei, one spurring forth ten drilling bullets created from the fingertips of the clone, which bolted at Karei at deft speeds. Noticing the tactic behind the clones prominent attacking pattern, she once more utilized the skullcap laying on top of her shead and dove forward in a spinning motion, deflecting the bullets and sending them back to the clone accordingly. Dodging, the clone jumped onto the shoulders of the other remaining clone, whom concurrently grabbed the hands of the clone and did a front flip, launching the clone toward Karei with her fist sheld outward in an attempt to strike Karei in the face. Quickly reacting to the probability of her attack, she quickly weighed out the possibility of defense or offense, though ultimately utilized her speed by jumping to the side slightly, brushing against the clone as it reached her, throwing down and elbow and slamming the clone in the back of the neck. Such an attack would otherwise break the neck of any other opponent, though seeing as how it was a clone, it would simply poof away.

The last clone had already just about reached Karei, throwing two consecutive punches toward the face of Karei, one of which she dodges, the second hitting her shoulder and knocking her back briefly, though the force hadn't stopped her from throwing a three-piece attack directly at the chest of the clone, which would momentarily stun the enemy through disruption in the breathing pattern and lung function. Taking advantage of the brief pause, Karei dropped onto the ground in preparation of an attack, thrusting a kick upward which would accordingly slam into the jaw of the clone and sending it airborne. Finishing off the attacking sequence, she jumped into the air and activated the Dance of the Willow, accordingly bringing forth a series of bone-like spear fragments around the body of Karei. She would spin in a dancing ballerina-like fashion, slicing, cutting and rending the flesh off of the clone, doing so to any rational able-bodied ninja would have both cut the flesh from bone, and broken the bones accordingly at her present strength level.

Regardless, the minute training session was over, Karei landing with a dust cloud presenting itself around her as the particles settled onto the ground around her. Huffing almost desperately, she strained to catch her breath and sat down, smiling. "Ah.. I'm getting better. There is no doubt about that." The sweeping winds burrowed and brewed into a light stormlike blow, brushing the sea-green hair about the shead of the young ninja. Wiping a small portion of sweat from her eyebrow, she pressed against her shead, hoping that she would soon become stronger than she used to be before - striving for vengeance against the mist village, Kirigakure.
She’d think about the prowess bestowed upon her by being fortunate enough to be born a Momochi, and not a simple Momochi. Even with her unique appearance, which she may have dually despised somewhat, A member of this mutation can be identified through the fact that the bone mutation produces an additional outerskeletal frame, causing a portion of their bones to be visible to the outside world. Karei has this skeletal frame addition on the top of her shead in the same of a cartoon-like skull, and being as though this mutation increases the density of bones naturally, virtually protects her shead from direct blows at any rate due to the fact that the bone is as hard as steel naturally.

This kekkei genkai, being a direct mutation of the natural Momochi blood limit, is extremely rare, and extremely efficient. It allows the user to manipulate their skin, regenerative cells and further increases the lethality behind the scenes of Shikotsumyaku. This increases the regeneration of the body by speeding up white and blood cells at an exceptionally rapid rate, allows the user to take harder hits due to an increased density in skin tissue which concurrently enables them a sheightened state of resilience and grants the user the capability to produce cartilage and muscle sinew - very well allowing them to sprout additional limbs. Lethal in its own right. Yet another day would have passed, and she would stare at the nights` sky before laying down and falling into a deep sleep once more.

It was a quiet day, that Karei chose to do one of the most dangerous steps outside of being a Genin. She knew that most, all most of the Genin's, are only able to handle the capacity of their first Element. In Karei's case, her main element was water. However, Karei thought that only having one element, was just shy of being weak. "If I'm going to be strong, then I cannot stop at one element." Karei thought to himself. She wanted to take on the art of her father who passed away when she was around the age of 7. That art, was, Storm.

There was a big difference between a Genin with one element, and a Genin with two elements. The Genin with one element, would be sheld down using only the Jutsu's that she had learned. However the Genin with two elements, would be taking the battle to the next level. Karei wanted to be the Genin with two elements. And when she had achieved this feat. She would take on storm.

