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PostSubject: Kinunochi   Sat Aug 24, 2013 5:12 am

Clan Information
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Kogure 小暮

Bloodline Name: Kinunochi 絹の血
Bloodline Ability: Those of the Kinunochi possess the innate ability to grow protein fibers from their skin. When their skin is regulated with a precise amount of chakra unique strands of barely visible threads rapidly protrude from its outermost layer. With precise chakra control these threads are freely woven into various amounts of cloth at accelerated speeds both in the efforts of rapid growth and retraction. When enhanced with chakra the cloth produced can be freely shaped and hardened for defense or woven sharply for offensive measures. This ability can also be applied towards pre-existing fabrics aswell. The pigment of the produced cloth is by default an off white hue but can be expressed in any other spectrum of color by slightly altering a minute stream of chakra control.

Rank of Cloth Amounts:
Genin: Can create and control up to ten yards of cloth.
Chuunin: Can create and control up to fifteen yards of cloth.
Sp. Jounin: Can create and control up to twenty yards of cloth.
Jounin: Can create and control up to twenty-five yards of cloth.
Sennin/Kage: Can create and control up to thirty yards of cloth.

Location: Shippuugakure
Physical Traits: The only physical trait to this clan is their incredibly smooth and luster filled skin that retains a uniquely attractive vibrance.
Clan History: The Kogure clan was born from a long lineage of nomadic people that wandered the entirety of what is known today as the Hidden Hurricane region. They were often poor and invested what they had in livestock for trade. With the treacherously cold and windy conditions they were consistently exposed to over time their skin became tough and enduring and about as coarse and gritty as the average rock. Shortly after the passing of the fifth generation the phenomenon of the "cocoon skin", as it was called, began to emerge.

The very coarse and gritty skin that the members all possessed cracked and broke apart like hollow rock revealing an unnaturally smooth texture of skin beneath it with a rich vibrance like nothing seen before. In a matter of weeks silk like fibers began slowly growing like strands of hair and weaving itself out of their skin and naturally coating their bodies in cloth. For many years those of the Kogure clan would groom themselves with scissors to cut the cloth growing from their bodies and later transitioned prosperously from simple nomads into textile experts where they officially adopted their bloodline name as the Kinunochi or, "silk bloods". It wasn't until shinobi began to emerge from the clan that a method of chakra control was developed to not only regulate the fibers that grew from their bodies but also control them. Shortly after, ninjutsu specific to their unique ability was created, solidifying the clan as holders of a Kekkei Genkai.

Clan Jutsu

Name: スレッド制御 Sureddo Seigyo
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Kekkei Genkai - Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Self-Mid
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Until canceled
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Description: Using precise chakra control the user is able to rapidly grow (or retract) the barely visible fibers from up to any two parts of the body and freely weave them into sheets of cloth. The cloth can be freely controlled as well as manipulated to create shapes of varying size, wrap around, and or cover anything desired provided the user can produce the appropriate amount of cloth. The cloth is much more durable than average fabric but is no more formidable in this state than techniques of the same respective rank. This technique requires no handseals.

Name: 糸の質感 Ito no Shitsukan
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D, C, A
Type: Kekke Genkai - Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Self-Mid
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Up to [D] 4 posts, [C] 6 posts, [A] 8 posts
Cooldown: [D] 3 posts, [C] 5 posts, [A] 8 posts
Description: During the Sureddo Seigyo technique the user can elect to sharpen or harden each sheet (or sharpen some and harden others) of cloth being controlled. This is done by further enhancing the cloth with chakra to become sharp and destructive or much more dense and durable for offensive and or defensive purposes.

Genin: Can sharpen cloth to be able to pierce or cut against any technique of C-rank or lower. Can harden cloth to defend D-rank or lower jutsu.
Chuunin: Can sharpen cloth to be able to pierce or cut against any technique of B-rank or lower. Can harden cloth to defend C-rank or lower jutsu.
Jounin: Can sharpen cloth to be able to pierce or cut against any technique of A-rank or lower. Can harden cloth to defend A-rank or lower jutsu.

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