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 Grand Foliage [Open][No Kill]

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Fuji Kawahira
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PostSubject: Grand Foliage [Open][No Kill]   Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:46 pm

Fuji Kawahira, local genin-ranked ninja of Kusamuragakure, was merely wandering about outskirts of the village. He was lugging around a suitcase that was about as big as he was, and he didn't seem to mind the weight in hand, making it presumably light as far as the contents would go. Fuji's true purpose in the area was to get to know his area better, and to gawk at all of the foliage that he could see. In Kusamuragakure, the land was ripe with rare plants and shrubbery, and Fuji enjoyed the knowledge. He actually intended to take some samples of leaves so he could research them.

Such boring intentions, right? Fuji was an intellectual type first and a practical type second. He happily accepted the fact that others would find him boring, and ignored the thought. He would be picking oddly shaped leaves off of low-hanging branches. Just near the front gate of the village, he would pick a particularly odd leave, and stop in his tracks to admire it. "Wow, the plant life here is astounding. Hypnotic even!" he would say to himself, being mildly intellectual about his admiration for the works of art this forest called life.

He would stuff the leaf into the satchel he kept the rest of the leaves in, and looked up at the sky, "Ah, almost morn, I should probably head back home before the parents wake up. The sooner the better I suppose." With that he would veer off his circular path around the village, and into the front gates. He headed down the main street, heading to his block while casually tapping the suitcase in his hand on his thigh.
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Kouri Ten'nou

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PostSubject: Re: Grand Foliage [Open][No Kill]   Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:34 pm

Today was another Early day; Isais had lesson to teach throught most of the morning and on his down time he would only use it to train and keep himself in tip top shape. Isais enjoys teaching at his newly owned bussiness it's given him opportunities to exercise his strategic mind and his form with his students and it is also an amazing source of income for him. But lately it's been difficult to remain consistent. Isais was never the kind to do the same thing everyday and having this new job has made him feel stagnant to say the less. So today Isais had decide to do something completely spontaneous. Isais in the spur of the moment decided not to show up to his lessons in order to inform Xavier of his decision and run off with Xavier to the village of kusagakure. The journey took days but Isais would find it worth the trip when he would get a taste of this weather.  "Damn it's hot as hell around here." Isais would speak knowing that Xavier can hear him. Isais would signal Xavier to stay where he is at as he walks behind a bush and removes a few of his clothes at least the entire top half. Isais would carelessly throw his clothes to the floor an run around shirtless with his pants,shoes, and ninja gear still on. He would run towards the gate in excitement of what wonders the beautiful flowery collage will bring. Upon. Arriving he would spot a young genin boy. Isais would grin and stand there waiting for Xavier to catch up. " hey Zay, check it out! What's up?"
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PostSubject: Re: Grand Foliage [Open][No Kill]   Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:46 pm

It had been quite some time sense Xavier had been given the duty of watching over his friend, Isais and in that time nothing bad has seemed to happen. There hadn't been any attacks nor had there been anyone spying on the two of them they were in control of what they did for once and knowing Isais when he had an idea more then likely it's a wild one. One day Isais had showed up just randomly stated that they would be headed to Kusa, he never did say why, but more then likely he was just going because he was seeking out something new and Xavier couldn't blame um. The journey was quite the long one, traveling from boat and then having to walk the rest of the way was quite the hassle but it builds character right? (Nah that's a bunch of BS). As Xavier walked along with Isais he heard him state how hot it was, and boy was he right, he would signal for him to stop before walking behind some bushes and doing something. Few seconds would pass and Isais would spring out of the bushes with the top layer of his clothes gone and Xavier would laugh at the sight of him running around "would you calm yo ass down we haven't even made it to the village yet" he probably didn't even hear would Xavier had said. Xavier himself already had his vest opened so it would be somewhat pointless for him to remove it now, he would break into a run to catch up with his friend. Arriving at the gate he would meet up with him and heard him speak, turning his attention he would see the boy "Yeah I see um Izzy, Yo!"
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PostSubject: Re: Grand Foliage [Open][No Kill]   

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Grand Foliage [Open][No Kill]

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