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 Mission: Catch that cat

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Jojo Kaguya
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PostSubject: Mission: Catch that cat   Wed May 01, 2013 9:00 pm

Walking through the village it was simple enough just to bath in the sun rays that did peek through the high canopy of the jungle. Her knowledge of such attributes were initially something she would know of while at the instance of this and as such she would walk through the village looking at all the different things that posted themselves across town. “MR. SNUGGLYWUGGLYCUDDLYPOOFY-KINS!” A voice would holler out with such a high shriek as she would look out at that air and listen to that voice. It was a young girl’s voice and it was such a long cry out.

Jojo would think about that yell, and about fifteen seconds later the yell sounded again before Jojo noticed the sign, a cat with long hair was missing and as it so happened she too had seen the cat once or twice before she would head into the mission hall requesting the mission to capture such a cat. It was not really her expertise of tracking however she did have plenty of skills to scale buildings and such in search of such a cat if the occasion had wished for such a thing as this would more than likely wish for it.

Her eyes would look over the mission guide, memorizing the look of the cat before heading out for the look along the place with the interesting form of her eyes focusing everywhere necessary to spot this cat. Her eyes scanning different buildings and such to try and find this cat if it so called for the occasion and as it so happened she passed multiple cats, the feral ones easily seen while she would look around. “Disgusting creatures,” Jojo would say to herself before spotting one, almost as if it was being hounded by multiple female cats of the pack.

Her eyes only grew calm as she saw him, and to say certainly he did fit the description quite well for a cat that she looked for and as it so happened she would lower to a crawl going towards the cat in a friendly pace and as she saw him pounce she would catch him by the hind legs, her hands gripping them before he would scratch free, cutting her arm up before she let go. Her arm was bleeding slightly and her eyes traced him with a calming sensation of wanting to kill him indefinitely.

However, the mission called for her to catch him, not anything else so she chased and once he was trapped at a wall she would smile as her hands would wrap around his neck, gripping that extra fur before the cat somehow contorted and bit her. The bit piercing skin before she let go again, the cat this time escaping twice within just thirty minutes and she would only growl as she hated this beast and wanting to kill it more now. “Stupid animal, just give up already,” She would say as the cat scampered up a tree, knocking things down.

The things it knocked down being acorns that hit her three times in the same place as she would look at this thing with hatred. The cat meowing before noticing he was stuck. Her eyes would smile with a smirk as she would smirk, “Now you are going to come quietly or die.” She would say as she would jump up to the tree and gripped the cat, holding it by all four of its legs as she would guide it to its master. “Bloody cat ran away so many times,” she would say as she would lick her own wounds before heading back to the owner. “There you go, enjoy your cat and have a nice day,” and as she would leave; she swore she heard the girl’s parents say, “Now let’s throw him in the fryer, he’s the main dish for ramen tonight.”

[Mission: Catch that cat! – Success]
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Mission: Catch that cat

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