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 The Serpent, the Scorpion and the Junior ninja

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PostSubject: The Serpent, the Scorpion and the Junior ninja   Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:18 am

The first lines of protection for Boufuugakure. The tall walls rise high into the air and at points almost appear to scrape the sky. The entire construct has been sculpted over the course of several centuries by generations of craftsman families to have the appearance of scales so that when the storms are extremely heavy intruders and other passers by would confuse the wall as an actual giant serpent. Directly on the outside of these walls is a giant moat nearly a quarter mile across to prevent easy intrusion. The last line of protection was the Kanetsukage her. The host of the Sanbi no Sasori and the leader of the land hidden in the storm was one in the same.

The water dripped from the edge of the kage hat that sat atop her head. The woman wore a tan colored cloth and held an umbrella in his right hand that would stop the rain from coming down to douse her dress to bad though the occasional mist would breeze in and moist her cloth but nothing that would pose as a problem. She stood at the edge of the wall as she had done in the past, during all of her years as a ninja, it was one of the pieces of Boufuu that she felt the most at ease.
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PostSubject: Re: The Serpent, the Scorpion and the Junior ninja   Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:20 am

As the rain fell onto the turquoise hair of the young shinobi he couldn't help but think he may have gotten lost. "I could have sworn this was the place she told me to meet her at", the young man said as he rubbed his head. "I can't be late this is very important to me," he declared with frustration in his voice, "If I don't find her now I am going to be in big trouble." As he continued to search for the Kanetsukage he started to realize that he had spent so much time looking for her that he had gotten quite wet. "Just perfect." He said under his breath. As he continued to search he found a woman wearing the hat of a kage, That must be her! he thought wishfully. As he got into speaking range with the woman he began to speak. "Perhaps you can help me miss, you see I am looking for the Kanetsukage for quite a while now and was wondering if you have seen her," the young shinobi asked quietly so not to disturb her if she was meditating.
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PostSubject: Re: The Serpent, the Scorpion and the Junior ninja   Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:46 pm

Cornelia was not lost completely in her thoughts, those were not entirely her own. The demon within her was a constant annoyance but she had learned of ways to keep herself otherwise preoccupied and was less likely to give into the temptation of the monster within. Through the rain she let her attention slowly slide itself to the movement of another person, one that she had remembered that she was to meet around this part of the serpent. The turquoise hair was one of the more notable things about this ninja but that was not something she would dwell upon. When he was finally within speaking range of her, he spoke.

He spoke of looking for the Kanetsukage for quite some time and he wondered if she could point him in the right direction in order to find the leader of the village. She would give the young ninja a nod "I would actually." She would then take a few steps toward the ninja and move her umbrella out just enough so that the rain would stop itself from falling any longer on him. "First, let's get somewhere out of the rain." Her eyes would then look up and around and soon, spot a bench was inside a small shack like building.

She would place a free hand onto his shoulder as she aimed to lead him toward the dry bench while speaking "What is your name?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Serpent, the Scorpion and the Junior ninja   

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The Serpent, the Scorpion and the Junior ninja

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