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 gideon city : superpower (lb)

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PostSubject: gideon city : superpower (lb)   Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:18 pm

Seldom can it be said that the entire world can be changed with a signal event,  very few times have human kind as a whole been able to give a date to the day that changed everything. May 10, 2003 however is one of those rare occasions. This is the date of the ‘infection’ when the Encore plant in the small city of Medina exploded and released the experimental chemical now known as the Catalyst into the air. This is the day Hybrids were born. Hybrids are humans with the Catalyst Serum running through their veins, granting them abilities far beyond those of normal people. Each Hybrid has a unique ability, with more possibilities than anyone could begin to fathom.

The power this serum held started a war that raged across every corner of the globe, destroying what was then considered normal and murdering millions in the process. The epicentre of this war was the metropolis of Gideon.  Years went by as blood stained the otherwise peaceful streets of Gideon, both Hybrid and Human fighting for their own reasons. Some Heroes fighting for the protection of the victims of the Medina infection and their right to live normal lives, Villains seeking to exploit the power the Catalyst Serum gave and use it to their own benefit, and a lot of men and women that fell somewhere in the middle between good and evil. Eventually the Catalyst was spread onto the streets, sold on street corners for a chance to become something more than human. The Hybrid population increased first in the thousands, then tens of thousands. The War reach it’s height as the super powers clashed in the slums of Gideon,  August 16, 2013. Ten years after the introduction of the Catalyst to society, ten years of death and destruction, it finally came to a boiling point and for once the side of good emerged victorious.

The super-powered threats nullified and the government coming in to clean up the mess, things were finally looking up. The Rights of Hybrids were being recognized as the government attempted to help them start their lives anew, and the DHA was put in full force to negate any real problems that may emerge. The time for superheroes seemingly over the groups disbanded and went their separate ways, seeking what they had fought for, for near three years; peace.

The calm has lasted for a little over a year and finally the world has fallen into something like stability.  However where there is good, there will always be evil and that evil has been lurking in the shadows, licking its wounds for over a year now. Finally evil has decided to stick its head out and make itself known, the only question remains;

Who will be there to stop it this time?

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gideon city : superpower (lb)

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