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 Ninja Annihilation

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NA Admin

PostSubject: Ninja Annihilation   Fri May 24, 2013 1:48 am


This is Ninja Annihilation, we are a Naruto based forum RP for those that are inexperienced or experienced RPers. We are a new and growing community that is looking to get some new members so that we can grow even more and start hosting some real tournaments. We have an original storyline that is going to grow and expand as more of the plot is revealed to the player base. Advantages to our RP is that we are a loose with restrictions, but try to keep everything fair. Another advantage is that we have rules to prevent inactivity and promise that no character will be stuck in an RP.


The time of Naruto has long passed us now. The Uchiha and Senju clan have regrown and are just as powerful as they ever were. Naruto restarted the Uzumaki clan after they were wiped out because of their affinity for fuuinjutsu. The ninja world is on an incline and the world is seemingly at peace. However, not all is as it seems, the village leaders are trying to breed the most powerful shinobi possible to help them win a war they want to start. They are making pure-bloods, ninja who are from a clan that have only had that clan as family members for at least seven generations. They are also just now starting to create mixed-bloods, or ninja who are from two pure-blood parents but from different clans. However, not much of this has occurred yet, and anybody like this will either be quite young, or a more middle aged youth at which they will never be able to reach full potential with either clan, but will be able to use both clan's abilties with moderate proficiency. These youths are however limited in number, as only the leaders decide when to do this as they force it and it would otherwise not be done. Also, only the kage remain since a very recent war that has almost all chuunin and jounin deceased with just a few surviving to teach the new genin and get children into the genin ranks.

However, because of the seeming peace, all the nations shinobi are friendly with all others and only missing ninja and other thugs or bandits pose any threat to the ninja world right now. The kage themselves though are more likely to kill themselves, leaving the villages in a mess, because all the kage are constantly trying to sneak out of protection to fight the other kage. The reason for this fighting is that there is a secret maze with five hidden scrolls which can not be removed from this maze but contain all jutsu from one branch. Because of this, they are trying to battle each other to prevent any other village from being able to get to these scrolls. The fighting among the kage though has led all the major villages growing weaker and has led the weaker, smaller villages to grow stronger while the larger villages are at a stand-still. This will lead to a great war among the larger nations against smaller nations.

The time has come for ninja to stand up for theirselves and their country. Anybody can be strong, but with a ninja world full of genin and quickly strengthening minor villages, anything can happen. The demons are in hiding because of the lack of war but will come once again to wreak havoc and be captured once again.


So, if you were interested by the plot and want to be a part of it, join now. There will be constant tournaments to test your strength against peers and chuunin exams held consistently also. Join today and prove that you are not just another body waiting to be chewed up, but a powerful ninja ready to join in on the coming war.
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Ninja Annihilation

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