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 Hurricane Country

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PostSubject: Hurricane Country   Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:48 am

Hurricane Country & Origins of Shippuugakure


Saizo Hozuki


The most important clans among the Ocean Country are the Hozuki and the Uchiha. (To be filled by current Kage.)


With Shippuugakure being located on the earth's equator, it is constantly in between the spring and summer seasons. This is why the island is always succumbed to Hurricanes year round. The temperatures during the day, vary anywhere from 70 to 110 degrees between the seasons. However at night the temperature can drop as low as 50 degrees due to Mt. Myria's presence on the island. The mountain blocks the sunset which allows for the declining temperatures to start just after the sun begins to set on Shippuugakure.

Hurricanes within the region can be incredibly dangerous. They never drop below category three in size and are almost always pounding the coast in succession of one another. The hurricanes here have been known to reach even higher than a Category Five, which is supposed to be the highest on the scale...but not for this weather torn country.


The village, due to the constant harsh weather, is very well structured. The homes are also built with the many Hurricanes that plague the area in mind, made with multi-layered concrete, and reinforced within the concrete with steel slabs to help prevent major damage caused by flying debris. The village is a magnificent spectacle to behold. The homes and structures are classically built, offering the village a tasteful, classy feel. The streets are beautifully crafted to look as though one is walking on water, the water texture adding a mystical aura to the village. The Umikage tower stands tall within the village center, built like a spiral and a massive eagle statue overseeing the village with its wings cast out in a full wing span. It is crafted of platinum and its eyes of solid gold.

As far as protection, the legendary Onozuka River runs around the village, providing its mystical mist as protection against intruders. The Onozuka River wraps around the left side, front, and right side of the village. It is said there is an unknown guide to the misty river. The mist that arises from it turns into somewhat shapes of people running around and doing things, a place where memories are collected and replayed over and over again by the mist. Overtime, the people of Shippuugakure have grown used to the effects of the legendary river, making their travels to and from the village, easier. The backside of the village is protected by Mt. Myria, blocking invaders from attacking Shippuugakure's blind spot. The mountain and the Onozuka River act as a dual system of defense, but gives the classical feel of the village more purity and luster, making it the most beautiful scene one could lay eyes on.


Creation - Shippuugakure was founded by a young woman, Myria Edrick, also founder of the Eagle Clan. With constant struggles for territory on the island between multiple clans, and the many tropical storms that plagued the area, many turned to one woman for both refuge and guidance. It was said by a simple travelling Oracle, that the constant fighting on the island had angered the God's, and the island was to be destroyed by an endless storm that would last a decade. Begging for a better way, the once opposing and war torn clans turned to her and her strength to save them from the certain doom they would face with what would become known later as the '10 year Hurricane'. Considered among all who lived on the island as the Guardian of the Sky, Myria at the young age of 21 stepped forth to create peace on the island by creating the Village Hidden in the Hurricane. It was properly named due to the weather conditions that associated with the island and the infamous '10 year Hurricane'. The Hurricane was referred to by many as Shippuu later in history. Upon its creation, the clans began living in harmony with one another, and due to Myria's strength withstood the powerful oncoming of the '10 Year Hurricane'.

Ao Phalanx Harbor - Two years after surviving the '10 Year Hurricane', Shippuugakure began prospering by building a harbor for importing and exporting trade. The harbor brought in many new outsiders to the village fom other nations and the population of Shippuugakure soared due to its beautiful layout and multiple markets of goods. The Harbor for many years was known as the only way to get to and from Shippugakure and became a famous landmark on the island. It stands to this day, the structure never fading with it's magnificance. It later became known as the Harbor of two names, because of its rare tongue twisting name.

Myria's death - It was only 10 years after the building of the harbor that this dark day occured. Though the harbor brought many new people and trade, it also brought in many thieves, pirates and those looking to overthrow the island and claim it as their own. One day, a foreign nation of decided to test the will of the people Hidden in the Hurricane. The enemy invaded the island, however, they did not come through the the Harbor. In a tactical exploit, they took shore on the opposite end of the island in an attempt to ambush the Village. Their numbers outweighed Shippuugakure 10 to 1. However, Myria, who now at the age of 33, would have none of it. As the village was prepared to take on the mass army ahead in an all out war, Myria instead stepped in. With her village at her back, and the army in her sight, Myria unleashed a jutsu that tore through the region in he sight, all the way through to the shore, demolishing the entire squadron of troops before her. The villagers who arrived on the scene of the aftermath, found no trace of Myria nor the ninja that had laid threat to them. Myria had sacrificed herself in an attempt to save the village from sudden invasion.

Naming of Mt. Myria - Upon the death of Myria, only 7 days later the mountain in which the Eagle Clan resided, named the mountain in her honor. Thus her legend and note in history plays a major role on the island. Mt. Myria is now the majorlandmark that is seen from afar at see.

Betrayal Within the Eagle Clan - Centuries passed with peace remaining on the island, until one day there was a betrayal within the Eagle Clan. The clan eventually became a big target, their legendary doujutsu sought after by many outsiders from neighboring nations. An unexpected betrayal within the clan, led to their demise, thanks to an attack by ninja corps from an unknown nation at the time. It was the the heroic sacrifice of James Edrick, father of Dominic Edrick, that preserved the structure of the Eagle Clan and destroyed the intruders. However, with limited survivors and a fear for staying in the homeland, many of the scarce surviviors fled to other countries, leaving the once proud clan in dwindled numbers.

As Time Goes On -

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Hurricane Country

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