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 Requested Mission Campaign: Revolution Arc

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Karei Momochi
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PostSubject: Requested Mission Campaign: Revolution Arc   Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:04 pm

Mission Title: A Traitor Among Us
Difficulty: D-Rank
Location: Hyougagakure
Reward: 7,500 Ryo
Objective: There has been a local assassination which took place around midnight nearby the town center. An ANBU Captain has employed your grand service to investigate the crime scene and try to discover clues as to who could have done such a thing. It would seem that a traitor is among us, and the ANBU have chosen you to sniff him out.

Mission Title: The Wrath of Sithis
Difficulty: C-Rank
Location: Hyougagakure
Reward: 13,750
Objective: Upon investigating the crime scene, you came across a letter which was either dropped on accident - or on purpose. Either way, you delivered it to the Captain accordingly. Frustratingly, she slammed her hand on the desk in anger and bellowed out for you to find the scumbag who did this. It would seem there may be a much bigger problem than a simple solo-running assassin. Your mission is to find more clues to determine where the hideout of this brotherhood is. To do this mission, you must complete A Traitor Among Us.

Mission Title: The Dawnstar Sanctuary
Difficulty: B-Rank
Location: Hyougagakure
Reward: 32,000
Objective: You have finally stumbled upon a few clues left behind by the assassin. Tracking them and researching possible escape routes, you have concluded that the assassin traveled somewhere east after the attack. Reporting back to the Captain, she informs you that there are indeed caverns located in the far east of the city, though no prosperatable citizens live there - only the lowlife and murdering who kill off each other for superiority. She bestows upon you the mission to travel through the caverns and locate the hideout of the Brotherhood, while she does research of her own in the office, which is located in the Misty Caverns. Upon locating it after multiple fights with highwaymen and random brigands, you are approached by three ninja - one with a bow, another with a sledgehammer - the third wielding two katana. Each of them seems highly skilled with each weapon. Kill them and dispose of their bodies. DO NOT LEAVE THE CAVERNS until they are disposed of. To do this mission, you must complete The Wrath of Sithis.

Mission Title: An Old, Old Friend
Difficulty: A-Rank
Location: Hyougagakure
Reward: 70,000
Objective: After reporting back to the Captain with a Brotherhood Talisman you found while on the mission prior to this, she informed you of a woman named "Aegia Kaguya" a special assassin from within an organization called The Dark Brotherhood. They're plan is to liberate every village by killing the Kage and claiming it for themselves - as you now know. This same ninja however was the ninja responsible for the death of Kallojin Rinku; a valued and treasured friend of the Captain, and is extremely dangerous. Your mission is to go to an area of Hyougagakure she is notably sighted in and strike her down - regardless of the amount of witnesses. Show the village that treachery will not be taken lightly at all - and that Hyougagakure will not tolerate it whatsoever. Kill the woman at any cost. You must sustain some type of serious injury. This woman is a master assassin. In order to do this mission, you must complete The Dawnstar Sanctuary.

Mission Title: The Revolution of Hyougagakure
Difficulty: S-Rank
Location: Hyougagakure
Reward: 300,000
Objective: After the death of Aegia, you returned to the Captain and presented her dagger as proof of her falling. As the time spent in the office was short lived, a mass of screams could be heard echoing from throughout the village of Hyougagakure, seeming to come from the the center of the village as well as the gates. Upon looking out of the window, you see nothing but horror as ANBU members from Hyougagakure are fending off approaching Dark Brotherhood shinobi doing everything possible to defend the village. The Captain stands alongside you and jumps from the window - heading straight toward the supposed leader, Criaxus Julian. With a taste for blood and a thirst for vengeance, you are compelled to help her in any way possible. Kill the leader, Criaxus, though you may sustain some type of injury as a result of fighting such numbers of enemies. To do this mission, you must complete, An Old, Old Friend.

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PostSubject: Re: Requested Mission Campaign: Revolution Arc   Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:58 pm

Take the ryo reward for the S-rank down to 300,000 ryo.

Also, you didn't put a ryo reward for the A-rank mission.
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Requested Mission Campaign: Revolution Arc

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