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 Mission: Cats {D-rank}{Boufuugakure}

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PostSubject: Mission: Cats {D-rank}{Boufuugakure}   Wed Jan 08, 2014 6:57 am

Name: Cats
Difficulty: D
Location: Boufuugakure no Sato
Reward: 100 Ryo
Experience: 25 Experience
Objective: Return the cat. Contemplate about your future when you are on top of the Kanetsukage's tower and look at the entire village.
Description: A wealthy businessman's daughter was walking her cat when it suddenly got out of its leash. She chased it and chased it, and somehow it ended up climbing all the way up to the top of the Kanetsukage's tower.

Cornelia stared up at the village's mission board, looking over the various jobs that needed to be done. Some had rewards posted and some didn't, but it was always good to help out around the village if you had free time, even if you didn't receive a reward. However she needed to save up so that she could improve her weapons and armor. So she chose one of the lesser missions. Apparently a little girl who happened to be the daughter of a rather well off businessman had lost her cat and now it somehow managed to climb all the way to the top of the Kanetsukage's tower. That feat in itself boggled her mind. Why would the cat even want to go up there? Shaking her head, she focused on the task at hand.

Taking down the pamphlet, she pocketed it before heading in the direction of the tower. She didn't need to bother asking directions as even if she was new to the village, it was blatantly obvious what and where the tower was. The genin girl just hoped that she wouldn't get in trouble for clambering all over the kage's tower... She thought momentarily about just walking into the building and using the stairs before climbing out and thought that would work out quite well, but when she tried to enter the building, she was sent away by posted guards that said that she had no place in the kage's tower. That had annoyed her, but she refused to leave empty handed.

She spent a good five minutes circling around the bottom of the tower, looking up at the building to see the best way up. She didn't know any jutsu to help her in this situation sadly; she would have to rely solely on her strength and dexterity. The magenta haired genin decided that the best way to start would be to climb onto the roof of a nearby building and jump onto the side of the tower. This proved harder in practice however... She didn't manage to catch herself in time and her body ended up slamming harshly against the building before she manage to gain purchase on a window frame. Unfortunately that garnered some unwanted attention from the buildings occupants so she scrambled upwards. Thankfully there were several breaks in the tower, where it became narrower so there was a piece of roof to stand on. Pressing herself against a wall, she heard the window open and a rather disgruntled voice grumble before closing the window. Breathing a quiet sigh of relief at not getting caught, Cornelia turned around and ran at the wall to give her a boost before she leapt up to grab onto the next ledge.

It took her nearly half an hour before she finally reached the top of the tower. It was now late afternoon and the sun was pouring golden light over the entire village. It amazed her how much she could see from the tower's vantage point. Was this why the kage stayed here? To watch after the village better? Or was it to lord over them? Cornelia realized that she had never seen the kage. Not even once. Shouldn't a leader lead their people, not from a tower but beside them? Boufuugakure deserved such a leader. Maybe she would see it get one one day... Or maybe even be one.

Blinking as she finally remembered the reason she had traveled up here, Cornelia looked around the small precarious area for the cat. She wasn't sure what it looked like as there hadn't been a description in the mission briefing, but how many cats could there be up here? She paused when she heard mewing come from the otherside and crept carefully around the side. Five was the answer to her question apparently. The cat that had escaped the little girl had been pregnant, but not anymore. Four newborn kittens were suckling gently off of their mother who looked up at Cornelia with tired and content eyes. Smiling in wonder at the sight, the girl was almost afraid to move, for fear of startling the felines before her. But after she slowly knelt in front of them, the mother gave no reaction, not caring about the human's presence. Carefully extending her arm, she let the cat smell her hand before she tried petting her, receiving only a happy purr in response. Well at least she was friendly. But how to get the litter and mother to the ground safely? She couldn't carry them, she needed her hands and arms free, and she didn't have a pack to place them in either.

Chewing the inside of her cheek in thought, Cornelia looked around, trying to think of someway to do this. Then she caught glimpse of a window. Glancing inside, she froze and immediately drew away. It was the kage's office. The man was behind his desk, drinking something as he read a paper he was holding up. The only reason she knew he was the kage was from his dress and the official kage hat that was hung behind him. Looking back to the litter, it only took her a few seconds to steel her resolve and shrug off her outer shirt, leaving only her tank top. She tied the long sleeves together in a tight knot and then hung it around her neck. She then moved back towards the cat and her babies and that was when she hesitated. Mothers could be rather protective...but they had to be moved. Hoping for the best, the genin girl gently pried away one kitten at a time, placing them on her flat shirt, turned sling. The mother growled at her, but seemed to exhausted to do anything other than stand, she then walked over onto the girls lap and lay in the shirt sling herself, the kittens going right back to nursing.

Sighing in relief that it had gone smoothly so far, Cornelia then nodded to herself and carefully stood up before going over towards the window and opening it calmly, thanking the stars that the kage hadn't sought fit to lock it. Gingerly stepping into the room while cradling her precious cargo, she closed the window behind her before facing the desk, where the rather stunned kage sat staring at her in bewilderment. She bowed to him and stated calmly, "Excuse me." Before trying to leave.

Sadly though, she wasn't able to leave as easily as she thought, being stopped and questioned by the kage as well as his guards once they finally noticed. However once she explained what she had been doing, she was released with exasperated shaken heads. The little girl was quite surprised to have five cats returned to her rather than one, having thought only that her pet had been gaining a little much too weight, thus the walk for the feline's health. The businessman had thought it was funny and rewarded her with a pat on the shoulder and one hundred ryo.

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Mission: Cats {D-rank}{Boufuugakure}

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