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 Requested Mission Campaign: Moonlight Arc

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Karei Momochi
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PostSubject: Requested Mission Campaign: Moonlight Arc   Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:20 pm

Mission Title: The Moonlight Festival
Difficulty: D-Rank
Location: Hyougagakure
Reward: 9,000 Ryo
Objective: The time for the Moonlight Festival of Hyougagakure is underway. Shinobi and citizens alike from every country around the globe travel to the small village created under the village's jurisdiction to celebrate. With a full moon at hand, the festival begins. During the celebration, it is deftly interrupted when a sudden scream is heard. You look over in the direction of the disturbance to see people clearing out of the streets - the sight you bare witness to as horrific as they saw. An overgrown wolf standing on two legs baring the clothing of a ninja crouching over a body, tearing into its skin and eating its victim alive. In the flurry of actions, you can't get to the attacker in time due to the rushing crowd, and it escapes. The ANBU Captain definitely must know what went on here.

Mission Title: The Beast Returns
Difficulty: C-Rank
Location: Hyougagakure
Reward: 16,200
Objective: The Captain directs you to oversee the second day of the Moonlight Festival in case the beast seen should return for another victim. Arming you with a squad of ANBU Black Ops, she is sure it will be sufficient enough to take down such a creature. During the time spent at the festival, it is quiet for the most part until a howl is heard. You and your ANBU operatives track down the sound and discover a pack of the wolves heading toward the festival through the Woodgroves, just outside of the Misty Caves - craven and hungry as ever it would seem. Even in numbers, they lunge forward one by one at your operatives. In the midst of the fight, another wolf heads your way. Exterminate these vermin at once and bring evidence of their existence to the Captain. To do this mission, you must have completed The Moonlight Festival.

Mission Title: Enter: Hrothgar Wolfmane
Difficulty: B-Rank
Location: Hyougagakure
Reward: 42,000
Objective: You brought the head of a wereshinobi to the Captain. Upon doing so she inspected it. During the inspection however, the head shifted in shape and returned to the form of a humanoid. Convincingly enough, she sent you back out with your squad of ANBU. Not far from the last area of engagement, you discover a cave with a small banner, baring the insignia of a tooth upon it. Upon entering, you're approached by twelve wolves, two wereshinobi and whom seems to be their leader, wielding a staff which glows with a menacing blue aura. Upon the raising of the stave, the wolves as a whole lunge forward - teeth bore and growling; hungry and destructive in all vile majors. Kill them and take down Hrothgar! (Do not kill Hrothgar, he must escape!) [At the end of the mission, a chute opens and propels you into a cave underground.] To do this mission, you must complete The Beast Returns.

Mission Title: Wurugi the Alpha
Difficulty: A-Rank
Location: Hyougagakure
Reward: 78,000
Objective: Continuance from former mission. As the battle with Hrothgar ensued, you and your men were propelled down through a chute. Upon landing you are surrounded by the bones of things of all sorts. Mammoths, human skeletons, even the bone fragments of wolves remain. Looking around, you feel a sudden stomp vibration throughout the grounds beneath you. Maintaining your vision direction, a giant wolf leaps from the shadows and dust which nearly triples you in size lunges forward - clad in bone armor and wielding a gigantic spiked armblade. Obviously possessing brutal strength, his moniker is lived up as Alpha when he thrusts a fist downward and the earthen grounds under your feet quake with fright. He charges toward you - defend yourself and then make your way back to Hrothgar. The bastard wolf must die! You must kill Wurugi, though this will be very hard as he is very fast and very strong. To do this mission, you must have completed Enter: Hrothgar Wolfmane.

Mission Title: Hrothgar Wolfmane - Ultima Alpha
Difficulty: S-Rank
Location: Hyougagakure
Reward: 325,000
Objective: After the killing of the gigantic wolf Wurugi, you and your squad find a way to reach the area you were once in. Instead, while going up a staircase you open a boulder trap door and walk into the chambers of what seems to be a royal king. Suddenly, you are hit in the side and propelled across the room into a wall which shatters under the force from your body. Upon removing the rocks which cloud your vision, two of your ANBU members are in the air, gripped by what seems to be an abnormally gigantic beast - drool in the color of blood dripping from its mouth and is nearly double the size of Wurugi the Alpha. This beast namely was Hrothgar before his transformation using the staff. He launches the two operatives into another wall which collapse atop them and kill them instantly. Noticing the danger of the situation, you realize how lucky you were to survive the initial attack. Now focusing his anger on you, Hrothgar lunges forward with excessive speed, his large horns threatening to rend you apart. Destroy him and show him why Hyougagakure shinobi are among the most feared shinobi on the globe! This wolf is GIANT, and you may sustain life threatening injuries during the fight. After which, you must meander back to the village and report to the Captain. To do this mission, you must have completed Wurugi the Alpha.

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PostSubject: Re: Requested Mission Campaign: Moonlight Arc   Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:34 pm

Okay. S-rank reward is way too high. Take it down 800,000 ryo.

Also, you can't justify how a character will come out of the fight. Only the RPer can.
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Requested Mission Campaign: Moonlight Arc

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