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Shin Masutomi
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PostSubject: Masutomi   Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:19 pm

Clan Information

Masutomi Clan

Bloodline Name: Raiton Taiga

Bloodline Ability: No bloodline trait. However the clan does share a common element, Raiton, and a common weapons focus, the claws. All clan jutsu revolve around either electricity or the claws.

Each member of the masutomi are given claws, either one or two, their choice. Following is a list of the claws, given at certain ranks.

Name: Genin rank claws

Type: Claw gauntlet

Rank: D

Quantity: Two

Description: The claw starts as a basic gauntlet that covers the entire hand and extends up to cover the forearm all the way to the elbow. The gauntlet is equipped with one inch long, extendable razors that extend over the fingers, as well as a razor along the outer edge of the arm and along the top, each starting at the wrist and ending just before the elbow. The claw is painted white.

Abilities: None besides extendable claws.

History: None

Name: Chunin claws

Type: Claw gauntlet

Rank: C

Quantity: 2

Description: Chunin rank claws hold the same basic design as genin claws, except the finger claws are now two inches long, and the blade on the side extends past the elbow by about an inch. Also, chunin claws are painted red.

Abilities: Chunin claws have the ability to fire off the finger blades, like kunai. The razors are attached to the gauntlet by strong cords and can be retracted as well. The claws have a range of twenty feet and have a cd of four posts.

History: None

Name: Special Jounin claws

Type: Claw gauntlet

Rank: B

Quantity: 2

Description: The special jounin claws have the same basic design as the rest of the claws. The claws are two and a half inches long. The claws are painted blue and have small nodes on the wrist.

Abilities:  The special jounin claws come with a built in tazer effect, created by the nodes on the wrist. The electrical charge can cause first degree burns when used directly on skin and can cause numbness for two turns.The claws can be fired off with a range of twenty five feet, and then withdrawn by strong cords, with a four post cd


Name: Jounin claws

Type: Claw gauntlet

Rank: A

Quantity: 2

Description: The jounin claws are the most impressive, and dangerous, of normal clan members. They retain the original build, however the finger claws are now three inches long and can be fired with a range of thirty feet. Also, there is now a plate along the top of the arm, shaped like a diamond at the wrist, with the bottom part extending, and narrowing,down towards the elbow. The weapon is now painted green.

Abilities:  The Jounin claws have a stronger electrical surge running through them, able to cause second degree burns when used directly on skin and can also channel through metal items. As well as this, the finger razors can retain their charge when fired. These claws however come with the drawback of draining chakra. Keeping up such a powerful charge can wear a user out and it is wise to not wear the claws for more than four hours. (Senin claws drain 2 chakra a post in order to maintain the shock) The claws can also fire off the finger blades like kunai with a range of thirty feet and the ability to retract, with a four post cd.


Name: Taiga Doki

Type: Claw gauntlet

Rank: S

Quantity: 2

Description: The ultimate Masutomi clan weapon, the Taiga Doki hold to the basic gauntlet style, with the same plate modification as the senin claw. However, these claws also protect the upper arm, with shoulder guards extending up past the shoulder by four inches, ending in a point. The retractable claws are four inches long, and the claw on the top of the forearm extends out past the hand by two inches, just enough to protect the hand. The blade on the side of the arm extends three inches past the elbow and can be detached to be used as a tonfa. The gauntlets have a base, orange coloring, with black stripes painted on it, as well as the name of each warrior to have held the claws painted in green.

Abilities: Taiga Doki can fire off the finger blades with a range of fourty feet, and can also be retracted, with a cd of three posts. On top of this ability, the user can control the flight path of these claws. The claws produce a similar electric shock as the senin claws, but the shock is stronger and can kill if applied long enough, two whole post. The claws can also put off an electro magnetic field that will repel any metal attacks within twenty feet. The field must be activated and lasts for one turn, with a eight post cd. The claws drain four chakra a post to maintain the charge. The drawback of this weapon is that, while using them, the user can only use Raiton jutsu. This is due to an odd feedback charge in the claws that simply overwhelms other chakra.

