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 Legacy Site Rules

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PostSubject: Legacy Site Rules   Tue Dec 24, 2013 3:20 pm

General Rules

Please follow all of these rules accordingly. Any violations of the rules may be sanctioned by the Administrators or the moderators of this site.

If a death-enabled topic is created, it must be labeled such in the topic. If it is not labeled in the topic title, then it is not death-enabled.

Please refrain from posting one liners. Ideal posts should be in detail, with about a one paragraph minimum and three sentences each. If you are in a hurry, tell those who you're rping with that you can't post now, and may post later so you could have more time. In a private topic, if both or all parties agree, one-liners will be allowed. However, all those who are in said private topic must agree to allowing one-liners in that topic only.

Solo threads are possible, but please keep a two minute delay within your posts.

All applications which are pending for approval may not be used in your threads. You may test them out on OOC threads, but any In Character-related posts are not allowed.

Mild cursing/swearing is allowed, but please refrain from making your posts into a curse-fest. There are people who would rather not expose themselves to such exceeding.

Racial discrimination is not allowed. Any form of sexual harassment or insulting is also discouraged.

Please avoid having flame wars in the Chat box, or on posts. Debates are fine, as long as no one gets hurt. Also, no political talk like "The Bush Administration was great!". Any kind of flaming, even on spam threads, are not allowed.

No Godmodding. This includes your character never getting tired during a fight, controlling another character within your posts and having anything God-like related. Same Sanctions as above.

Respect the Administrators and Moderators.

Do not post in dead topics at all, unless you are already in it and you plan to revive it and finish it. If no one is there anymore, do not post in it.

Please keep in mind that you can only be in five roleplay topics at a time. This rule has been made to avoid difficulties in the storyline and timeline. If you wish to enter another roleplay topic, which would be your sixth, you must first leave one of your previous topics.

Do not Meta-game. This means information gained OOC being used IC.

Follow the Posting Order of a topic. Unless someone has become inactive, you cannot post in the wrong order. For example: Person 1 posts, Person 2 posts, Person 3 posts. It should continue this way for the rest of the topic. The reason for this rule is so it doesn't turn into this: Person 1 posts, Person 2 posts, Person 3 posts. Person 1 posts, Person 3 posts, Person 2 posts, Person 3 posts. This would make it unfair to Persons 1 & 2 because Person 3 is getting more actions.

Do not use unapproved jutsu/weapons/items/etc in an active topic. If you get a technique/weapon or anything else gained through approvals or buying, which means basically anything, you cannot use it until you go to a topic which has a topic start time of AFTER you got whatever it is. This goes along with the meta-gaming rule that restricts character information.

To use an item in a topic, you must have it: made, appraised, bought, have Ryo deducted, and finally, added to your item list. If it's not in your list and you use it, you may either be disqualified in what you were doing, ignored, or even punished by a Mod/Admin. If you don't have it in your list and you need it to be, ask an Admin or Mod to add it for you. Only after that may you actually use it.

Topic titles are not to be changed. This excludes Open to Private since we won't know when certain things in RP will change. This also means that when a title says all of whom are to be in a topic, those are the only ones allowed. Despite the creator of the topic may want more people, this will not be allowed. Please keep this rule in mind, it is for the benefit of all and without it, the topic would contradict who's in it. After all, you wouldn't want someone barging in your private topic or anything like that.

Post your jutsu either in a spoiler or in a code after your RP. This means at the bottom of your post.

Your username must be the same as your characters first name. Alias's will not be accepted. This makes it easier for admins / mods to find applications belonging to specific users.

When a staff member enters the chat box no one is allowed to bug them with things like "Can you look at _____ app?" or ""[link] Can you look at that" for the first five minutes they are there. In addition no one can bug a staff member about applications and other things for the first five minutes the member is in the chat, this is to prevent people logging in to ask about or link an app and then log out, the punishment will still be handed out.

From time to time the staff won't be able to look at our applications (be they characters, weapons, jutsu...) right away due to either personal problems or a build up of other work needing to be finished on the forum that takes priority. When this happens a person's natural reaction seems to be posting a "bump" in that topic, we please ask that you refrain from doing this. After one week has passed we have a staff member assigned to go through the creation zone and place a bump for you. However if you feel you're an extremely important thing you are allowed to bump it yourself but only after a minimum of 72 hours. You are also only allowed to bump a topic one time, not a single time more than that.

Character faceclaims cannot resemble those of characters from canon Naruto.

Sexual Content on Legacy

  • Sexual content is prohibited in the chatbox. This includes: sexual gestures (i.e. "Tencho gropes NPC"; making a sexual advance towards another member; sexual harassment), discussing your personal sex life and/or sexual experiences, sexual preferences, and vulgar, sexual innuendos (mild innuendos are okay, as long as they stay mild. Everyone enjoys a good "that's what she said" joke every now and again).

    Breaking this rule once warrants a warning. Twice - a one hour chat box ban. Three times - a three day chatbox ban. Finally, consecutively breaking this rule will get a member IP banned.

  • Sexual content is prohibited in topics. This includes: sexual activity of any kind between two members, a member and an NPC, or by themself (i.e. masturbation, reading or viewing pornographic material, etc); making sexual advances towards another member or an NPC; graphic kissing descriptions. Kissing is fine, but keep the descriptions short and sweet. No deep tongue kissing, biting, licking, etc; sexually assaulting another member or an NPC IC, or having an NPC do it to your character (anything like rape or molestation is STRICTLY prohibited. If a member is discovered doing this, they will be banned from the site for one week); sexual innuendos, graphic sexual/physical descriptions, and sexual dialogue (inner monologues and thoughts count); graphically describing a bad sexual experience IC. It's fine if your character's backstory involves a bad sexual experience, but keep it as discrete as possible (Ex. "I was taken advantage of sexually as a child". Anything like this is fine as long as you do not go too deeply into detail).

    Breaking this rule once warrants a warning. Twice - a three hour post ban. Meaning, a person will be unable to post or reply to a topic for three hours. Three times - a three day site ban. Finally, consecutively breaking this rule will cause a member to get IP banned. The only exception to this rule is the stipulation regarding sexual assaults IC. As stated previously, if a member is caught doing this, a one week site ban will follow. If it happens a second time, the member will be IP banned.

  • Creating a perverted or sexually illicit character is prohibited. This is unnecessary and will more times than not cause a person to break the other two rules aforementioned. To reitorate, it is fine if a character's backstory involves some type of sexual trauma. It's understandable if a member wishes to build their character that way. However, please refrain from going too deeply into detail regarding it. Keep it non-graphic and discrete.

    Breaking this rule will prevent a character from being approved, and continuously trying to get a character such as this approved will cause a member to get IP banned.

The staff here on legacy understands if any member(s) wish to express themselves sexually or physically in any way. We will not judge or hold it against someone. However, this website is not designed to fascilitate that need. Legacy is a Naruto based role-playing website where members can mold, create, and explore in this realm with their character. If two members on the site want to pursue each other physically or romantically, please exchange email addresses via PM's and take it from there.
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PostSubject: Re: Legacy Site Rules   Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:11 am

Added rule #21.
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PostSubject: Re: Legacy Site Rules   Sun Dec 14, 2014 10:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Legacy Site Rules   Tue Apr 28, 2015 1:29 am

Added "Sexual Content on Legacy".
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PostSubject: Re: Legacy Site Rules   

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Legacy Site Rules

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