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PostSubject: Deventris   Mon May 27, 2013 3:40 am

Clan Information


Bloodline Name: Genso sōzō (Elemental Creation; 元素創造)

Bloodline Ability: Through multiple years of research and training those of Deventris descent have found a way to manipulate the elemental properties of chakra and break beyond that of the normal barriers. Shinobi born from this bloodline have the ability to use their chakra to create weapons and the ability to augment said weapons or themselves with their own elemental properties such as fire, water, rock or if they wish they could mold the properties of nature's elements to a certain extent. Normally all creations made from each element have a durability equivalent to that of steel but along with this the weight of steel included as well, however for each element their are certain enhancements. Each user is limited to their Primary element when it comes the KKG.

  • Katon - Surrounding flame aura of the creation or person has has the chance of causing 1st degree burns, or singeing an area.
  • Raiton - Surrounding lightning aura of the creation or person has the chance of causing 1st degree electrical burns.
  • Suiton - Enhancement to creation or person, has the ability to fire small blasts of water at a target, maximum speed reaching 10 mph, strength is the equivalent of a blunt object hitting the area.
  • Fuuton - Surrounding wind aura of the creation or person has the chance of causing 1 inch deep gashes.
  • Doton- Enhancement to creation or person, durability is now of platinum equivalence.
  • Advanced elements - N/A

    (Katon, Raiton, and Fuuton elemental augmentations can only be caused every 3 posts or any posts after the third.)

    Physical Traits: Any form of Grey - Blue Eyes

    Location: Hyougagakure

    Clan History: Since the beginning of time there have always been creatures who strove to achieve beyond their limits and become the best, the strongest, the alphas. Shinobi now populating the land they call earth are of these creatures that strove toward these goals, through time they have slowly chipped away at barriers that barred their way. It would take many years before Shinobi found about the factors of elements and the effects they could have on their chakra but even with this new information some wanted to go further to learn more, to break past the newly found elemental limit. So a select few would come together all of a different elemental lineage in order to discover what laid beyond what they had known. Many years would pass and all too soon the first shinobi group of elemental tamers would pass away however the group would not fade as they had become close to one another and so they had joined together as one, no longer a group but a family, a clan of sorts. Later renamed the Deventris the clan would continue where the first generation had left off. As it had seemed there was no way to go beyond the limits and all hope began to dwindle, but it was not lost as one would stand before her clan and show them that it was possible, Kyana Deventris was the first of the clan to perform that of Elemental creation and through this she was the first ever to be crowned leader as well, a title which she gladly accepted or so it is said. As time rolled on the Deventris lineage has had its fair share of ups and downs but has managed to push thorough it all. Now however as the next generation take its place in line controversy and turmoil begins to erupt from within as a new leader must be selected but it cannot be decided upon whom shall be chosen, can the clan find a way to endure or shall they crumble before the face of the new age?

    Current Leader - N/A
    Current Members - Xaiver


  • Name: Elemental Blast
    Canon/Custom: Custom
    Rank: D
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: User's Primary or Secondary
    Range: 20 ft
    Specialty: KKG
    Duration: 1 Post
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Description: After completing their handseals, the user engulfs their hands in their desired element, after choosing a target the user will launch the element at the target at about a speed of about 15 mph. The base of the attack shall knock the target back 7 ft and dependent upon the element used, the attack and results shall vary.
  • Katon(Fire) shall launch a stream of fire about 3ft in diameter at the target, if direct contact is made the area hit shall receive 1st degree burns.
  • Raiton(Lightning) shall launch a bolt of lightning about  2inches in diameter, if direct contact is made the area hit shall receive 1st degree electrical burns and numbness.
  • Suiton(Water) shall launch a stream of water about 3ft in diameter,  if direct contact is made the area shall be knocked back an extra 4ft with the force being the equivalent of being hit by a moving car.
  • Doton(Earth) shall launch a stream of 55 rock shards at the target each about 3 inches in width and 6 inches in length, if direct contact is made the shards shall pierce 3 inches into the skin.
  • Fuuton(Wind) shall launch a crescent wave the same size as the user at the target, if direct contact is made the wave can cause 5, 3 inch deep incises in the skin.


  • Name: Elemental Equip
    Canon/Custom: Custom
    Rank: C
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: User's Primary or Secondary
    Range: Self
    Specialty: KKG
    Duration:3 Posts
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Description: After completing their handseals the user engulfs their hands and feet in their desired element. The depending on the element used the results of the jutsu shall vary.
  • Katon element causes the attacks to cause 1st degree burns upon the first hit, if hit in the same area again thereafter the burn shall move onto the 2nd degree.
  • Raiton element causes the attacks to cause 1st degree electrical burns and slight numbness upon the first hit, if hit in the same area again thereafter the area shall go into paralysis for 2 posts.
  • Suiton element causes the attack range of the user to increase by 6 inches
  • Fuuton element causes the user's attacks to become 1 rank faster.
  • Doton element causes the user's attacks to become more powerful by 1 rank. Fuuton element causes the attacks to cause 4inch deep incises in the area hit.


  • Name: Elemental Aura
    Canon/Custom: Custom
    Rank: S
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: User's Primary Only
    Range: Self
    Specialty: KKG
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: 10 Posts
    Description: After completing the set amount of handseals the user's chakra itself would begin to spread throughout out the body and encase it, once the chakra has coated the entire body the user's chakra would explode into its elemental form and the chakra would take on a different appearance on the user, the cloak would extend 4 inches of the user's body giving them a wider range when attacking. The elemental chakra cloak or aura itself grants the user an increase in multiple fields, the user's strength increases by an entire rank, the user's max speed can hit up to 90 mph, and the user's reaction time increases by one rank. Along this the cloak grants the user elemental augmentations as well.

  • Katon cloak attacks deal 2nd degree burns.
  • Raiton cloak attacks deal 2nd degree electrical burns and causes numbness.
  • Suiton cloak can be manipulated (Can form weapons out of the cloak, like the KKG but stronger as the durability would be titanium in strength).
  • Doton cloak increases defensive capabilities and endurance by one rank.
  • Fuuton cloak attacks deal 6 inch deep gashes into the target and also gives the user the potential to hit up to 100 MPH.
    Elemental affects only occur if the user lands a hit on a target (with the exception of Doton) After the aura has faded the user experiences intense fatigue and all stats drop by 2 ranks for 4 posts. The aura can be used twice per topic however upon the second usage the elemental augmentations will not appear. Attempting a third usage of the technique within the same topic will result in the user passing out and entering a comatose state for the rest of the topic. Should the user survive the topic they were in they must participate in a 1,000 word recovery topic.

  • Katon:
  • Raiton:
  • Suiton:
  • Doton:
  • Fuuton:

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