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 Shrine Detail {Event Mission}

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PostSubject: Shrine Detail {Event Mission}   Fri May 09, 2014 3:31 am

Name: Shrine Detail
Difficulty: D
Location: Heiwagakure
Reward: 5,000 Ryo
Experience: 25 Experience
Objective: Obtain information about why the village became visible while cleaning.
Description: You are requested to help the little shrine maiden girl to clean Heiwagakure's many statues inside their temples and around the edges of the village. Use this time to ask her about her village and try to find out why their village suddenly appeared.

NPC: Akari the shrine maiden
Shrine Maiden.:
Akari the shrine maiden was busy, cleaning a state. "I wish someone was here to help me. Or at least somebody here would wants to talk." Akari quietly said with a wearily smile and tried expression written on her face. The poor woman seem exhausted for washing so many statues by herself. You see, Akari duty as a shrine maiden is to clean Heiwagakure's many statues inside their temples and the statues scatter around the edges of the village. Akaari really did enjoy her duty but she just wish someone could offer her a helping hand at least once. Akari pull out a shame fan been to cool herself down. As she look around the empty temple she spot a another female, that she seem to be around the same age as her, Akari smiled coyly, as she part of her fan to cover the mouth. The female was cute and exotic looking to her. She rumors of foreign ninja roaming the streets. It seems as if Miroku was successful in his effort to gather aid for their village. "Hey there are you here to pray, mediate or maybe both of them?" Akari said kindly with a hint of sensually as she flutter her eyebrows at the foreign ninja, who name was Yuri.

Yuri didn't knew Heiwagakure well and was merely wondering around the village in searching for a way to help the people and prove to them that her intentions where pure. When Yuri first enter the village, people instantly watch her, as the whisper and took quick glances at her, some those looks of mistrust, in which could understand. They village was sack and loot from criminal lowlife from outside their village, so it was expected. Yuri also got more then few perverted looks, due her revealing clothing. If you were to compare what Yuri was wearing to what the women of this village was wearing. It clear the Yuri clothes were more revealing and show off more of body. Finally she received looks of curiosity due to her being a new face around here. Yuri introduced herself as a ninja from the hidden moon village and ask people if she could help them.  After several minutes passed and asking over thirty people, Yuri overheard about the shrine her job to clean all the statues in the village. Yuri saw that there many statues and decided to seek out this woman and help her. So Yuri search the village until she find a temple and step inside of it. Quickly Yuri attention was drawn to Akari, who in Yuri opinion was quite attractive., when Akari ask her why she was here, Yur shook her head and started to reply. "I'm here to help clean the statues?" Yuri smiled and watched as Akari, tilted her head, examine Yuri's body before walking up to her and grab her hand. "Akari stare into Yuri's eyes, as if she looking right into Yuri soul. Yuri felt a bit nervous but did her best to hide it. Akari stare at Yuri for a few more moments before she smile. "Your intentions are pure, I can sense the light and pureness inside your heart." Akari step back and walk towards the back of temple, using her hand to signal Yuri to follow her. As the walk towards the back of the temple. Akari told Yuri what they needed to do. Also they both took the time to greet and tell each other names.

Fast forward a few moment and Yuri was cleaning the statues inside the temple. Yuri had a bucket of warm water and mop to clean the statues that were taller than her. Yuri wash each statue thoroughly, making sure that each of the eight statues inside the temple were clean enough that she could see her reflection in them. Akari try on multiple occasions to  help, But Yuri insisted that Akari take break, which Akari was grateful for. Akari sat down on the ground and watch Yuri clean. There was a comfortable silence until Yuri decided to ask Akari more about her village. Once Yuri mentioned Miroku named (the messger), Akari decided to reveal more information about her village as Yuri was working on cleaning her fifth statue.

"Yuri, The Hikarikage's role in Heiwagakure is to expel negative feelings. So when our village was at war,   He had stretched his hand over the battlefield and cast a powerful jutsu with the help of his priests that plunge the harted from our foes hearts. " Akari paused for moment and look down at ground quickly before she look back at Yuri. "But there was nowhere for the hate to go once it was released. So the darkness gathered on the battlefield and assumed the form of a demon and slaughter everyone. The demon was near unbeatable until Hikarikage could stand no more and used his power to imprison the demon inside a holy tome, a book erected in Heiwagakure most holy temple. The Hikarikage lost his life that day. As you can see the stautes are made in his honor." Akari seem sad, which caused Yuri to lay her mop on a staute and hug Akari. "I'm sorry for your lost" Yuri rub Akari back soothingly for a few seconds before break the hug. "Thank you Yuri and don't be sorry. It was his duty. There are more statues in the village to clean."  

For most of the day, Akari show Yuri around the village, giving her a tour while at the same time make stops every so often to clean the statues. Yuri could see why Akari look tried when they first met. Yuri already had to clean twenty more statues scatter around the village. The sun was setting a Yuri was working on the final statue in that was located in the center of the graveyard. Yuri grunted as she scrub the golden statute down, wiping the dirt off of it. "So Akari how did your village remained hidden for so long and why has it appear?" Yuri ask as she was scrubbing the head of the statute. 'You see a barrier was put up after the war, to keep our village safe but for some reason the barrier has fail and no one knows why." Akari said as she walk around the statute and nodded her head. "Thank you Yuri you done a good done helping me today. I hope everyone from your village is helpful like you." Akari smile as she kiss Yuri on the cheek and lead her back to the temple. Yuri blush slightly which cause Akari to giggled. "I sure you must be sleepy after working for so long. You are welcome to stay here." Akari bow as she put the cleaning supplies back and guide Yuri to a spare room. Yuri simply shook her head and lay in the bed and watch Akari close the door. Yuri look up at the ceiling as she process the new information she gotten from Akari. The parts were coming to together but Yuri need more information. Tomorrow, Yuri decided that she will seek out more people to help and maybe they might give her more insight. Yuri yawn as she close her eyes, slowly falling sleep in the temple.

Word Count: 1211 words.
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Shrine Detail {Event Mission}

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