Karei knew that the only way to get storm, was to achieve the element of lightning. However in order to do this, Karei needed to either find someone to train him, or go to school and be taught when she has passed the chuunin exams. "The Chuunin exams, are too far away, I need this element NOW! Karei rashly thought in her mind. "However to get this, I need a Karei." There was only one problem for Karei, finding a Karei that is, she didn't know how to find one. And even if she did, how would she know that she used the lightning element?

Karei thought for a very long time, 5 hours at most, she thought of fighting people, but fighting her Karei wouldn't make a very good impression about her attitude. She thought of putting posters up all around the village, but what would happen if there was no one showed up? Until she came to the conclusion, to just ask around, ask the other genin's to find and see how they learned the lightning element.

After asking around, for about 3 hours, Karei came up with no one, not one person who even knew the lightning element. Until she gave up hope and decided to give up. She decided to calm down, by going to her secret training place, and to take a bath in the lake that was there. So Karei rushed home, grabbed her boxers, and sheaded out for the lake.

As she got to the gate, she walked outside and went straight to her secret meeting spot. It took him about 45 minutes walk to reach her destined location. On the way there, she stopped behind a bush, and changed into her stripped boxers, ready to run and jump into the lake. She got a shead start, and dashes the rest of the way there, throwing her clothing all over the place.

When she arrived at the mouth of the forest going into her secret little training place, she had realized that it wasn't all that secret. Someone was sitting there, on one of the cut down tree stumps that Karei himself cut down when she was practicing her Kenjutsu. Even Karei could sense that this mysterious person was Strong. However, She didn't look like she was awake, in fact, Karei was pretty sure that she was sleeping. No. Not sleeping, but meditating. Enjoying the peaceful surroundings of Karei's once unknown place.

"H-hello, What brings you to this secret and quiet place?" Karei said in a very quiet tone, sitting upon one of the other cut down tree stumps that she had obliterated. Karei picked up a blade of grass, and started to whistle the tune of her favorite song as she awaited the answer of her soon to be friend.
Serenity and peace had filled the air, the stress of leadership and war had melted before the bliss surroundings; the clear pool had served as a source of focus; it had been all too perfect, a time of serious training. The Karei had taken full advantage of this time; her body was pushed to what would be considered the limits of a normal human in a matter of minutes without too much effort. With such a simple task behind him the tall ninja was finished with her warm up and ready to concentrate the masses of charka into pure fuel. The pool swished and forth as the shinobi entered deep concentration; the peace was so simple and peaceful, a perfect time for simple relaxation, though it seemed that the man did not have time for that right now.

Sometime had passed, since the ninja had fought sleep and lost; and now a distinct noise was quaking through her brain. The noise began to break through the barrier that was the fine world of sleep, it was now more distinct; the noise was a voice, a voice spewing out words that were directed towards him, apparently she was supposed to have been awake the whole. It was a pity, that she had missed the childish rant of the young sounding voice.

Tilting her head, the ninja, opened his eye’s revealing golden slits of consideration that study the child carefully. She seemed to the age of an average student; cocking her head even further at the man, he sighed as her teal hair dropped upon her face. “So what do we have here, or better yet, what do you want with me?” her voice was lazy with a slight wisp of ice, and it seemed he was not in the mood to play baby sitter, especially when it came to another countries youth shinobi. He waved his hand toward Karei, beckoning that she come forth in the form of an attack. Doing so, she performed a double lariat and triple kick aimed at the right leg, left side and neck area, following up with her father’s prized heirloom blade toward his right arm as a counter maneuver. However, he quickly disregarded her blatant loss of awareness by thrusting what seemed to be a ball of lightning toward her face. Quickly reacting, she brought the sword upward, Karei quickly blocking the attack and jumping back, swinging the ball away from his hand and her own body.

Sluggishly the few taijutsu hits met their mark; it was honestly not that of a fighting blow, but on the opposing opinion the ninja had not forced self restraint upon himself, and apparently at this point that was accompanied with high level consequences. If the young girl hadn’t reacted on instinct and raised her weapon for defense, the ending could have resulted in something that would truly put the man in danger in the area, but fortunately the damage at this point was nothing more than a simple state of shock; she would get over it eventually he hoped. He was sure that Karei had undergone harsher treatment than this, which was held a lot more truth than false tongue.

