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 Mission : House Cleaner

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PostSubject: Mission : House Cleaner   Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:24 pm

Mission Info:

Just like any ordinary day, Matsuo's gets ready to leave the house. But before he goes, you know he has to eat himself some breakfast. His mother already has a freash batch of biscuits waiting on the table for him. Matsuo's mouth was in a devouring state.

Mission : After Matsuo was finished eating his breakfast he kissed his mothers on her face then headed outside. Matsuo grasped in the cool air. Matsuo had no idea on what to do on this fine day. So he headed to the Kages Office to see if there were any good missions he could go on. The Kage gave Matsuo a very busy one indeed. Because of the outstanding village elder as done, he has asked the Kage for help. The mission seemed for easy to Matsuo so he took it. Cleaning an old mans house. Not much at all. It couldn't be that dirty he thought. As Matsuo walked down to the old man's house he quickly went to his house to grab some supplies. The supplies that Matsuo wasnt much, since he didnt expect anything big. As Matsuo climbed up the stairs, he knocked on the door. Standing in front of Matsuo was an old sturdy elder that could barely stand. The Old man, barely able to speak simply pointed at the things that needed cleaning. As he stepped aside, i couldn't belieave my eyes. Mountains, mountains of trash everywhere. Pizza left on the ground. Rappers on the desk. Gum on the floor. Papers everywhere sticked to some of the pieces of gum. What a day this would be thought Matsuo. But he didn't complain yet, since he was the one that decided to take the mission
Matsuo started my taking out the garbage. Picking up one of the stinky garbage's was like picking up a stink bomb to him. He could barely hold his breath. Matsuo fell in the garbage. Screaming to the top of his lungs. All different types of trash was stuck onto him. He quickly tried to scrap them off, but the gum made it sticky. Matsuo took one garbage bag after another and threw it inside the dumbster beside the house. Over and over trash got stuck on Matsuo. He hated the fact that he had chosen to throw away the trash now. But he couldn't stop now, for the old man was watching him work. After hours of work on the garbage's, Matsuo was sweating like a pig. It was hot in the old man's house. But the old man didn't seem to mind. Matsuo rested for about 10 minutes then what to his mothers house for more supplies because next was gum scraping. And in the old man's house gum was everywhere.
Matsuo came back to the old mans house with a bucket and scraper. Matsuo first started by scraping the gum on the floor. Near the gum on the floor were other sticky objects that made him want to puke. But puking would mean that he would have to clean that up also, so he swallowed it. The gum was mega sticky. It took Matsuo a full 5 minutes just to scrap one off. It would take him forever to go all the way across the room to fully take every single one off. So, he invented something he called, the Super Scraper. He tied a bamboo stick to the scraper. Then at the end of it he had a ledge where he would put full pressure on to lift the stick up. It surely got the gum up faster. It now took him about 60 seconds to pick one up. More time for Matsuo to get to the big things that really needed cleaning. Some of the gum got stuck in his white hair. His hair now had colors of green, pink, and purple because of the gum. Matsuo finished the little bits of gum picking and moved on to the major things like dusting.
Matsuo came back from his mothers house with a brush. Dust was literally everywhere. On the paper. On the floor, on the shelves and don't get me started on the food. Matsuo quickly began sweeping the floor. But what an idiot he was for doing that. As quickly as he swept the floor a dust cloud formed. It started making him cough. Matsuo asked the old man for water to clear his throat and the old man gave it to him. Matsuo continued sweeping all of the dust particles he could find on the floor into a basket like thing. Sweeping and sweeping Matsuo thought. He even made a song in his head to keep him occupied while sweeping. Matsuo then swept in the old man's kitchen. Dust was everywhere in their. Manly because the old man didn't eat in his house. So of course there would be dust. Matsuo swept and swept and swept until it seemed like he became allergic to dust. Matsuo took a shower at his mothers house and came back very shortly to complete the rest of the cleaning. Not much left to do but to stake papers, cfold shirts and spread a bed he thought.
Matsuo began folding the bed. The mattress for the bed was very dirty and the sheet itself was to long for the bed. So Matsuo, first went outside and washed the mattress for an hour of hardcore scrubbing. He then placed the fresh warm and good smelling mattress onto the bed. He then asked the old man if he had anymore sheets and he did. Once with kunai's on it. But it was also to long. SO i had to make good measurements and cut the sheet. Soon after that was done, the sheet was perfect for the bed. The bed was done but now it's on to stacking.
Matsuo grabbed all the papers in the house he could find. It was a mountain of paper everywhere. It ook Matsuo a long long long period of time to collect them all. But at 6 he had collected it all. He then stack it neatly into 4 seperate piles based on their category. Matsuo then picked up all of the old man's shirts and folded each one of them and hanged them int the old mans closet room. Finally after a rough day. Matsuo was done cleaning an old man's house.

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Mission : House Cleaner

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