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 Let Us Play You and I (Kyomu)

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Kallen Senju
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PostSubject: Let Us Play You and I (Kyomu)   Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:48 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Let Us Play You and I (Kyomu)   Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:05 pm

Kyomu had a new life, her own one. She had just been told who she was, she now knew the truth. She had been raised as Sagi Kowareta ko, her mother, as it would make her safe, due to the jounin's reputation of being a respected and feared kunoichi within the village. It meant Kyomu could be protected by her mother, even after her death. Sagi, it seems, had been killed on the day of Kyomu's birth, because of her birth. Sagi had the body that Kyomu had now: a thirteen year olds. It wasn't the exact same body, but in terms of appearance and design, it was close enough. Sagi had gotten herself stuck in her thirteen year old form, and that child's body could not survive childbirth, so she died for Kyomu to live. Her "father", Dai Tai, had been a survivor of Kazangakure's destruction, which is where Sagi died, he witnessed Kyomu's birth, at the young age of fourteen, and he had promised the mother to protect Kyomu no matter what, and he had trained her to this day in the ninja arts of Fuinjutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. All that had led to this day, where she would be told who she was. Once she had been told who she was, she left her residence and follow her feet, thinking about what she had learned along her way.

Her travels had gotten her lost several times, and once she had accidentally wandered into an alleyway, not a good move for a thirteen year old girl. Luckily, she had been followed by her father, who thought he was fulfilling his promise to her. Using his swiftness release, he made Kyomu aware of his presence, and from there it was simple. Three men appeared from the alley tried to act intimidating around Kyomu, but she told them who she was: Sagi, the jounin and master of spec ops, to which they burst into hysterics, and taunted her, while mocking her also. She just did the one thing that was inherent from her mother, other than appearance: battle strategy. Closing her eyes, and taking a deep breath, so Dai knew when to act, Sagi opened her eyes, and snapped her fingers at one of the men, who fell instantly, after having been struck at high speeds by Dai, then the second one fell. The third, however, Sagi left alone, so he could warn his fellows, and Sagi's reputation would grow still. He ran away, and Sagi blew a kiss, scaring him that something was going to happen, while Kyomu started again in the other direction, on a walk that would eventually lead her out of the forest, and into the Nox Forest.

Her first instincts were to run around, but she first snapped her fingers, and her father appeared beside her. Sagi spoke to him, in a mature voice one would expect a wife to speak to her husband, with a hint of condescending held within, "Dai, I have told you before, I am fine. I do not need to have a personal bodyguard twenty four seven protecting me, you can go home. I'll be back soon." Understanding what Sagi was planning, Dai played along, nodding his head, before leaving in a flash. That was when Kyomu turned around, heard a rustling in the leaves, and jumped into a branch, before looking down at a very strange sight. A woman, with beautiful orange hair, was in the forest, but that was not the strange thing. The strange thing was threefold: One, she was completely and utterly stark naked in the forest; Two, she was coated in blood; and three: the blood seemed not to be her own. She wasn't shaking or frightened at the blood, which made Sagi think that the blood was not hers, but also that she had taken part in whatever it was that had caused the blood to appear on her. Sagi had to assume the worst, that was how she survived, so her mind said this woman was a murderer, and the blood was her latest victim's. She didn't know this for sure, but she carefully approached the woman from behind atop the trees, as that is where she had been relative to the woman.

She took out a kunai in case it was needed, before shouting down at the woman, "Excuse me, do me a favour and turn around, nice and slowly. I don't know who you are or why you're here, but I'm curious as to why you are covered in blood, and why you are completely naked. I shall start with a name, if you would do me the pleasure?" Waiting for a response, with the kunai clearly visible in her hands, Sagi wondered where she had come from, as she had not yet met her. She had never met anyone yet truly, but she had seen some village people, and this was not someone whom she had seen.
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Let Us Play You and I (Kyomu)

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