Looking down towards the child, the ninja, before her tilted his head, analyzing the child; it was a pity such an eager and interesting child was prepared to end his career for the sake of a glimpse at the power he desired. Though in the long run, it was something the stone shinobi could work with, a turning point from student to teacher - if you will. Of course the only true way to know if the child was what he could train towards the next generation, meaning he would have to test it.

“You use that blade a lot don’t you?” The man sighed as he motioned towards the flashy slab of metal, “There are merits to reliance on the body, and well”-the ninja shift his position in a manner that was either uncomfortable or sarcastic, as this motion happened again his brown layer hair shifter into the path of his golden eyes-“dodging, movement and following the flow, similar to using chakra.” Moving closer to Karei, his gaze shifted and his tone deepened.

“You act as if you want to get powerful, but yet you jump in head long; at this rate you’ll be dead within the next few blows.” The stone ninja was in the mood to play games, but allowing this child to die was not one of them. “If your so interested in the art of lightning and acts as a ninja yourself, then you’ll have to improve on the basics.” At this point the man solemn face lightened up into something close to that of grin. “If that is what you truly desire, then I may be able to get you to that point, of course this will be just be the very beginning.” Now right in front of the child, the golden eyed man held out his hand as if to help him up; a window of opportunity was beginning to open. One which Karei would waste no time taking advantage of. This man had been none other than Bizon, her current advisor and recruiting officer. Though this information had not yet been given to Karei, she had her doubts and her speculations. Ones, which unfortunately, were not easily dismissed due to her peaked curiosity and child like antics.
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Karei Momochi
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PostSubject: Re: Just Another Day at Hyougagakure's Dojo (Flashback)   Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:09 am

It was a rather cold and windy afternoon at Karei's personal training dojo. Half of the residence normally seen outside were either off having fun at the festival while the others were away in deeper parts of the surrounding forest training to perfect new skills. Karei took it up herself to not take any more missions of important until she could perfect this single ability and fighting tactic. Finding one location in which she was told by a fellow trainee, was labeled as the veteran ninja's sanctum. "So.. I suppose this is the place I will begin training my new technique. A fitting environment, truly." She'd note, continuing in to the temple. Taking in the landscape terrain and atomosphere, Karei notices the many areas within in which she could potentially utilize as dummy set up areas to attack should she grasp the needed effort to strike down the useful training tools. ".. How would I start.. Even I haven't a clue how to get this sort of training underway." Karei unsure herself, she'd really begin figuring she would start with a few basic kenjutsu stances and break away from them. Reaching over, Karei grabbed a hold of her multitudes of weapons from the armory rack beside her. Simple and basic katana and curved swords. Bringing her rarer weapons would be too dangerous to risk, she figured. Nothing spectacular as of late, having the basic color of a black handle with a white inner lining wrap intertwined within it. The edge of the blades had a saw like pattern to them, which made for cutting with the variety of weapons much more damaging should they come into contact with the dummy's or another persons flesh. This was certainly dangerous however, as training such a stance could very well result in her injury - or even her death.

Karei took hold of the swords placing them in all oddities of areas of her body, trying to pinpoint exactly which weapon of what size should go where. Her weapons were much different than the ones she now holds within her grasp. Many of them falling out of place at the slightest gesture of movement. This slightly infuriated the Kage, though she hadn't stopped trying to interlock them into the positions of her joints. She would then hold a firm but relaxed grip over each weapon, allowing them to shift weight with her body if she needed to. Spinning and holding the weapons tightly bound between her body parts, she'd assume a stance known as the Waki-Gamae - in which Karei conceals most of them using excessive layers of clothing - though such traits lacked at the current point in time. The weapons appeared to be residing in such a manner where they could look like they were about to be fired off from their position and strike someone with ease. Having the need to use the waki-gamae stance as a way to understand how she could possibly distinguish a more fluid motion since she'll need to try and test out multiples of different methods to prove successful and achieve a more steady flow consisting of various amounts of power, speed and effortless positioning to rapidly switch weapons while in combat, or in close ranged combat with another swordsman. Taking a deep breath in, Karei allows her lungs to be filled with enough of the new oxygen so that she can calm her nerves and muscles just enough to get into the mindset of being as empty as a crystal ball, and steady as the wind coming in through the windows around the training site. Steadily releasing the air flow she formerly built up from within, Karei shifts her bodies initial stance, which looks like nothing more than her dragging her swords to begin with; towards a new position in a different stance, in which raw powerful strikes exert outwards in front of her. The muscles now tightened triggered her motion to relax and then release like a bullet fired from the chamber of a high calibre weapon. This would make nice for an equivilant warm up for Karei now to trust that her body is capable of mastering the fighting style. She would twist, pulling forth the sword from her abdomen location out towards the front with a quick-draw strike.

