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Jin Kagani
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PostSubject: Kagani   Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:47 am

Clan Information


Bloodline Name: Kami no Tōken [Translates directly to-"God of Swords"]

Bloodline Ability: Every member of the Kagani clan has the innate ability to imitate and master any swordsman style with ease. This could take anywhere between a day to a year at most, depending on the level of difficulty of said style. When starting, a member of the Kagani Clan can adopt one of three basic swordsmanship styles which includes the swords themselves:
~Itoryuu (One-Sword Style)
~Nitoryuu (Two-Sword Style)
~Santoryuu (Three-Sword Style)

The Jutsu-Component is the ability to modify one's blade(s) to match the appearance and weight of another, in other words, a shadow cloning jutsu for weapons. The catch is that said shinobi can only modify the blade(s) they started with, for they have created a spiritual bond with one another. Depending on the rank of the jutsu, the cloned weapon's strength can differ. Furthermore, all shadow cloning jutsus require an upkeep cost of chakra.

NOTE: The Special ability(ies) of a blade cannot be imitated until S-Rank. Furthermore, if a member of the Kagani Clan does not have the physical prowess necessary in order to wield the blade, then said style cannot be imitated. If a blade is broken in shadow clone mode, it will not be broken after it reverts to it's original state.

Physical Traits: All members of the Kagani have blue hair which can vary from light to dark. They were taught to not feel emotions so the face may seem expressionless or not depending on if they actually followed the rule. From the age of 3 onward, all members of the Kagani clan are taught swordsmanship and are shaped into battle-hardened warriors. Therefore, their bodies are quite toned and muscular. Although everyone is technically related in one way or another, they have no qualms about mating with one another to pass down the bloodline. Finally, due to the sheer amount of training that they've been enduring since youth, every member of the Kagani can lift a minimum of 150lbs with a single hand. Furthermore, they are also extremely quick and agile.

Location: North-East of Shippuugakure on a mountain.

Clan History: Far to the North-East of Shippuugakure, a humble, blue-haired swordsman lived in a forest. His actual name still remains unknown to this day, however he went by the alias of the "God of Swords". The reason he was referred to as a god was because of his mastery of every swordsmanship style known to man. He lived his life fighting every challenger which would visit him, and eventually he found his match: a female shinobi going by the name of Kagani. After the battle ended in a draw the two decided to mate with one another in order to preserve such amazing natural abilities, and that's how the Kagani clan was born. Each and every descendant of the original pair has passed on their natural affinity for the blade. The village of the Kagani now resides on a cliffside to the North-East of Shippuugakure, in which the current members reside.

Genin Jutsu:
Chunnin Jutsu:
Seinin Jutsu:

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