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PostSubject: Kiyata   Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:03 pm

Clan Information

Kiyata Clan

Bloodline Name: Molding metal

Bloodline Ability: The molding metal ability is more like softening really, The clans chakra is able to soften metals crystals at an atomic level then use magnetism or their fingers to shape metal.  Well known for this amazing ability most of the clansmen are silversmiths, or blacksmiths with pottery wheels as their forge.  Quite the skilled craftsmen most of the ninjas from this clan wear there ninja tools on their body like armor.   Unlike most clans this clan actually has three main families split between three countries.

Each of the families keeps a secret to mastering the clan’s full potential.   The hidden jungle is where most of the genin head too in order to learn the basics; this is joyous occasion when the families meet. As the Kiyata families throw large feasts for the young genin of their clans then they teach them the art of metal molding.  This is the Kiyata families honor to train the genin, they give every genin a 5 pound ingot of iron.

Once the members reach the rank of chunin they are sent to the hidden storm village as this is the home to the next levels of jutsu. They only come so few at a time hard any celebration is held instead the member is awarded 10 a ten pound iron ingot, only after they learn the next set of jutsu. The kobayashi clan watches over

When a member reaches the rank of jounin they must make their way to the village of ice, This is where the final training begins, The Gensoyaki clan is the hardiest of the three families as they are made up of most of members who have perfected the clan’s teachings. Any who are able to learn these teachings are rewarded with five 5 pound ingots, and then they are required to make an item that goes in to the clans vault. The vault holds over 500 metal treasures made by the clan some are swords and some are armors, there are even little sculptures inside.

Physical Traits: Platinum blond to white colored hair, can often get confused for as a kaguya clan members. Their skin can be any color.

Location: The hidden jungle Kusamura

Clan History: The clan has a long history for being able to mold metal like clay. The first member to really unlock this was a sculptor who wanted to keep it a secret, But when the word got out they could do this the member taught the whole family. From then on much of the clan has split up between three families; one of each resides in a different village.  This was done to make it so the whole clan wasn't just in one isolated area as they were quite paranoid for being attacked.

Because of this the clan asked the three villages for the privilege to be a neutral party and wished to help with communication with other countries. In return they wanted all ninja in there family’s rituals to be free of any harm to them when they entered a village even if it was on the brink of war, as this was a rite of passage for the clan. This was also put if the member is notorious this would be lifted making it hard for any of the members who committed any crimes to learn the clans secrets.

The clan has thrived like this for the last 100 years. Not really many have ever made it to the third and final teachings of the clan. Most of them are diplomats for villages as they are considered as neutral clan.


Name: Kiyata Teachings: metal clay
Canon/Custom: custom
Rank: D rank
Type: supplementary
Element: lighting
Range: touching
Specialty: none
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 2 posts after durations done
Description: Metal in the hands of one who has learned this  becomes soft and mold-able. It becomes like this because their chakra affects the metal at a level impossible to see with the naked eye. The user can make anything they want while the metal is like this but also it does not harden back up tell the duration is over so it can even be handed to someone else and it will feel like clay. Does not effect weapons higher then D rank

Name: Kiyata Teachings: Fuse metal
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D rank
Type: offensive/ supplementary
Element: lighting
Range: must be touching
Specialty: none
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 3 post
Description: This jutsu is used to fuse any metal touching metal together, like chainmail links, weapons to weapons. When used any metal touching each other that user wants with fuse together when used on armor with joins say and gauntlet it will make it so the fingers and joins will not move. It’s much like rusting gears without oil.  Used to help set up items for metal molding for lower ranks, or used to render metal armored enemies helpless. Does not effect weapons higher then D rank.


Name: Kobayashi teaching: magnetic shaping.
Canon/Custom: custom
Rank: C rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: Lighting
Range:4 yards
Specialty: none
Duration: one post
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description:This is to be used after metal clay has been used. The user uses magnetism to instantly make something extremely fast and detailed. The user sends a current though the metal and it reacts to how ever the user wants it to look. so the user could use metal molding on an ingot then instantly turn the ingot in to a gauntlet or a sword.  When this is used it negates metal clay's softness duration, meaning it hardens the metal back up.


Name: Gensoyaki teaching: invisible shield.
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S rank
Type: Defensive / supplementary
Element: lighting
Range: Self
Specialty: none
Duration: one post
Cooldown: once per topic
Description:This jutsu turns any metal objects throw at the user turn in to metal molding clay, while the impact still hurts the metal becomes useful for shaping to the users wishes. This allows the user to have even more metal then what they have on them. This also destroys any metal weapon that’s used against them.

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