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 Mission : You are the Entertainment [Done]

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PostSubject: Mission : You are the Entertainment [Done]   Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:55 am

It was any ordinary day for Matsuo, bored as ever can be and always tired. In the morning there he is helping his mother pick out dead roots from her garden near the bugs and insects. Matsuo, would do anything to get out of it. But what could their be to do? As Matsuo is getting ready again to dive his face into the dirt, I hear a knock on the door. I immediately race to the door almost stepping on my mothers flowers. It was a Ninja with a letter. Be alive it or not the letter was from the Kage. It was another mission. Man was I excited I didn't have to be bored any longer. I had to be the entertainment for a group of parents children and use my jutsu to make them happy. That sounded pretty easy and hard. It may even be changing but I am up for it. Firstly I got a toad suit. It sounds silly but who could resist a piggy back ride from a frog? In my frog outfit I went to the address listed in the nite at where the children were. As I knocked on the door I saw a child open it up. This is a ripoff I thought, but then suddenly out of no where a huge group of kids came tackling me down and pulling me into the house. I could barely breath. "GET OF OF MEEEE " I said. The parents and children laughed. When they finally stopped I got ready to do my job. The first thing I did was use Bunshin No Jutsu and created two clones of myself. The children looked happy for the time being but was it enought? I had to step up my game."Its time to play wack-a-mole" I said happily. One of my clones grabbed a pen, the other a board to keep score. The first kid came up and grabbed the hammer, he stepped up. He sacked me, but before he hit me,without anyone knowing I used Name: Doton: Dochuu Eigyo (Earth Release: Underground Submarine Voyage) and sunk into the ground. Then I popped up in a different spot and did the same thing over and over. The kids laughed so hard they pee'd their pants as they thought I got sacked.

    Next, I made my two clones dissapear. I then used Henge no Jutsu and transformed myself into a talking puppy, I played class pet, you could say. Suddenly one kid started crying out of no where. The other kids were happy and thought I was funny, but this one kid cried. What should I do, I had no clue on what to do at all. But then, I thought about it. I instructed all the children to get their towers because they were about to get soaked. As the kids came back I got ready, I used Water Realase : Gunshot. I hit all the children with low pressured water and lowered the amount of chairs in it to hit them softly. They were more amazed how I made water appear out of no where. The parents clapped and I bowed. As I left the house I felt happy. Walking down the roads thinking at how much of a hard job I did. Man oh man that was difficult. I was so tired that when I entered my house I went straight to the shower and didn't say a single word. After that all I did was go downstairs and eat ramen and tell my mother about my day. She would look at me like I had a rough day and give me more ramen to make me feel better.
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Mission : You are the Entertainment [Done]

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