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 Chatbox Ettiquete

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PostSubject: Chatbox Ettiquete   Tue Dec 24, 2013 3:27 pm

Chatbox Ettiquete

Advertising: No advertising in the chatbox. If you want to share your forum or whatever just go to the advertisement section. Signatures, images, PMs with advertisements are not allowed either. Even the slightest hint to another forum in the chatbox could get you banned.

Spoilers: It's really annoying when a members post images in the chatbox. It stretches out the chatbox and even break the scrolling bar for some people. This means no chatting till a mod enters the chatbox and clears the chatbox. So use spoilers when you're posting an image in the chatbox and warn members if the image is large.

Spamming: The chat box is here so everyone can chat. If there are only two people in there, well, it's kind of impossible not to get wrapped up talking to each other. But don't get so intense with it that other people can't join in. That's obnoxious. You may end up getting a warning or a banned.

Respect: Respect each other. Discrimination will not be tolerated. Be it race, sex, sexual orientation, political views, religious beliefs or what have you. Leave it at the door when you come in to play. If you do this, a staff member will break it up, and there will be many consequences.

Excluding: This is a very inappropriate thing here on Naruto Mirage. Excluding people from the chat is very mean. Especially if they are new members here. Please refrain from doing so. Or you may face the consequences. Be nice and welcome the new members as well.

Language: Mind your language in the chatbox. Mild cursing will be tolerated usually (Oh, damn. Shit, I forgot to do that.), but excessive cursing will result into a ban.

Dating: Keep in mind that the chatbox is not a dating message system. Other people are there to relax as well. Members who wish to have romantic conversations etc. can use the PM system.

Problems: If you’re having a problem with someone in the chatbox, take it to PM’s or IM’s please. We don’t want to hear your B.S. If you think something is unfair, bring it up with the admins. If that won't help, bring it up to the webmaster. If you have a problem with one of us, send us a PM. Don’t start crap with us in the chat.

Inappropriate Topics: To keep the chatbox clean and friendly for all, there are certain topics of importance that we don't discuss in the chatbox. Things such as Politics, Religion, Sex, Economics, Military/World Affairs, Past Subjects of Debate and Importance to any of the subjects above, ect. These topics can cause issues, heated arguments, offend members, and make talking in the chatbox just uncomfortable. Due to this we simply don't allow it. Everyone is free to believe what they want and hold their views, just keep it out of the chatbox. If you want to discuss something of the sort within PMs, that is fine. Just keep it there. The chatbox is to be a happy and fun place. Let's keep it as such. Those who fail to comply will be warned ONLY ONCE, before disciplinary action is taken. If one does not comply after said warning, they will be banned from the chatbox for a certain amount of time. This can turn into a permanent ban, if one continues to break this rule on numerous occasions. All members must comply by this rule, regardless of the circumstances.

Sexual Content: Sexual content is prohibited in topics. This includes: sexual activity of any kind between two members, a member and an NPC, or by themselves (i.e. masturbation, reading or viewing pornographic material, etc); making sexual advances towards another member or an NPC; graphic kissing descriptions. Kissing is fine, but keep the descriptions short and sweet. No deep tongue kissing, biting, licking, etc; sexually assaulting another member or an NPC IC, or having an NPC do it to your character (anything like rape or molestation is STRICTLY prohibited. If a member is discovered doing this, they will be banned from the site for one week); sexual innuendos, graphic sexual/physical descriptions, and sexual dialogue (inner monologues and thoughts count); graphically describing a bad sexual experience IC. It's fine if your character's back-story involves a bad sexual experience, but keep it as discrete as possible (Ex. "I was taken advantage of sexually as a child". Anything like this is fine as long as you do not go too deeply into detail).

Breaking this rule once warrants a warning. Twice - a three hour post ban. Meaning, a person will be unable to post or reply to a topic for three hours. Three times - a three day site ban. Finally, consecutively breaking this rule will cause a member to get IP banned. The only exception to this rule is the stipulation regarding sexual assaults IC. As stated previously, if a member is caught doing this, a one week site ban will follow. If it happens a second time, the member will be IP banned.
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PostSubject: Re: Chatbox Ettiquete   Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:40 am

Updated. Added a new rule regarding inappropriate conversational topics.
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PostSubject: Re: Chatbox Ettiquete   Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:57 pm

Updated. Added Sexual Content rule.
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PostSubject: Re: Chatbox Ettiquete   

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Chatbox Ettiquete

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