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 Plot Mission! An Unusual Suspect {PLOT MISSION }

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PostSubject: Plot Mission! An Unusual Suspect {PLOT MISSION }   Sun May 11, 2014 10:00 pm

Name: Plot Mission! An Unusual Suspect
Difficulty: D
Requirement: Complete 2 event missions
Location: Borders of Kusamuragakure
Reward: 10,000 Ryo
Experience: 35 Experience & 1 bundle of kunai
Objective: Investigate the suspicious character camping on the borders of Kusamuragakure.
Description: Shinji has camped in a secluded spot on the edge of Kusa's borders. He is relaxing and having a warm meal by a small fire. You are to approach and make small-talk with the young monk apprentice to see who he his and what he is doing so far away from his people. He will explain he is an "exile" but won't go into too much detail as to why and will not reveal that he has a unusual book hidden in his tent.

Music (I couldn't resist): https://youtu.be/kr8-E8may2Y
It was as hot and humid as normal within the forests of Kusamuragakure.  Yuri, new to the area and wiping sweat off of her forehead, made her way through the dense jungle to try and map out and learn as much as she could about the area even if she wasn't planning to be here for long. Yuri might have to come here again, so it was best if Yuri familairze herself with the terrain now. Yuri look at her sleeveless shirt (some might call it half a shirt) and raise an eyebrow, maybe  she shouldn't have worn a white cropped top, not did it show off most of her midriff , her sweat was making the material see-through, but on the other hand, it did offer Yuri higher mobility and it went well with her sexy jutsu. The choices a ninja has to make.

Getting permission from the Kage, Yuri was able to travel to the borderlands of Kusamuragakure. After talking with her new friend the shrine maiden and the contestants from the festival, Yuri learn that a Heiwagakure monk was seen camping out in Ksamuragakure. Yuri was unsure of why's the hidden jungle village own ninja weren't assign this task but at the same time she didn't care, this was a prime opportunity to prove herself in the eyes of her village. In fact, Yuri was surprised that her Kage only sent her, a fresh genin for this task, maybe this was his way of showing Yuri that he has the upmost fate in her abilities. "I will not fail this mission,  for the honor of my clan and my village." Yuri pleaged mentally as she quicken her pace, leaping from branch to branch, Yuri constantly scan the area looking for signs of someone camping, As the sun was setting and night was approaching. Yuri in the distance could see a smoke, that either meant the someone had a campfire going or some idiot start a jungle fire. Yuri quicken her pace, who knows how long the smoke will be there. Yuri didn't take the time to admire the environment around her, as the distance between her the smoke was shrinking with each passing moment, as Yuri got closer to the source of the smoke, she was to see a man sitting around the fire, the man was clearly tried, maybe this was the monk she was looking for. Yuri stop moving as she land on a branch that was seven feet in front of the stranger. Yuri thought about leaping down but decide agasaint it for now, she had the high ground and want to keep it that way, at least until she felt safe in the presence of the monk. Yuri loudly clear her throat to get the attention of the man beneath her.

Shinji, the who named was unknown to Yuri at the moment look up as her saw a young female standing on a tree branch. She didn't seem to be form his village, he could easily tell from her attire but at the same time, he knew she wasn't from this village either. Shinji since he been in exile has watch the people of this place from a distance. "Let me guess, you looking for me. Well you found me. My name is Shinji, now come sit by the campfire and enjoy some fish I cook."  Yuri thought about it and decicded to jump off the branch and land next to the fire, the fish did smell good, so she took a stick that held a fish on it and took a bite out of it. "So why are you out here and not back in your village?" Yuri happily munch on the fish, as she waited for Shinji to answer. Shinji look at the girl and sighed. "I could ask you the samething?" Yuri raised an eyebrow, it didn't look like she was going to get much out of him, as Yuri ate she notice the tent behind Shinji and saw a strange book but Shinji voice quickly snapped her out of her thoughts. "I was exile, there isn't much to talk about." The young monk look at the night sky, the stars were shinning brightly this even. Yuri and Shinji sat there in near silence for nearly an hour, every time Yuri try to get information from him, Shinji merely repeated himself or gave vague answers. Yuri was becoming more frustrated until luck seem to turn into her favor, she notice Shinji has dozed off. Taking the chance Yuri tiptoe pass the sleeping man and enter his tent, she look around the tent looking for anything important, she search for a few minutes until she notice a book hidden under a pile of clothes, the book was something Yuri never seen before, unusual in design and shape, Yuri put the book back in its hiding place before she silently exited the tent, before she left the tent she also took a scroll that were leaning on the tent. She could her Shinji snoring, went nothing else to be gain, Yuri silently sprinted out of the jungle and made her way back to Heiwagakure. The meeting with Shinji was uneventful, she didn't gain much information.


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Plot Mission! An Unusual Suspect {PLOT MISSION }

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