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 Mission: Helping out on the Farm

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PostSubject: Mission: Helping out on the Farm   Tue May 21, 2013 7:26 pm

Yuen would awaken with a new task to do, indeed a task that would be more hard labor than anything else that was available to her. While her eyes would look up at the sky and with which she would begin to head out to the mission hall for what her next mission was. Though with a feeling she felt that it would be to help young Joko, a young farmer who was born from an old man was a pedofile, the same one that she had to clean house for. It was something quite to think about with such a dispersed day about her lips.

Yes this day was something to keep in mind with something that was highly favorable to her own notice and which she would only know what to actually assist in and from there focus on and there in notice what there was to do. She would enter the mission hall and sighed lightly, having to wear uncomfortable jeans and tank top was something she did not like while her eyes would pick up the mission and with a signature she would begin to head to the farm where she would be working for the pervert’s son, Joko.

“Alright miss, you will have to do a few small chores that I have for you. You will have to: till soil for the corn, pick the fruit, make a fence for the cattle, chop some firewood, and dig a trench for the watering hole. Do you think you can handle all those?” He would ask, possibly thinking something about how small and frail looking the girl looked to him. Yuen nodded and replied with a steady phrase, “I will do my best and it will be as good as I can so do not fret alright.”

Yuen would begin to work on the farm, having one of the oxen assist her in tilling the soil for herself to be easier at what was being asked of her. The other stuff was simple enough and the tilling of the soil was the more time consuming habitual aspect of the mission. Yuen would spend three hours tilling what she could of the small cornfield as it was not as big as most over farms she had seen though she had begun to sweat plenty from such a mission that lied in her path. Next task to do was picking the fruit.

A fruit basket handed to her as she would begin to work along the path of which she would take apart and there in pick fruits from bushes and trees with a surprising result that most of these fruits were berries to be listed and counted upon. Doing this mission was also an easy task and with sticky fingers the best way to get rid of that was digging up the watering hole. A well she would have to make and allowing her chakra to flow in the shovel she would dig out more dirt than what would normally be taken out.

Digging deeply enough and wide enough to then destroy and there in take apart the next few tasks. Chopping wood and then making a fence was simple enough as she used what leftover wood there was to create a the fence only after having stacked the firewood up to the side of the splitting log. She would dust off her hands and would evenly smile. She would look out at the individuals around the area, “Alright everything is done,” turning to her side and looking at a surprised young farmer, “Enjoy your day sir,” and with that, she disappeared.

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Mission: Helping out on the Farm

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