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 Hurricane Chronicles: A Naruto RPG

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PostSubject: Hurricane Chronicles: A Naruto RPG   Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:52 am

The Hurricane Chronicles RPG has a new home!

I'm looking for members to play temporary roles as Kage, Jinchuriki, and Anbu Black Ops leaders alongside their own primary characters! Grab the opportunity to lead one of the five main villages and those of the minor countries as well!


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PostSubject: Re: Hurricane Chronicles: A Naruto RPG   Fri Apr 18, 2014 12:06 am

Sexy new banner and overall layout :)

The seat of Hokage has thus far been claimed! That leaves Raikage (Kumogakure), Mizukage (Kirigakure), and Kazekage (Sunagakure) available!

Stop by a message me if you're interested in running one of the five great villages!
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PostSubject: Re: Hurricane Chronicles: A Naruto RPG   Fri May 09, 2014 7:01 am


Kuba Togai
躯場 咎井
Togai, the Immortal

Renown through the world as "Togai, the Immortal," the eighth head of the Kuba clan was one of the legendary figures of his time responsible for bringing together the many displaced clans throughout the Land of Earth in order to form the Hidden Rock. Famed for his immense strength and seemingly inhuman durability, the dogged Togai manned his post as First Tsuchikage of the village for three decades before his passing, founding the principles of the Will of Stone and the core ideals of toughness and that guide the shinobi of Iwagakure today.


Yara Yosuke
屋良 洋右
Monkey Sage Yosuke

Embodying the hardened will of his predecessor, the second Tsuchikage earned his place in history long before taking on the mantle of one of the five great shadows of the shinobi world; known for his otherworldly chakra reserves, Yosuke singlehandedly managed to capture the Four-Tailed Monkey before becoming its first jinchuuriki. One of the few hosts to have fully controlled the beast sealed within them, he forever solidified the country's military strength among the five major countries.

Soon after working as the right arm of the great Togai, Yosuke was unanimously chosen in the stead of the deceased first and proved to be the unifying force that pulled together the many contentious groups within the Hidden Rock to foster the peace enduring to this day.

The cost of this peace, however, would be the steady fragmenting of the village's economy and overall stability. It would be the task of his eldest progeny and predecessor to pick up the pieces.


Yara Yuuji
屋良 雄治
"Yuuji of the Great Spear"

Inheriting the role from his father, Yuuji has taken to re-forging the bonds between the Hidden Rock and its many clients who have taken to exploring other resources for contracts and other services once controlled by the village.

The heart of the aloof man is deeply embedded in the village, despite his distant demeanor. He is rarely seen outside his residence in the central structure of the village, working tirelessly toward bolstering every facet of the village in an attempt to help Iwagakure gain its former renown.
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PostSubject: Re: Hurricane Chronicles: A Naruto RPG   Sun May 18, 2014 7:29 am

Finalized system for tailed beasts and jinchuuriki. Interested in snagging one of them? Sign up, app up, and we'll see!

Quote :
Tailed Beasts & Jinchuriki
Jinchuuriki are revered alongside the Kage of their respective village as the pinnacle of the village's military might, and are especially valuable. As such, those chosen as the hosts of extraordinary power must be especially exceptional themselves.

In each village, jinchuuriki are chosen for their special characteristics including having a particularly strong chakra and certain intangibles alluding to the potential to eventually control the beast. Whatever life the host once knew is forever changed upon taking on this responsibility; no longer guaranteed the freedom of any other ordinary citizen or shinobi, the jinchuuriki is often permanently bound to the village as its primary guardian.


After having the tailed beast sealed within them, the host player gains another stat category: Control. Control is measured as a percentage, always beginning at 0% upon becoming a host.

Host players can increase the Control stat by facing the tailed beast within their subconsciousness. Through ritual, a portion of the beast’s power is separated from the beast and pitted against the player who must defeat it and absorb its unique chakra. At maximum, the amount of chakra separated from the beast may only be up to twice that of the host player’s in each instance.

The percentage increases based on how much of their beast’s Chakra is absorbed. Each tailed beast has a standard Chakra level of 100,000. Upon absorbing this chakra, the host is considered to have completely controlled the beast. These events, called Control Bouts, may only be attempted once per month. Hosts face the tailed beast, which is played by another player designated as the official user of the beast.

This process is dangerous, not only for the host but for all those involved in the process; the host’s physical body undergoes steady transformation the longer the process takes.

After five rounds, their body is steadily enveloped by the initial tailed beast cloak. After ten rounds, the body is enveloped by the second version of the tailed beast cloak. After twelve rounds, the third cloak manifests and the physical body of the user breaks the bindings applied by those involved in the ritual, with the host’s physical body then going berserk.

Unless the host can defeat the tailed beast within them, the ritual may be stopped before their physical body does too much damage, resulting in a failure for the bout. However, this level of tolerance may vary from village to village.

Using Tailed Beast Chakra:

Upon accessing tailed beast Chakra, the user gains a separate pool of Chakra that is expended at the same rate as their own Chakra. Simply, this means that 1% Tailed Beast Chakra is equal to 1% Chakra.

Initially, hosts are able to empower most techniques by a maximum of 5% Tailed Beast Chakra. As their Control increases, so too does this percentage; for every 10% Control gained, the maximum Tailed Beast Chakra usable per technique increases by 1%, capping at 15%.

While presenting the host with a great advantage, overindulging in the usage of Tailed Beast Chakra can come at a high cost.

Each instance in which the player uses Tailed Beast Chakra, the beast extracts equal that amount of Chakra from the host for itself. Upon reaching 25% Control, this amount decreases to three-quarters. At 50% Control, the amount decreases to one-half and then one-quarter at 75% Control. At 100% Control, this siphoning disappears altogether.

Additionally, the more this separate pool of chakra is diminished, the greater the pull the beast has over the host. Using more than one-quarter of the Tailed Beast Chakra available and the host will begin to suffer bouts of control from round to round until losing complete control.

This can be alleviated by increasing the Control stat. After reaching 25% Control, the user can expend half of the beast’s Chakra without suffering any debilitations. At 50% Control, this extends to three-quarters and, at 75% Control, the host has gained sufficient control to have suppressed the negative emotions flooding the beast’s tainted chakra.
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PostSubject: Re: Hurricane Chronicles: A Naruto RPG   

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Hurricane Chronicles: A Naruto RPG

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