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PostSubject: Shurajo   Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:46 am

Clan Information


Bloodline Name: Doku Kōtei (Poison Emperor)

Bloodline Ability:

Physical Traits: The most common physical traits are black hair and pale skin.

Location: Hyougagakure no Sato

Clan History:

The Shurajo are an old clan originally of the Land of Night, a country to the far north noted for it's cold climate and long periods of winter. Because of this, many of the inhabinants were noted for their pale skin. This trait has followed through the Shurajo genetics. The Shurajo clan in the past was a nomadic tribe, hunting from place to place like a pack of wolves. However, their bloodlust soon became unquenchable, leading to a civil war between members of the clan. The massacre left few sane survivors to travel through the snowy wastes. Over time, a small remnant of the Shurajo came to Hyougagakure, the Village Hidden in the Blizzard. From that time, they prospered and learned to adapt to the harsh climate and gradually became able to open up and become actual members of the village, conversing with others and making friends.


Name: Ichimyaken [Vein Blade]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Specialty: Ninjutsu KKG
Duration: Max of 5 posts
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: This technique is used to easily and quickly create a close range weapon. The user will slit their wrist, allowing the blood to flow out. By concentrating their chakra to the point of bleeding, the user will cause the blood to solidify and spring forth, forming a crimson blade. The blood weapon has a keen edge, but isn't very durable. The user does not need to maintain chakra for this jutsu, and may reform the blade for half the original cost 5 if broken.

Name: Akame [Bloody Rain]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Range: Mid-Long
Specialty: Ninjutsu, KKG
Duration: Instant (Up to 10 drops can be hardened and used before cooldown starts)
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: This ninjutsu is used once the body has been wounded and has begun to bleed. The user will scoop some of the drops of blood into their hand, and gather chakra into them. This will cause each individual droplet to harden, the sides of the drop becoming sharp. They blood drops of fragile, but can slice through flesh. The Shurajo may them fling them at an opponent, acting as projectiles. Because they are in a hardened form, if the blades slice through the skin they will not enter the blood stream. If the projectiles, however, hit the body and become lodged into the skin, the impact will cause the jutsu to become undone, and leak the Nirokueki into the foe's body. This jutsu must be reused for each batch of blood drops shot.


Name: Shinkusatsu [Crimson Death]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive, Supplementary
Range: Mid
Specialty: Ninjutsu KKG
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: This technique is based off the original ability utilized by the Shurajo clan to heat their bodies during the winter. The user will expel from their body, heating it and forcing it into a vaporous form, it's effect causing a red smokescreen similar to the Hidden Mist in effect. However, because the blood was of a Shurajo, it carries the Nirokueki. This makes Shinkusatsu useful for both escape at the same time weakening their foe. When this technique is ended, the blood will fall to the ground, returned to liquid form.


Name: Chitsuiki [Blood Fortification]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Defensive, Supplementary
Element: Poison Blood
Range: Close
Specialty: Ninjutsu, KKG
Duration: Max of 5 posts
Cooldown: 12 post
Description: Chitsuiki is an "Ultimate Defense" Jutsu which utilizes the blood as the key component. Similar to Chikerai, this jutsu grants Life to their body's crimson liquid, creating a servant. Superior in form however, Chitsuiki has two interchangeable forms utilized to protect it's Shurajo regardless of the situation. These are,

Chitsuiki: Kishikou - Blood Fort: Knight's Armor

The Kishikou form causes the blood to pour from their body at astounding rates, in a similar manner as Saiketsu. Unlike Saiketsu, however, the blood is not released haphazardly but instead immediately begins coating the body, clinging to the skin. This blood will harden platelets overlapping each other. This Blood Armor will consist of several layers, providing a stable defense for the user. However, because the armor consists of blood, it will replace any lost cells in moments due to the Shurajo's unique blood replenishment rate. Thus, individual attacks will lose their effectiveness, any blow being repaired in time. This form is the initial state, and because the blood regenerates by itself, it costs only 10 chakra per turn to maintain.

Chitsuiki: Oujishiro - Blood Fort: King's Castle

While Kishikou served to supplement the user's body, Oujishiro instead focuses on absolute protection. When switching from form to form, the armor will break apart, throwing itself around the user and generating far more blood cells in order to create a sphere around the user. Supporting a greater amount of chakra utilized, Oujishiro like Kishikou has layers in it's defense. However, Kishikou relied on a Shurajo's natural blood regeneration to shield the user. Oujishiro utilizes an increased amount of chakra to heighten each cell's durability and causes the regeneration to function immediately upon receiving any damage. As such, it is superior form of protection. However, Oujishiro prevents the user from moving, the construction of the sphere far too well-made to be moved. Oujishiro costs 20 chakra to maintain a turn instead of the usual 10.

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