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PostSubject: Hinamura   Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:30 am

The Hinamura Clan
"The Vulcan shall rise again"

    Bloodline Ability

    Ash Mimicry
    (灰まね Haimane)

    Main Abilities
    A few members of the Hinamura clan are born with the ability to transform their whole body into a cloud of burning volcanic ash at will. The ash is represented as a pitch black smoke-like substance that can shred itself into small paper-like pieces, each with a small amount of orange flames mixed in to burn enemies at close-range.

    Everything on the user's body is composed of ash and carries a small amount of lingering flame, allowing the user to slightly burn enemies on contact and even ignite the flame to engulf their limbs for a further advantage in combat. They user is immune to being burnt and is easily able to resist Fire Release techniques.

    Hinamura clan members with the Kekkei Genkai can reform and regenerate their bodies from ash, making it nearly impossible to receive damage from physical attacks, except when in areas with a high moisture content or when soaked with water. In ash state, members are able to control the ash of their bodies, allowing them to flow through air ducts and small openings, infiltrate structures, or launch surprise attacks. It boasts a high strategic value comparable to the Hozuki clan, though slightly less flexible than its counterpart and more battle-oriented. This ability also renders the user more resistant to extreme temperatures and heat, allowing them to go places ordinarily hazardous to normal humans, such as the Corazon de Fuego in Kazangakure.

    The ash is also able to act as a form of transportation, allowing the user to transform into a plume of ash and smoke to cross short distances or navigate normally hazardous terrain without injury. The user is slower in this state than usual, but are more vulnerable than normal to the clan's main drawback: water.

    The biggest weakness for the user of this ability is the presence of water or moisture. Opposite to the Hydrification technique, the ability requires that the user remain dehydrated or have little water in the surrounding environment. Being drenched or being in an area with too much moisture nullifies their ability to produce fire and can potentially paralyze the user if their body becomes too damp and sticks together.

    If the user is broken apart while watered down, they can still reform from ash but it will take time for them to recover, usually between 3-5 posts depending on the proficiency of the user. The user can also be rendered unconscious if they are struck hard enough in this state, delaying their recovery by an extra 2-3 posts.


    Physical Traits

    Hinamura Clan Members often have the ability to use Fire Release or Earth Release. Some members are eventually able to use both after training for several years.

    Appearance-wise, Hinamura clan members tend to become somewhat more scruffy-looking after a certain age, but there isn't much of a defining word that describes them as they can be a rather diverse people.


    Former Location

    Current Location

    Clan History

    The Hinamura clan began as a nomadic group of people roaming the volcanic mountains. Except for their physical hardiness and their resistance to the harsh temperatures that made up the climate, there was nothing else special about them. They lived relatively average lives in terms of the times they lived in and generally married and had families by the age of 16.

    It was a hard existence, but it was a peaceful one... until day Sugawara Shindou arrived. He came to the clan, seeking to establish a 'ninja village' as he called it and offered the clan a chance to join him. Though distrustful of strangers at first, the clan was wary of the growing amount of clans that Sugawara had accumulated in the area. It wasn't an easy decision, heck some called it the hardest decision they'd ever had to make in their lives, but after much talking among the clan's leadership, the Hinamura clan agreed to Sugawara's proposition and they joined the conglomerate that eventually became Kazangakure.

    Problem Child
    In Kazangakure, due to their numbers, the Hinamura were never a noble clan of the village, but they were known for their physical hardiness and ability to sense all the heat around them, allowing them to detect others and made them useful sensor-type ninja. As 20 years went by however, the hidden abilities of their genetics became more profound and their bodies developed the power to bond with and become the ash of the volcano at will. The gene wasn't present in all Hinamura clan members, but those who possessed it were well-coveted by the clan and guarded jealously by both their parents and the clan's leadership. By the time Kazan had declared war and began besieging Hyouga, the clan outright refused to send any of their shinobi that possessed the unique gene, hiding them away.

    As time passed, the Hinamura clan proved to be one of the more troublesome and untrustworthy clans in the village. Withdrawing from politics, waiting in the backgrounds, and even began operations in the smuggling business.

    When Sugawara Shindou died and was succeeded by Umesada Toshimori, he kept a wary eye on the Hinamura clan and always viewed them with distrust, namely for their gained tendency to lie and steal more than any other clan in the village. He also came to actively hate them when it was implied in an infamous incident that a shinobi from the clan sexually assaulted his daughter. The shinobi was never caught, but several factors kept Umesada from forgetting the debacle. About a year afterwards, the Hinamura clan were put under the thumb of another clan; the Nishimura clan. Though unremarkable shinobi, the Nishimura clan had close relations with Umesada and thus were usually somewhat successful merchants and lawmakers.

