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 Mission: Investigate the Monster

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PostSubject: Mission: Investigate the Monster   Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:42 pm

Yuen’s morning was a brisk breeze flowing into her window. She was not completely finished with her Chuunin exams however, she figured getting a mission out of the way to keep her on her toes would be helpful enough to aid her. To put it blatantly she would only enjoy it the more it had powered her thought processed. Yes, this day would prove to be eventful if she could make it out to be more enjoyable for herself as she would crawl out of bed and to the shower. So very slowly like a slug, she was when crawling.

Yuen’s eyes went up to the wall where her weapons hung and then also below them where several scrolls of her techniques resided. She remembered training and acknowledging every one of her techniques as it was she was quite happy with how it all turned out for her in the end. Her eyes closed for a brief moment when thinking back on the many things of her childhood, the business there in before she was raped and had killed her own child. ‘No,’ her thoughts stopped her as she would slam a fist into the stall, cracking the wall, ‘the child was an abomination, born through sin and by sin, and it cannot live.’

And so those where the reasons she was how she was and as such she would move out and about the village with a calm walking manner with her legs as they were while she would grin and pop her neck as doing such. Her eyes opening back up as she would get into the shower, cleaning the nightly grime off of her as she would head out to the world and know that today would be another mission day, a mission to keep her on her toes for the exams.

There was always fun in whatever it was that she did and to put it bluntly the fun she had was always of the moments where she would only grin and smile. Yes this was a wonderful day with which her smile navigated her eyes and lips smoothly to work about the necessary privileges of what she wished to know and why. Indeed, she would grin, and indeed, she kept her smile and cheerful self-high but for what reason. She shrugged and just went about with her life that day, it was not going to be anything different for her anyways.

The subtleness of being nude after a shower, after being cleaned she would see her jinchuriki seal on her left inner thigh, the scar along her stomach line, and looking in the mirror she saw the scar along her face as well. Such a scarred body could never truly be loved was her opinion as she dressed in brown tattered peasant clothing while her shinobi storm headband went and covered her transplanted eye, keeping it out of view while her red hair stayed strait and long. “Today I am going to kill again.”

That was her thought as she would leave her apartment with her saké flask and Kyoketshu Shogei on her hip. The kunai and shuriken in the holster on her leg as she disembarked. The mission she joined was going to be an outstanding one to put it blatantly and such she had already read the mission reports and began to head out to the site of the original attack. Looking around she would dip her finger into small ooze puddles and taste it. “Water beast huh? So the monster is made of water substances. This just got twenty times harder.”

Yuen popped her neck and headed out with her eyes ahead as she would jump out and through the screenings as her eyes were set and her smile escalated. She would pop her neck a little and then pop it some more as she would blink and then shrug with a turn to the residue left behind until she heard something. A scream could be heard as she would rush that directly, her eyes widening when she realized what it was that she heard, the bone-chilling scream was the devastating scream of a panicked individual and to Yuen’s surprise the beast was here as well.

Yuen would smile when she would brandish her weapon and begin her assault on this foe, her eyes narrowed and her Kyoketshu Shogei twirled in her arm while she rushed forwards to attack. She would twist out of the way when the beast seamed to sent several water bullets at her as she had to slice a couple in half just to get out of the shot range. She only began to frown when she saw what the blob was doing… Her blush seemed to also form when she saw it with the blob acting like… well a perverted blob monster.

Yes, this was an interesting turn of events though she could not let it go on as she would growl and with a hand she would drink a sip of saké and rush forwards, her eyes seeming to glow as she did so with several attacks on the foolish creature. Her attacks decimating it and freeing the naked women that were attacked. She kept doing so until the beast was completely destroyed and with it, all of its remains were trampled upon. Yuen was not going to allow such a beast to reside in this world.

Yuen would look back at the women, with a nod she would disappear. Heading back to her village as she would merely grunt. The beast seemed to have known her attack range and that was when she recognized that hiding in the water technique. Yes, today was going to be interesting as she would head on back to the village to receive her payment. The blob was done and gone while for her she would only take it as another days hard work that needed a payday to make it all the more acceptable to her for her deeds to the village.

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Mission: Investigate the Monster

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