Stopping just short upon hitting the dummy and reaching the imaginary line in which Karei had drawn up for herself, the edge of the blade she drew forth was merely a single inch from the dummy's chest and stomach area - threatening to rend and tear the organs from inside her opponent apart. Eyes focused as she made a less attentive motion, delivering a fluid strike and more on the fact of her muscles getting tense. All in all, everything fell into place and Karei proved herself capable of mastering this technique with more ease than she had previously anticipated before reaching this antipode of a training facility. However, almost falling over from the weight of the blades made her switch her flow of thinking, quickly standing back up on one foot and reaching down to place the swords back where their location was previously stated in the aforementioned areas. She had to position her free foot being a bit off channeled; less of an effective powerful striking position so that it allowed her other weapons to deal damage effectively and equally. She paid more attention to her breathing than anything, as that would be the primary key to unlocking the potential hidden within this fighting style which she claimed is practically undefeatable - even against the likes of a skilled sharingan user or a master Kareiurai. Soon after another strike was delivered to the dummy next to the one she previously attacked, the winds in the immediate vicinity started to pick up, the large entrance to the temple bringing forth the brushing vacuums to induce a more dusty environment, swelling up and pushing her slightly off balance due to the force of the wind. This sort of new obstacle actually interested Karei - yet another thing that she would strive to overcome and remain triumphant in her attempts at success and perfecting herself. These were however much stronger and enlightening than average winds which pass by the world on a regular setting - something Karei figured would most likely bring a thunderstorm about. Having no need to rest as of yet, Karei once again resumes the waki gamae stance as before, and takes another deep breath in - gradually releasing it as with each new step formed, every new attempt became another new situation for her to overcome with the new surroundings of the training temple. It was long until the hours had passed and turned the surrounding world into nightfall - shrouding the temple in a facade of shadows and darkness. Needless to say, the Kareie routine was practiced until she felt it was necessary to stop and begin the sequence of implenting a new stance.

Day two of the hardened training, still no rest being taken throughout the night - the sky was still black as the moon, setting the horizon in preparation for sunrise in place of this world of darkness. The temple became much darker as trees whistled with the wind and the grass around it swayed in the direction of where the wind blew as Karei continued slashing away at the dummies she had set up before practicing. Wearing a sleeveless black shirt, some loose fitting shinobi pants and a Yamagakure flak jacket, she made sure every possible factor would be implemented into the equation if she were to take this fighting stance to the next level - that level being the battlefield she knew all too well. Simple, yet excrutiatingly painful - and it sounds hard, though it is really not. Depending on the working ethic she placed for herself as a low standard determined how quickly such a skill would be mastered. As the father of Kikato Rinku had previously told her in past training sessions, "Quiet your mind; yet, calm the storm. Drown out all disturbance and place your body in an eternal resting. When your mind is rested, you may open your eyes to see a more in-depth sighting of the world around you." She remembered every word down to the way he stated them. Every sentence, every phrase. Something she would never let leave her memory. He was a true mentor when it came to Karei's training, simply removing one's body from all else and staying in one place momentarily, relaxing the mind and staying true to what your own movements interpret as fluid motion. Back when she first learning about what Kenjutsu was, the sensei explained that kenjutsu was the art of pertaining to techniques that entail the use of swords, whether the users be shinobi or Kareiurai. Kenjutsu can be used in combination with taijutsu, ninjutsu, chakra flow and unique fighting styles. Such as the one Karei was now striving desperately to employ.
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Just Another Day at Hyougagakure's Dojo (Flashback)

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