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The islands in Ocean Country have been celebrating the arrival of the next Umikage, Saizo. The long bridge leading to SHIPPUUGAKURE NO SATO has been closed for outsiders because they wish to celebrate this moment with Ocean Country natives only.
As usual, the Storm Country has been hosting the Asgard Games to welcome their Kanetsukage, Cornelia. It's a double special occasion because Cornelia is also the first female Kanetsukage. She has been picked for her courage, loyalty and outstanding power by the BOUFUUGAKURE NO SATO elders.
Not only that, but the Cherry Blossom Country has become relieved as well. It seems that everyone is slowly picking up after the war now. KUSAMURAGAKURE NO SATO proudly presented their new Sakurakage, Altair.
TSUKIGAKURE NO SATO is still thriving on the merchants coming in and out. They have not experienced anything special lately. Their wealth has remained the same as they were not forced to invest into shinobi unlike the others.
On the cold isles of the Blizzard Country, HYOUGAGAKURE NO SATO has still refused to create a free traveling policy. Some habits never change. To protect their traditions, they have even warned outsiders to not interfere with their matters.
Now that everyone is picking up again, who will come out on top?
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PostSubject: Rankujo   Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:31 am

Clan Information

Bloodline Name: Supiritto o bakuhatsu(Exploding Spirit)
Bloodline Ability: This clan specializes in a very volatile chakra; this chakra can be manipulated in many forms. Most common forms are things such as creating bombs & imbuing weapons to explode. Uncommon forms include creating objects out of chakra and causing them to explode, such as chakra strings or condensing volatile chakra on a set destination on the battlefield to cause an explosion.
Physical Traits: Clan members have sturdy bodies from constant training with their volatile and explosive element. They usually tattoo themselves with unique tattoos when they obtain special forms of their natural explosive element; these tattoos signify respect and power within the clan. Using this chakra(In its natural volatile state) causes members of this clan to be overly aggressive and passionate about many things, varying between simple daily life and very important decisions.
Location: Tsukigakure
Clan History:
 This clan operated for many centuries as a quiet and carefully monitored group by their leaders; the clan is known to have aggressive personalities and tendencies- this makes them a possible threat even to their own village. Some clan leaders had even noted similarities and common social and racial paths that were compared to the destructive Uchiha way.
This clan is nearly as old as the village of Tsukigakure itself, the inhabitants had been one of the clans who had first lived in the area and helped build the village; as such, they had strong connections within the branches of government and ruling decisions made. While the clan prefers to not be seen or noticed for the most part, their actions labeled as "aggressive" often got them noticed by zealous leaders or figureheads; there was even a brief time or persecution to the clan because of their destructive tendencies.
2 Genin Jutsu
Name:Exploding strike
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: Bakuton
Range: Melee range
Specialty: Nintaijutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 3 post
Description:The ninja focuses on their volatile chakra and forces a "release" of the pent up chakra from their fist or foot. this causes a short-range explosion from the point of impact. The explosion does not hard the user since the clan members train their bodies to this training their whole lives. Anyone besides a clan member who uses this technique will suffer the equal attack they deal out.
This technique can also be used to imbue small weapons such as kunai & shurrican to explode upon impact.
The explosion is enough to leave 1st degree electrical burns on bare skin, burn clothing and leave notable bruising.

Name: Exploding Shell
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Defensive
Element: Bakuton
Range: 5ft
Specialty: Nintaijutsu
Duration:  1 post
Cooldown: 3 post
Description:This technique takes 1 post to charge; it builds up the volatile chakra around the user and releases it on the 2nd post (May hold the explosion in for up to 3 posts, but will lose the focus if hit too hard or moved from their stationary spot) The chakra is released into a volatile explosion that repels equal or weaker based techniques.
Those besides the user who are within the radius of the shell are knocked backwards and will receive 1st degree electrical where the blast initially hit them and their clothes will be severely burnt as well.

1 Chuunin Jutsu
Name:Exploding Clone
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Bakuton
Range: melee range
Specialty: Nintaijutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: Up to a maximum of three clones are created out of the user's chakra, the user's chakra is molded into their form and capable of independent actions. The clones will explode after their duration, contact with the enemy(such as in melee range or received severe or fatal wounds) or willed detonation by themselves or the "real" user. The explosion is moderate, averaging about 10ft radius in explosion and leaves a small crater in the ground, charring dirt and causing small fire to burnable objects in the surrounding area.

Those besides the user close to the explosion will receive 2nd degree burns and may cause the opponent to be very disoriented for two posts.
1 Seinin Jutsu
Name: Piercing Explosion
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Bakuton
Range: 15ft
Specialty: Nintaijutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: Once per topic
Description:The user charges the air around the foe and causes a quick & efficient grand-scale explosion. This explosion is strong enough to tear through steel and accurate enough to hit a button on a jacket fifteen feet away. This jutsu is only effective against stationary targets, if a target moves- they are no longer within the "charged" field. The explosion is catastrophic in a 25m radius, destroying the landscape in the affected area- rocks trees and dirt are all burned away by the intensity of the explosion.

The jutsu will cause severe 3rd degree burns on everyone but the user who are within the blast zone, they will also suffer severe disorientation. Their body will have countless serious bruises and their clothes will be completely burned off. Given the situation where it was used on a metal structure; steel or anything weaker will be blown apart- it is possible to die from this jutsu in a death enabled thread.

Drawbacks: This jutsu causes severe fatigue on the caster and if the user is caught within the blast radius (which is extremely likely due to how close the user has to be in order to use this technique), they will take 2nd degree burns all over their body, on top of being severely bruised. This jutsu can only be used once per topic.
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