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 Division 42 (Torchwood/Warehouse 13-styled)

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PostSubject: Division 42 (Torchwood/Warehouse 13-styled)   Mon Jun 17, 2013 4:05 am


Division 42; an international organization based in both Europe and
America.  The organization exists as a shield to protect humanity
against whatever may lie in wait.  The threats of extraterrestrials and
the supernatural are all too real, with only Division 42 standing
against them.

Utilizing man-made technology, along with
reverse-engineered alien weaponry and artifacts, the personnel of
Division 42 attempt to protect humanity.  The threats to humanity don’t
lie solely in the mysterious, but also in other humans as well,
especially in the form of rogue agent, Ravinn Wolf.

the brightest and most talented in various fields of science and law
enforcement, Division 42 pushes its members together, making a number
live under the same roof to become better at working with each other,
and at learning about their new roles as government agents and
protectors of humanity.

Story as of season 1:

Division 42 agent Ravinn Wolf went rogue and stole most of the
Division's offensive based artifacts, along with many alien weapons. 
His goals are unknown, but he's become an enemy of the organization, and
 must be stopped before he does whatever he's planning; a coup, to
become a conqueror, whatever his goal.

Meanwhile, the American
division has found something disturbing; a mysterious crystal found
during an excavation has been showing the team images of a dark and
mysterious force that is rising from the Earth, and now they must find a
 way to stop the potential invasion of these dark entities.
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Division 42 (Torchwood/Warehouse 13-styled)

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