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PostSubject: Hasegawa   Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:13 am

Clan Information


Bloodline Name: Shiton

Bloodline Ability: Shiton’s abilities are more passive than active although they can be used to great effect both offensively and defensively. As with all bloodline abilities the more chakra a user has, the longer a user can go and the greater the range that can be achieved.

Cold/heat resistance: Those possessing shiton have the ability to comfortably withstand a wider range of temperatures than ‘normal’ people by lowering their internal body temperature to either mitigate relatively high heat (think Arizona/Nevada/Texas/Mexico in the middle of an average summer) or to equalize body and room temperatures in relatively low cold (just about Arctic). They’re pretty much immune to hypothermia and frostbite, somewhat immune to heat stroke (or at least experience a delayed onset of it), but are not immune from dehydration, sunburn, regular burns, and in an extend high heat situation are more vulnerable to chakra exhaustion since they’re using their chakra to regulate their body temperature. The baseline temperature for a shiton user is about two degrees below that of an average person (being roughly 96.2 – 98.2 rather than 98.2 – 100.2 in terms of core body temperature.

Metabolic suspension: By lowering their body temperature to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit or bellow, a shiton user is able to suspend their metabolic functions without the loss of consciousness. They do not breath, their hearts don’t beat, and they don’t hunger or thirst. In this state, they can feel pain and they can be killed – so long as one takes into account their lack of breathing and circulation (breaking the neck, immolation, crushing, and electrocution will work; suffocation, bleeding out, and poisoning however aren’t all that effective so long as the shiton user can find a qualified medic before they have to resume their metabolic functions). Despite the lack of breath they can still talk, and staying in this state is draining on their chakra reserves so they can’t maintain such a state indefinitely. This is not an automatic reaction to the lowering of the temperature but rather has to be consciously activated.

Cold/frost radiation: By lowering their body temperature to any point below the ambient temperature, a shiton user can radiate a zone of coldness starting from mere inches away from their body to about ten feet away from them carrying all the effects that said temperatures would normally generate. The temperatures within this zone is not constant; the farther away from the shiton user it is, the closer to ambient the temperature is and the warmer the shiton user is, the smaller the circumference of the zone will be. In an enclosed space the shiton user will have the effect similar to that of an air conditioner with the zone conforming to the dimensions of the room but outside of an enclosed space, the zone will take the form of a sphere. Hypothermia, frostbite, ice, and the appearance of frost will occur as is natural for the temperature conditions.

Physical Traits: Naturally lower body temperature than the average human, a pale complexion, and occasionally there can be a blue-ish tint to the lips.

Location: Currently Boufuugakure

Clan History: The shiton started off as either an offshoot of the hyoton or a parallel evolution to it. It is likely that the shiton began in one of the colder regions of the world; perhaps as a way for those of the clan to survive the cold and snow found there more easily than others. This perhaps, along with the habit of those wielding the shiton to use the cold zone they can create to kill their enemies, might be the basis behind the legend of the yukionna. Their ability to stop their breathing and heartbeat made them feared in battle as the typical response to finding one’s self being attacked (or even approached) by the ‘walking dead’ is to either run away screaming or trying to kill it with fire. Thus the clan was hunted to near extinction and scattered to the winds with members of the clan doing their best to conceal what they were and virtually all the clan’s history was lost.

More recently the shiton has resurfaced in the form of a young girl born to civilian parents who ended up settling in Hyougagakure as refugees from one of the insurmountable local wars that plague humanity. Not knowing anything about the clan’s history, she sometimes wonders if she’s the first person ever to manifest a brand new kekkei genkai and if it will breed true (should she ever have children of her own). Being the only known person to possess the shiton (at least in her home village), the clan is named for her family name (or will be when she formalizes the formation of a clan).


On average, a genin can lower their temperature down to about sixty five degrees Fahrenheit and can maintain that state continuously for up to a week. The cold zone thus created can reach up to two and a half feet away from the body.


A chunin can lower their temperature down to about forty degrees Fahrenheit and can maintain that state continuously for up to a month. The cold zone thus created can reach up to five feet away from the body.


A jounin can lower their body temperature down to freezing and can maintain that state continuously for up to a year. The cold zone thus created can reach up to seven and a half feet away from the body.


Once S-rank is reached, the body temperature can be lowered down to -15 degrees below freezing and can maintain that state continuously for over a year. The size of the cold zone thus created can reach up to ten feet away from the body.


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