History: The Taiga Doki were given to the very first user of the claw style, Reshindo Masutomi, by Raiton Taiga, the storm tiger, as a means for Reshindo to defend his village in a time of great crisis. Since the death of Reshindo, their have been seventeen other weilders, each one chosen by the claws, and each one has had his name inscribed upon the claws.
NOTE! The Taiga Doki are a unique and powerful item! In order to obtain it, one must earn it through a series of dangerous tests, given by the elders of the clan. The would be clan head must first be able to defeat any challengers from within the clan. Second, he must hold an illustrious career as a ninja, having past victories to help legiamize the claim. Third, the would be head must have the approval of the kage (a rule implemented after the disaterous reign of Lisono Masutomi) The kage may impose any single challenge she wishes upon the would be kage. Fourth, and final, the would be clan head must claim the claws from Raiton Taiga himself. He holds final say in all of it and has been known to kill unworthy seekers of Taiga Doki.

Physical Traits: The Masutomi clan is usually singled out by their blazing red hair that tends to stick up as if on fire. As a whole, Masutomi clan members are small, rarely reaching past five and a half feet tall. They usually have a wiry build, with corded, powerful muscles and a sleek body build. They are skilled and vicious warriors who have taken it upon themselves to protect their beloved village. Often small packs of Masutomi warriors will roam the jungles around their village in protective squads, with the higher ranking ninjas patrolling on their own, attacking intruders mercilessly. Usually, members of this clan wear a piece of tiger skin, either as a scarf or maybe a sort of skirt.

Location: Kusamurakgakure

Clan History: The Masutomi clan is an old clan from the hidden jungle village, with its founding members among the first to live in the village. Their unique claw weapons and fiery red hair have for a long time singled them out on the battle field, and for this they have had to become very proficient in battle. Originally the clan used swords instead of the claws, until the great Reshindo Masutomi first introduced the claw to the clans armory, as an agreement with the entity Raiton Taiga, a powerful tiger spirit. Many years ago, Kuramuragakure was on the brink of destruction. In desperation, Reshindo turned to the spirit world seeking aid, and came in contact with Raiton Taiga in the form of a massive tiger with a golden crown. Raiton Taiga agreed to lend Reshindo his power to defend his beloved home, in exchange for dedicating his clan to the teachings of the mighty Storm Tiger. Reshindo readily accepted.

From that day, the Masutomi have shared a common element, lightning, a gift from Raiton Taiga, and have trained hard to master the claws that were given to them, as a show of fealty and respect for their clan spirit.

The Masutomi have served as guardians for the jungle village for generations, wether the village wanted them to or not, and more than once they have found themselves at odds with the leaders of the village. Twice the clan has been forced out, though always welcomed back whenever trouble arises. Currently the clan is on reasonable terms with the village head, but that can often change.


Name: Overclaw
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: Close range hand to hand
Specialty: Bukijutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 2 post
Description: By channeling his chakra into the claws, a masutomi ninja can create a very large, focused chakra, shell over his claw. The shell is in the same design as the claw and is very dangerous, capable of smashing through boulders or cutting down trees in a single swipe. The claw is two feet wide, with six inch claws, and the ability to extend half a foot past the edge of his claws.

Name: Spark Strike
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: Close to mid range
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 post
Cooldown: 2 post
Description: By channeling their lightning element into their claws, Genin ninja are able to give it a powerful electric shock, added to any attack made with the claws. This technique is also used by higher rank ninja, as the shock can increase the natural abilities of the higher rank claws.. The electrical charge in the claws can also be released in a single blast that can be very dangerous, with a thirty foot range of focused, electrical energy, that moves as fast as a thrown kunai. The released energy is focused to about an inch in diameter as well.


1 Chuunin Jutsu

Name: Thunderous Roar
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: Close range
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: one post
Cooldown: four posts
Description: The user places both hands on either side of his mouth, creating a field of electricity between them, before, for lack of a better term, roaring into them. The roar is infused with chakra particles however, particles that take on the electrical element and then flowing out, forming a thirty foot long, and at its widest point thirty feet as well, cone of electrical energy. The cone spreads at about the speed of a fast runner.


1 Seinin Jutsu

Name: Heir of Raiton Taiga
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: 60 feet
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: three post, requires a one post charge up
Cooldown: Once per topic
Description: The user channels his chakra and electricity in order to create a large, powerful, electricity tiger. The creation stands at fifteen feet tall at the shoulder and can move anywhere within a sixty foot radius of the ninja with a speed of fifty miles an hour. The tiger can either explode, creating a fourty foot electrical storm, capable of causing third degree lectrical burns and even death, or the tiger can assault the target with its powerful claws and teeth, causing both slashing and electric damage to the target .[/center]

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