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 Mission: Assassinate the Shinobi

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Jojo Kaguya
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PostSubject: Mission: Assassinate the Shinobi   Mon May 20, 2013 7:00 pm

A morning unlike most others, as it would seem one can view the entire village from the outcropping overhang of the highest tree. Even through all the rain and humidity that this place withholds, Jojo still felt quite at home in this realm of unknowns. She would look over the village, looking directly into the faces of all the civilians and ninja who wandered about. Indeed she felt powerful but at the same time quite powerless in this realm as she would look around with the eyes that have seen more danger than most anything in this realm or the next.

Indeed, Jojo could truly with for something else upon this realm that which she would note the ninja academy, watching the children rush outside of the building while they all seemed to come out with sad faces instead of the happy and cherished faces. This upset Jojo to a degree as she would wonder what could have troubled these children so much in this day of happiness that originally seemed to be quite something else. Her eyes traced and with a quick step of her red robed self she would disappear and then reappear at the gate after a long jump.

She entered the building and looked around in the classrooms, and she noticed each of them were reporting about assassinations and what deaths they have caused. Indeed Jojo understood now. The children were not used to being told of things such as death and killing of another although this was actually something quite different in a regard to the very indication of the ninja’s code. Yes, ninja had to die one day while others had to kill. Yes this life was one that quite possibly required the killing of another as her eyes would then go to a sound, a sound she heard quite effectively.

Jojo would stick her arm out of the door and with that she would feel a specific grip, the grip of a falcon attached to her arm as she noticed the message sent within it. Yes Jojo could understand it while she would grip the message out of it and she would begin to figure out what it was that she had to perform and do in the nature of what she had to do. Her eyes would be looking directly up and forwards when she would smile and read the very message in she knew all too well.

Jojo would note how an uncanny villager was acting like bait in a way, she also noted how it also seemed that the very individual also was being brought under many life threatening attacks without avail. Indeed a very lucky person she would be guarding it would seem while in the mean while she would have quite the acceptable excuse to let loose today if the assassin got any closer to the man she was to protect. Yes that would be something to keep in mind for herself when her eyes would look upwards steadily.

A small window of opportunity and it seemed the man was already walking around the village. She would jump out of the classroom’s window, and with feet firmly attached to the steel wall she pounced off and began to watch the man from above. Shadowing in a full swing style to where she watched with a very high grade of steady concentration; all the while, her nose smelled the delicious foods of the food district necessary for herself to feed upon once the mission was done and completed, indeed that would be something she had to get to and perhaps even with Genesis too.

The villager she was charged to protect was quite something else to be perfectly clear and honest about it. The very clothing this villager wore was downright distasteful, wearing only a loincloth and fishnet clothing up and down the body. Yes something she would not mind killing however she was in no room to talk every now and then yet she now saw how distasteful such an outfit could be in the armaments and wears of a civilian. Her eyes would watch around him, looking at the being she would be protecting as her eyes caught sight of something.

A trip wire, and one that could quite possibly be lethal that was two hundred feet away. She would jump downwards and land into the bushes, out of sight of anyone as she would begin working on the very trip wire she had spotted. It was an assassination wire set to fire crossbows of kunai and as she would look she noticed something, the trip wire was easily disarmed as she merely lifted and then removed the triggering mechanism so she could be on her way with her charge as she would smile, the first and most dull assassination attempt out of the way.

Jojo’s eyes would steadily smile with themselves as she would return to the sky, watching over the dunce of a villager and she would note anything else out of the ordinary. Indeed, she would note the facts and hopefully deter them from all necessary obstacles. Yes, that was what she needed to do with this man she protected. During her thoughts she would watch for shifting shadows, jumping through the trees as she was, it was going to be difficult but not impossible. Her own mental stability watching this person as it would seem.

Jojo would look around, watching and surveying as necessary when she noticed the next thing, a stampede getting along its way as she would smile and watch as the stampede worked its way towards the man. She was not going to allow that at all as her smile increased and her very grin became one of quite a demonic fatigue as she would lift up a hand and perform the willow dance. Growing her ulna out and with all she speed she was a deviant in she would begin to rush towards the very stampede, a stampede of giant boars no less.

