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 Cornelia & Vex(Promoton to Chuunin)

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PostSubject: Cornelia & Vex(Promoton to Chuunin)   Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:17 pm

OOC: Cornelia! Time for promotion of Vex Xanadu to chuunin from Genin xD

Knock, knock, knock

Vex tapped on the door of the Kanetsukage's office, she was here for more than just a casual visit or applying for a mission. Lately her actions in the village had been somewhat...questionable but it was apparent enough that her skills and maturity had increased to a higher level; word was handed down that soon she would be promoted to Chuunin. Was today why she was summoned to the Kanetsukage's office?

She couldn't help but feel a little bit of excitement, although being excited wasn't in her nature except when it came to dealing with beautiful women- in which case, Cornelia-sama was quite beautiful.. Maybe that explained some of her unusual heart rate, but also that she would no longer be considered a Genin at the age of 20 years. After this, she could tell someone her rank without being embarrassed or having to explain at length why she was a Genin which was at least 5 years older than the other Genins.

She opened the door and stepped in quickly and shut the door behind her without turning around, there was Cornelia sitting behind her desk; she was obviously expecting Vex. The Genin never bowed to anyone, mostly from her pride and god-complex... but today was a ceremonial task that would signify her ascension in the shinobi world. It wasn't demeanor to bow for such a purpose, was it? She walked forwards to the large wooden desk and knelt on the floor in respect as she spoke.

Cornelia-sama, I was requested to be here at this time.
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PostSubject: Re: Cornelia & Vex(Promoton to Chuunin)   Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:48 am

Cornelia sat behind her desk with one leg crossed over the other. She rested both her hands on the top of her knee. She slowly let her leg rise and fall to her leisure in a calm and orderly fashion. There was three piles of papers that were orderly stacked on one side of the desk, her kage hat rested at the front of the desk to be dominantly present to any who were to enter and for the occasion, it was a seemingly needed ornament.

The knock on the door caused her to look up and watch as it would open to show Vex Xanadu, the one that she had been expecting. The Kanetsukage would move her legs to a more straightened posture and put her hands on the desk. After a small bow, Cornelia would return it with a bow of her head and she would then return to her normal posture.

"Yes. It seems the from some reports..." She would reach over to one of the paper stacks and pulled a few pages from it and placed them in front of herself and placing her hand on it. "While there are...questionable actions and judgement there is one thing that has been pointed out if by anyone, me." She would take the paper and put it back onto the pile and looked back at Vex. She would then stand up and walk around the table to stand face to face with the kunoichi. "Calling you a Genin would be an understatement now."
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PostSubject: Re: Cornelia & Vex(Promoton to Chuunin)   Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:57 am

Vex nodded her head in a slight respectful bow of agreement, her long white hair rolled down her shoulders and landed softly on the immaculately cleaned wooden floor in the Kanetsukage's office. Anywhere else, and the girl wouldn't have let her beautifully long surreal white hair touch the ground, but here in Cornelia-sama's office, nothing within the whole village could be considered more clean.

She looked up from the floor to look into her kage's eyes as she responded in an even tone.

I believe in a righteous fervor known only as passion, if my actions are questionable- they had the purest of attentions.

It was true enough, her actions had been of the purest intentions, brutalizing bandits, thugs and perverted old men who dared to touch a woman's body. She had even went against two SPC Jounin and proved a fair challenge but ultimately lost, she had been too inexperienced and was now reconsidering her actions in a better light. Becoming a Chuunin would grant her a larger stepping stone to ascend to supremacy; she was eager, but she contained her mirth- this was a solemn and important ceremony for the Kanetsukage. Promoting a Genin to Chuunin offered her village more fighting force and overall income of revenue and requests from other villages.
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PostSubject: Re: Cornelia & Vex(Promoton to Chuunin)   Sun Mar 30, 2014 8:35 am

The Kanetsukage stood in front of the girl, no, the woman in front of her on equal ground and eye to eye as she gave her retort. She would let a moment of silence fill the room before letting a small curve in the side of her lip form as she would turn around and walk back to her seat, sitting down and placing her hand onto the top of the kage hat, the village insignia facing Vex "Vex Xanadu. I, Cornelia Mogami, Kanetsukage of the land hidden in the storm, hereby proclaim in both verbally and officially: Hence forth, you shall no longer be considered a junior ninja but a Journeyman Ninja, a Chunin in both title and rank and all responsablities that goes with it."

She would then reach over and remove a paper that was set off to the side by itself, that held a picture of the kunoichi before her and a list of missions she had done and other miscellaneous things and with a quick motion, she would sign her signature at the bottom of the page in fluent and elegant handwriting to officially finalize the process. She would then look to the female ninja "Congratulations miss Vex Xanadu."
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PostSubject: Re: Cornelia & Vex(Promoton to Chuunin)   

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Cornelia & Vex(Promoton to Chuunin)

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