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 Nightly Entertainment {Event Mission}

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PostSubject: Nightly Entertainment {Event Mission}   Sat May 10, 2014 12:44 am

Name: Nightly Entertainment
Difficulty: D
Location: Heiwagakure
Reward: 5,000 Ryo
Experience: 25 Experience
Objective: Entertain the people of Heiwagakure with your jutsu and skills.
Description: The people of Heiwagakure are a peaceful lot, but they want to get to know the shinobi of the outside world. Your Kage has given you a mission to entertain them at a night-time festival. The festival will have many contestants every night, and it will be very exciting. You are required to perform at least three tricks, with or without jutsu.

Akari the Shrine Maiden
Shrine Maiden. Warning Large PIC!:

The Announcer
Yuri was backstage, walking back and forth as she was thinking of multiple ways to entertain the huge gathering of people that show up for a festival. Her Kage order her to do this mission, which Yuri had no problem with considering that she got to work with Akari Yuri was mumbling to herself as was mentally dismissing and creating her plans. "Yuri. Please don't be so nervous. Your leaving marks on the floor!" Akari said in soothing tone as she was sitting on a crate and watch her cute foreign friend struggle. It caused her to giggle as she stood up and poke Yuri in the forehead with her fan, aftering seeing Yuri pace around for so long she figure she better stop Yuri before she damages the floor. Yuri look up with a playful glare as she rub her forehead "Your right. I can do this but...can you help me Akari? I thought of a perfect way to " Yuri nervously ask the sexy shrine maiden. "Sure, since you help me." Akari patted Yuri's cheek before the both of them could hear the announcer call Yuri towards the stage. What Yuri didn't told Akari was that her plan would involve some steamy scenes. Yuri thank her perverted novels for giving her the idea but Yuri would save that for last.

"Our final contestant for the night comes from the village of Tsukigakure no Sato! Put your hands together for Yuri. Ninja of Tsukigakure! Let see how entertaining she can be, we all known that Yuri has a heart of Gold! She was she yesterday helping Akari our shrine maiden! Come on out Yuri!" The annoucer said excitedly as he warm the crowd up for the newcomer. The cowrd was clapping heavily as the Yuri walk onto the stage with Akari by her side. The announcer handled both Yuri and Akari a hand-free mic that the use like a pair of headphones. Once the announcer did that he did two backflips and jump off stage, landing in middle of the audience.
Yuri clear her throat as she began to speak. "Hello people of Heiwagkure! I will blow your minds with the acts I about to perform with the help of my lovely assistant Akari!" Yuri grinned at Akari as she bow to the audience before walking up and kissing Yuri on the cheek. "So what tricks is my cute friend planning to show. Akari playfully teased, causing males in the audience to whistle and shout. Apparently some them want to see some hot girl on girl action, which was funny and maybe a bit ironic since Yuri was planning to crater to their needs, somewhat. "Oh Akari! Remember to keep it PG-13!" Yuri asked with flase shock and at the same time wink at Akari. Akari quickly understood what Yuri was planning. Akari pouted and sighed. "Fine! Just get on your with your tricks!" The shrine maiden said with playful tone, sticking out her tongue.

"I make it up to you after the show! Akari!" There were some males and even a few females drooling at this point. Yuri rub the back of head, she was glad Akari was getting into her role. Yuri look at the crowd as she perform her first Jutsu. Making eye contact with the crowd, Yuri use a genjutsu to that made people in the audience think they were teleport towards a difference area. The crowd didn't went anywhere, Yuri simply made genjutsu affect their vision, as claps and gasps could be heard Yuri chuckled. "How did we get into the desert? Is it me or is it getting hot in here? Akari what do you think?" Yuri use her hand as a fan to cool herself down, despite not being overheated. Akari look around in amazement, there was sand everywhere. The Sun was high in the sky. Akari spun around as she look at Yuri, with a curious glance. "Hm? I said it both." Akari wink as she walk behind  and whisper in her ear, but since Akari was wearing a mic, everyone could hear her. Yuri fought off a blush as she saw some men having nosebleeds.

Yuri then lay her head on Akari's neck and whispered, something into her ear, Yuri trun off their microphones for a few moments. After a mintune of talking about them have their mics back on. Yuri was grinning as she was about to end her performance with two final Jutsu. Akari let go of Yuri and took a few steps back. "Oiroke no Jutsu " Yuri shouted as she form the ram hadnsign and soon Yuri was completely hidden by white smoke and she shouted out another name for a Jutsu. "Bunshin No Jutsu" The audience gasp and cover their mouths as they waited for the smoke to clear. Akari let out small laugh as she use her fan to blow away the smoke, Akari mouth slightly drop as she blush a deep red, her face was almost as red as her clothes. There was a collective gasp as everyone in the audience saw three Yuri, two the Yuri(s) were clones but what even made the audience gasp even more, was that all three of Yuri(s) were completely in nude, Yuri naughty parts where cover up with a layer of smoke, The real Yuri wink at the audience as she walk, sling her right arm around Akari , looking her in the eyes before she kissing her, Akari. Yuri name did stand for Girl's love and now she was performing what she call fan service . Since the audience was mostly male. Yuri ended the genjutsu she had earlier as her two clones disappeared. After few more mintes of heated kissing, Yuri and Akari look at the audience. The majorty of the male audience and surprising part of the female audience had nosebleeds!

"I think we have a winner!'"
The drooling announcer shout out as he use a tissue to wipe his nose . Good lord he never saw anything that hot before and it seem that the audience agreed with him as people stood up and clap for Yuri and Akari. The applause was deafening, as the coward was rooting for an encore. Yuri and Akari both bow as they walk off the stage. Once they were off stage, you could hear several bodies drop from the ground for blood lost and pleasure overdoes. Yuri end her sexy Jutsu and return back to her normal self. "I think that went over well." Akari nodded in agreement as she leaned on Yuri. "You promise me something after the show. Remember?" Akari look at Yuri, with a coy smile that made Yuri gulped. "Right!" Akari happily sighed as the two of them went to the back of the building to receive their rewards for being in the contest.

Word Count: 1141
Charka: 80/100 (Didn't see how much charka E-Jutsu(s) use.)
Jutsu used
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Nightly Entertainment {Event Mission}

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