Jojo’s palm would have a single bone angled to allow slicing of anything in her path as she would rush forwards with a clear objective in her eyes while her own initiative was simple. Make it rain with animal blood if need be. Yes she could be quite demonic in the nature of her own solitude and as it were she would only grin that much more in her manner as the foes would be cut down from their Achilles tendon and up to the thigh. Slicing to a degree where their legs would leave their own fur.

Yet even with that the Achilles tendon was destroyed which only allowed monumental allowance to take over and allow them to fall from lack of balance. Jojo would already feel the blood back, bathing down along her skin as she had destructively cut into the bodies of the foolish creatures that were within that stampede. Yes her eyes knew and controlled in this environment as her eyes would then go back to the charge she was to protect, all the notion of which she would stare it down with a kindred glance of a smile to her lips as she went back.

Blood dripped from her pale skin as she retracted the willow dance bone and then also from the green hair that was upon her head. The factors that were there would seem to be incredibly awesome to her as she would find herself shuttling and watching this person with a small grin to her lips as she watched with a style. The assassin to her knowledge was running out of ideas it would seem as whoever it was had already done two attacks and the next were also going to be interesting with the factors as well.

Jojo could tell they were just now passing the country’s border as her lips smirked and her smile elevated to a gracious degree to where she would begin to work along the tree line to spot the assassin or another tool and yet she would spot the tool instead, this assassin was more clever than she gave ‘em credit for. Her eyes watching as she noticed an entire line of pits along the ground and she would shake her head. Immediately, she worked on a sign, bushwhacked a trail, and then another sign to return as she diverted the entire trap.

Jojo’s smile only began to continue as she was out of sight and mind while rushing after and around this foolish assassin as her eyes would continue to watch and focus on this person who occurred to the foolish person she had to protect. Her smile continued, her eyes glancing at this person and she would effectively grin with which she would bring a hand up and from that she would begin to work along the trails as she looked up ahead at the next village that was coming up as the weather was somewhat colder and her next idea was steady enough.

The man she followed did not seem to be hampered by the cold that was forming as she would look around and there in note the style of which she would grin about as her smile would increase and therein also noted the assassin’s final trick it would seem as she would grin and watch as there was a detonation tags everywhere. She would divert it by running through it a thousand feet ahead of her charge as she would clear the path and with that she would know that the explosion was dampened when she noted something.

The tags were meant to be small explosions and all of them went off at a leisurely pace so her fun set them all off while keeping herself safe. The final trick and it was diverted, her eyes watched the villager with clam eyes now as she would stay focused for the foolish assassin that was so stupid in laying all of those traps. Yes she did not like that person at all yet she could only feel that it was a factor of necessary knowledge to devastate this foolish being for trying to be a ninja of the shadows.

Jojo’s hand would come to her shoulder, pulling out the bone sword to a degree of a field of necessary vision as her eyes noted and would from there kindly note the very factors of the factual evidence that was there for her own necessary accord. The degradation of the assassin who failed so many times would be the one she would have to devastate and from there destroy him if possible. Her eyes would watch, ears would listen, and she had a feeling that the assassin would reveal himself soon enough if all she had to do was wait.

The foolish being would step out, standing in the path to the village that the person she was to protect was there. She would note him and smile as she would break the bone she pulled from her shoulder into four pieces as she would immediately drop down and rush at the fool. He was hoping to kill the man with a confrontation yet she was at him before the charge could get there and she would already get the man suspended into the air with a kick. Multitudes of kicks breaking bone and crushing organs of this man that was an assassin.

Clad in black she would get him on his back and stab her blades into the man’s shoulders and knees, so deeply into the body of this fool as she would smile. Her hands gripping the throat as she would have the man stabbed into the ground before she would remove the mask and note a beautiful girl. Yes a beautiful girl did explain the fail of assassinating someone four times. She would smile and with a grin she would grip her chin and back of neck, “Now face the wrath of a real assassin," and with that she twisted the girl’s neck.

Yes one assassin dead, and the foolish man she protected as she removed the body and dropped the assassin’s body into the woods and she would smile and rush back to her own village, mission done and complete now as her eyes would stare forwards and with that she was completely done with this, killing one was easy, adjusting the life of another was hard enough as it was but protecting a man like that was just torture, she was not going to say anything though because if she did, what kind of ninja could she be?

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Mission: Assassinate the Shinobi

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