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 Training the eye (Private)

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PostSubject: Training the eye (Private)   Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:49 am

Yuen would find herself anew in this day, for her trials in the first Chuunin exam was terrible. She had no one to fight, her eyes alone were not enough, as well, it would seem, as she would look forward at the individuals that presented themselves. She had no use with these fools, no, she had something better to do, that was to completely devastate what she could with whatever she deemed worthy of her frontal assault, and as such, she had to train her Taijutsu capabilities. Her main ones focusing on the clan that her eye was stolen from.

The Hyuuga clan’s techniques were hidden within this eye, all their available knowledge and capabilities resided there in and she would do her best to use them to her advantage. She knew of no other reason than to utilize such capabilities to her best while her own knowledge was substantially best suited for her strengths. Her eyes closed and her lips curled up into a smile as she would only smile when her eyes would close some more and from that she would begin her assault on her inner mind, the beast Rokubi had even agreed on the training with a false body.

The two stared each other down, Yuen with her capabilities to fight in measuring opponent’s strengths and weaknesses in a fight while in the same moment she could also know if she was at a high disadvantage. Against a chakra beast she was no match without help, that was a sure thing and so fighting her own chakra beast was going to be a challenge and deep in the caverns was the place to be for it as well with her eye looking at him and her other eye covered as she would only smile hatefully.

“You dare think that such petty thoughts will save you?” The Rokubi spoke, seeing through her ideas as she saw him lung. Her body shifting to the left, as she would feel that hand slicing by, a hand that was like a spear as it came in and sliced directly past and through the safeguards she held with her body. She would then feel a tear as her headband that covered her eye fell. The eye with a long scar down the center as she would have her eye closed before slightly opening it. Her face looking at the man with a dangerous stare.

“You want a fight, I will give you one.” She would accept his taunts and challenges as she would enter a fighting stance before her smirk appeared and as she did so she would only grin some more. Her eyes facing forward and with them she would charge forward with an instinctive smile about her face, as she would say, “Byakugan!” In addition, thoroughly the strain over her eye was made, her eye focusing, as she would keep the other open for color contrast while she smoothly rushed forward. She was going to attack with no restraints whatsoever.

Yuen enjoyed herself when fighting, it was the one thing she enjoyed highly and as she fought her demon beast with her awakened eye, she noticed small silvery blips around his white body. Each silvery blip was a pin or rather apart of the chakra system, as she would smile. Fighting a beast was one thing but to completely disable and then disengage their chakra nodes was another as she would only grin and rush forwards with a hand coming in to strike. She need not strike, just push chakra into the Tenketsu as she would do so without a moment’s notice.

However, the demon beast did not waver and only would up punching her jaw and sending her sprawling twenty feet to the right as she would land her back against a wall as she would cough slightly, even blood. Her eyes focused on this man now as she would twirl her fingers through her hair and would only smile as she knew the blade she possessed would be dangerous indeed to say the least. Her eyes would focus and her smile only greatened its availability as she would smirk with a twirl of a hand and finger.

Yuen bone rushed again, her head dizzy as if she were drunk but now she ducked when this beast swung in with an attack from the side. Instead, she would wait for the moment to strike upwards, the beast’s chakra arm dissipating where she hit as she would smile and begin to hit more, every hit making its mark and counting towards what she needed to devastate in fullest regards. She knew very little and yet to say the least she was highly excited about this fight as she decimated her beast’s chakra clone as she would only smile and knew exactly what to do for now.


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Training the eye (Private)

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