    Under the thumb of Nishimura, the Hinamura clan was relegated more to sub-clan status. They could not marry without the approval of a Nishimura clan official and their personal information was closely monitored. The official reason for this, according to Umesada, was to promote inter-clan relations and strengthen the village's bonds, which other clans had also been practicing, but diplomacy between the others was far more warm than those that the Hinamura enjoyed. The Hinamura were abused by Nishimura, to the point where even their children were not safe from violence. The clan reciprocated in kind, doing whatever they could to lash out against those of the Nishimura without arousing the ire of the Atsusakage.

    About 30 years passed by, and the Hinamura remained under the Nishimura clan's jurisdiction, limiting their numbers and their authority until Umesada finally retired and his successor, Yamada Reigo, lifted the verdict on the Hinamura . Though this time period somewhat humbled the Hinamura clan, it also made them more secretive and they continued to hoard their treasure trove of secrets in the one place that they discovered where no one else could follow them; the Corazon de Fuego.

    Near Extinction
    When the Sanbi and Yonbi appeared, the Hinamura clan's main forces actively aided Yamada Reigo in the ensuing battle. Yamada Reigo died against the Yonbi before the Nanabi was able to stop the fighting and convince the two to part ways. The next Atsusakage went to Satsujin Haru, who turned out to be one of the clan's few blessings.

    Satsujin Haru was favorable to the Hinamura clan and under his watch the Hinamura clan flourished. They kept their old secrets, eventually establishing the Clan's secret hiding spot in the bowels of the Corazon where the leaders met in secret and no one without the Kekkei Genkai could follow them. Their criminal business grew until they made almost as much money as 3 other clans of the village.

    30 years passed, and the war with Shippugakure began in earnest. Though all clans of the village fought hard, they eventually neared annihilation. The Atsusakage, Satsujin Haru, fell in battle against Saigawa Kisuke and was subsequently killed. The village was left in ruins as the remainder of the Kazan Army fled into the night.

    Some of the Hinamura managed to escape the devastation and escaped to Tsukigakure where some were able to re-establish a small presence there.


    Genin Rank

    (Hitsuke) Genin-Level

    Canon/Custom: Custom
    Rank: D-Rank
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: N/A
    Range: Short-Range
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Duration: 2 Posts
    Cooldown: 2 Posts
    Description: The user molds their chakra with ash inside their body and expels it from their mouth as a mild gust, laced with pitch-black hot ash. The ash affects a cone-sized area in front of the user and is able to disorient and obscure the target's vision for a brief period of time as well as mildly burn exposed skin.

    (狛犬・胡麻犬 Komainu) Genin-Level

    Canon/Custom: Custom
    Rank: D-Rank
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: N/A
    Range: Short-Mid Range
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 2 Posts
    Description: Komainu is a small concussive burst of fiery ash wrapped in smoke that is able to lightly burn enemies and force them back a few meters. The user gathers the sphere of ash and smoke at the palm of their hand and launches it towards their target. The orb is able to inflict lingering damage on structures and can set wood and other materials on fire from the flames burning with the ash.

    Chunin Rank

    Ash Embodiment Technique
    (Ash Embodiment) Chunin-Level

    Canon/Custom: Custom
    Rank: C-Rank
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: N/A
    Range: Mid-Range
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Duration: Until disruption (user runs out of chakra or is destroyed)
    Cooldown: 5 Post(s)
    Description: This technique is used to create clones of the user or others using ash and smoke as a medium. The user first must thread their chakra with ash and expel it from their mouth, after which it takes on the appearance of a clone to the user's will. The clone is able to travel a mid-sized distance from the user's body (10 meters) and it constantly sheds small amounts of ash into the environment, making it look like a slightly distorted version of whatever it was intended to clone. The user can create a maximum of 6 clones at one time.

    Ash Clones always release small amounts of ash into the environment and can look slightly distorted. The quantity of ash that is released only travels several feet from the clone but it can be used by the original caster in techniques and to initiate surprise attacks.

    Seinin Rank

    (アメマス Amemasu) Seinin-Level

    Canon/Custom: Custom
    Rank: S-Rank
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: N/A
    Range: Long Range (60 Meters)
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: Once per topic
    Description: This technique creates a large sphere from a vast quantity of ash and then causes it to explode outward in a similar manner to a volcanic eruption. All of the ash disperses and spreads into the surrounding environment, causing the air to heat up substantially, sharply raising the temperature. The ash lingers in the area for a few minutes, escalating it to near unbearable levels of heat and potentially suffocating anyone in the vicinity who breathes in too much of the charred matter. The ash stays in the area for 3 posts, slowly spreading out and becoming thinner.

    The first post is usually where the worst effects happen, including severe burns and suffocation as the ash is thickest. Depending on the proximity of the person to the explosion, these effects can vary in their severity. The second and third posts see lessening effects, though still somewhat crippling to the average ninja as it becomes harder to breath and light burns should be expected.

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