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 Mission: Crossed Watchers Part 1

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PostSubject: Mission: Crossed Watchers Part 1   Sat Mar 08, 2014 11:41 am

Name: Crossroad Watchers
Difficulty: C
Location: Boufuugakure no Sato
Reward: 15,000 Ryo
Experience: 50 Experience
Objective: Guards the crossroads.
Description:  There are many desert roads in the Heat Country. The Kanetsukage needs someone to guard this a large crossroads for three days before reporting back to the village with any news.

Day 1
It was just up ahead, a dusty dirty crossroad shimmering in the distance with the mid-day heat waves of the hot summer day. From an ideal point of view, the crossroads was just that- an almost perfectly symmetrical "cross" of roads with a small bunker made of dirt not too far away for sentries. Likely the inside of the small bunker was an oven from the sunlight, she would wait outside a bit and bake in the sun rather than an oven. It's pretty hot today... and I was hoping for a cool next three days for an easy sentry duty. This is going to seem like forever!

A loud laughter broke her rare complaint, the laughter was a bit psychotic and didn't seem to care if anyone heard it or not: it was Wrath. Ahahaha! Whoo! A complaint coming from Vexxy~ Now that's something you don't hear everyday, it must be really hot! Lucky for me, I can't feel things like heat or pain. It was true, the red spirit orb that floated around her(which was invisible to the naked eye, nor hearable to the ear) couldn't feel anything... except the urge for destruction and insanity.

She ignored the spirit, if anything- she wished he could feel pain... so often she wished to poke his taunting red eyes and stomp on his soft-looking orb body. He was obnoxious. She wiped the sweat off her brow and then set down her gear inside the bunker: already it was cooling down. She stayed outside the bunker until jus before dark, after that, she hid her figure inside the dirt bunker that blended in with the ground and watched for activity.

Day 2
It was then day two and she had yet to hear or see the other shinobi on sentry duty with her: normally this mission was carried out in pairs. The most practical reason for this was sleep- a shinobi must always be ready and alert... kind of hard if you miss a couple days straight with no sleep. Vex had stayed awake the whole night before on sentry without any sleep: mostly from diligence, but also from Wrath- he didn't know when to shut up. he was a persistent little guy, she had to admit that much- he knew that if she fell asleep and got killed, that would be the end of him as well: at least until someone else from her clan obtained her weapons... and who knew how long that would take!

Vex spotted someone in the distance from her perch atop the bunker, but their direction was coming from Boufuugakure- the most obvious answer was that it was the other shinobi on sentry duty with her. Now now Vexxy~ We can't kill him, we need him until tomorrow at least- otherwise I will have to annoy the hell out of you again to keep you awake tonight. It made perfect sense and Wrath knew her unstable mind well enough to know her line of reasoning. The psychotic battle-lusting spirit could be wise at time... very seldom though.

She sighed in exasperation as she understood Wrath knew what she was thinking though... had she become that brutally honest with her desires that she was losing the touch on reality and consequences of such actions? She had once killed an innocent civilian just outside Boufuugakure's gates who had jumped in her way of a serious fight with a mysterious masked stranger: she hadn't been reprimanded for it because no one really knew. The death could have easily been blamed on the masked man with the large swords: who would expect a shinobi from their own village to slaughter an innocent person?

Oh! Good to know you're still here! I was almost certain you would have left and reported me for being tardy. The shinobi explained to her after he had arrived, she grunted and ignored him for the most part- only enough words to explain the previous nights incidents. that night, she took up the small bunker and slept soundly while the other shinobi took the whole night shift: he had relaxed the whole day before, so surely he had had plenty of sleep. This had been her reasoning as she rolled over and fell asleep as Wrath was hovering near the shinobi and making rude faces at him and saying bad insults. Of course the shinobi couldn't hear or see the spirit orb though: it was amusing.

Day 3
With a good nights sleep with no interruptions, Vex was ready for the next day of uneventfulness. It dragged by with no exciting events, just a few caravans of merchants and civilians- no bandit attacks or wild animal sightings(Unless she counted the lizard who crossed the road on the first day). She had continued to ignore the other shinobi and he seemed to understand why...somewhat: really though, Vex really disliked men and preferred not to socialize with them because she might get the urge to slice them in half.

She was greatly relieved when the next pair of sentries arrived and relieved them of their duties: Vex gathered her belongings and checked her water. Empty. The sentries had arrived just in time and she was happy about that, she took off and didn't look back: back to Boufuugakure and to the kage to collect her reward. The shinobi on sentry duty with her had tried to convince her to go with him to a club that evening as they neared the village: she promptly replied to him by beating him with the flat side of her sword Wrath- he had his answer, loud and clear. The easiest way to die, was to flirt with her... as a male at least. The spirit Wrath cackled as she walked away with no concern for the shinobi's well-being, her last glimpse of the man was him crawling towards the hospital. Wrath made a couple more rude gestures and pitied him for being beat up by a girl...even though it was pointless because he couldn't be heard.

Well, that's one less jerk to worry about in the future...

Word count- 1,019
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Mission: Crossed Watchers Part 1

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