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 The wanderer

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Kyo Uchiha
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PostSubject: The wanderer   Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:30 pm

Good afternoon (if you are GMT+1 like me) everyone, my name is Tomas Elliot, and I am a wanderer. Before narrating the history of my travels around the internet, however, I think it would be polite, on my part, to share some basic information about myself.

I am an italian university student, who is happily engaged to a wonderful girl who, however, lives quite far away from me for reasons that involve her studies. This has an unfortunate side effect: since I am separated from my girlfriend for quite long periods, and since university in Italy is organized in a way that piles up all exams in very short periods (january-february and june-july), in this time of the year I find myself with a lot of time in my hand. And being a dreamer (and a fan of jap stuff), I tend to space out.

I love roleplaying. I have always loved roleplaying. I also love Naruto and anything that has to do with ninjas. I used to be part of some communities in my mother language a while back, but lately I have grown tired of italian stuff, so I decided to set out to find a good, international forum where to share these passions of mine, and focus my spacing out a little in the process. And my experiences around the web, during this search of mine, where absolutely dreadful. As I have other things to say, I'll put the tale of my misadventures in spoilers, feel free to skip it.


And now here I am. All I am asking for is to be allowed to roleplay as an Uchiha, since I have always loved the Sharingan and I have never had the chance to roleplay with it. If there are requirements to meet, I'll meet them, I am pretty confident in my roleplaying abilities, having a 10 years experience of roleplaying behind me. I have also been the boss of a wrestling e-fed, so I have developed this tendency to elaborate long-term storylines to maximize character development (this very post, as long as it is, should kinda prove that).

I want to share my passion with polite, respectful people with whom I can have a good time, chat, have fun, and enjoy a real community life that goes beyond the mere roleplay. I am a very respectful guy, so all I ask is to receive the same respect I give. I haven't had the chance of meeting anyone from the site yet (I waited in the chatbox for a while, but nobody showed up, despite many registered users being online...), but I do hope I will find the kind of environment I am so desperately seeking.

To be absolutely honest, I have found such a place in one of the associates of this forum, Tales of the Shinobi (it is there that I found the link to this place), but unfortunately they too have restriction on Uchihas, and on top of that the vaste majority of their users live in timezones that are far away from mine, so it is very hard for me to find active people to chat and roleplay with when I go there. So yeah, I won't be leaving that place because they have some nice people, but at the same time I wanted to check out new places, to make new experiences and meet as many people as possible: sooner or later, I'll make my little, insignificant dream come true, and this seems a nice, little relatively young (if the fact that all the seb-section about forum-wide plots are empty is of any indication) where to give it another try. I can handle being part of more than a community a time with my current timetable, so it won't be a problem.

LONG STORY SHORT: I am a kind, respectful guy who is looking for other kind, respectful guys to share a passion with, roleplay a lot, build relationships, and possibly roleplay as an Uchiha while at it. Activity, politeness and friendliness are all I am looking for. I also tend to be carried away when talking/writing, which leads me to turn everything I touch into a wall of text, but maybe you have already noticed that.

What else remains to be said? Oh yeah: as mentioned earlier I am GMT+1, also I am unable to access the internet during week-ends because of personal issues. I am also in the process of writing a Yugioh-themed fanfiction (I happen to be part of a Yugioh-themed roleplay forum) and, as I said, I have a sweet-yet-demanding girlfriend I need to see from time to time, and exams to prepare, so I might have free time issues at some point. So yeah, I thought that whoever who is going to roleplay with me should know these things, to get an idea of when I can be online.

One last thing: when talking to me in OOC discussions or in chat, you'll notice I use japanese honorifics to adress the people I am talking to. Don't worry, I am not dumb or nuts, I am simply starting to get use to the behaviour of my character, as I already have an idea in mind...

I'll now end this insanely long post. If you made it this far, congratulations. Sorry for boring you all ;-;
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Male Posts : 1428
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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: The wanderer   Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:41 pm

Like I greeted you in the chatbox, but I wanted to say it again. Welcome to Legacy, please feel free to ask me any questions you might have or suggestions you deem beneficial. Having an active and experienced RPer like you using the Uchiha to its full potential will b something to enjoy watching, maybe sometime down the road we can RP together :D
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The wanderer

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