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 Mission : Walk that Pooch [Done]

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PostSubject: Mission : Walk that Pooch [Done]   Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:35 am

As Matsuo sat on his couch eating popcorn while enjoying a wonderful movie, it hit him. He was bored once again. After all his has done in his past recent days, Matsuo couldn't believe all he accomplished. But yet did he know, there was more to go. In the middle of the good part of the movie, Matsuo was interrupted. Someone was knocking at the door and it seemed urgent. My mother was about tired of people doing the damn thing each day. I would go nuts if it was me living alone each day experiencing the same thing. I slowly walked towards the door seeing a ninja before me. The young ninja carried a letter in his arms. From the design of the letter/feeling towards it, I could tell it wasn't an ordinary letter. Most likely a mission. And I was right after all. The letter I held in my hands gave instructions on walking a 20 year old women's pomeranian dog. It sounded easy and simple at first but who knew what waited ahead. I put on all my equipment and all I needed to get ready to walk this dog. little did I know at what a hard time it would be to walk it.

   After walking around the village searching for the women's address, I finally stumbled upon her house. It was very beautiful and well constructed. A house like no other I thought. She blushed at the thought of me saying this. Smooth words for the ladies. But for her chocolate brown dog on the other hand, different words came to my mind. He played tug of war with my sandals until they become full with dog snot. Man was it disgusting. This was the most annoying dog to me and the day just got worst and worst. After the young lady told me about her dog. I tried putting a leash on it. But the  Pomeranian dog was so quick. In a jolt he made it to my rear end and took a chunk out of my tushy. The pain hurted so bad. I felt like shoving my foot up his you know what. luckily I needed to complete the mission either way. After chasing the dog over and over multiple times. I finally managed to get it on the leash. The dog remained calm for some time. But, as pooped as I was, I felt to tired to walk the dog. Either way I just had to do it. We walked calmly out of the house and I waved good bye to the young lady. She blower me a kiss and I caught it. Classic move. The dog and I began walking. We first stopped at a hotdog stand in Boufuu, but man was that a mistake. The dog went balastic. He ran around everywhere, knocking down trashcans and villagers, dragging me along with him. I pulled back with all my might trying to stop the rampage dog. The dog stopped and I slipped, embarrassing myself.

     Next, the dog and I went to a friendly dog park. it seemed OK from the fact they had everything a dog would need. it was like dog heaven for them. That was until the dog I was walking ruined it. It ran over the flowers and dropped down decorations and peeded everywhere. I was very shocked at the behavior that the dog had shown, but I couldn't complain. At least not yet. The dog then barked and scared away the other dogs. That's were my fuse went off. I yelled at the dog to the top of my lungs. Then the owner of the dog park yelled at me and the dog for destroying the park. Should have seen it all coming. The dog and I left quickly before I shade to pay for anything at all. The dog grew tired and we went on the beach. I sat down and the dof jumped on my lap and took a nap. This was the most peaceful time of the day to me. The breeze blowing and smelling good nature. It was all so perfect. I took a sleep as the dog slept on me and we both fell into a a deep.slumber. After an hour or so. The dog had already gotten up and continuously licked my face. It was gross. But it was a good wake up call. I enjoyed the day with the dog for some of the parts. But it was worth it. The dog and I walked back to the 20 year old women's house and I delivered her dog to her. I then walked home in the sun. Thinking of what to do next after I would take a shower.

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Mission : Walk that Pooch [Done]

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