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 Mission: Rumbling in the storm.

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PostSubject: Mission: Rumbling in the storm.   Sun May 11, 2014 11:09 pm

Name: Rumble in the Storm
Difficulty: B
Location: Boufuugakure no Sato
Reward: 30,000 Ryo
Experience: 100 Experience
Objective: Head to Fenrir's Grove and there you will have to search for a petty thief and assassinate them.
Description: Fenrir's Grove is a dark place that not much of anything can be seen once inside. As of late, thieves have taken it upon themselves to take what they want from the village and think themselves safe inside the Grove and the number of thefts are starting to grow more and more with each one that gets away. Kill any thief you come across unless they comply to turn themselves into Hel's Playground but we suspect they will resist.

The Grove

Fenrir's Grove, as it was most commonly called and most well known for- it had another name though, a name less common and even less known or used. Thief reprieve. More or less it was an inside joke used by thieves to hide and out-weight would-be searchers: it was the perfect place to ambush unsuspecting trackers or shinobi would had wanted to receive a reward for apprehending the number of thieves. It was widely known that a bounty was on the thieves' heads in the Grove... but lately shinobi willing to tke on this task had become less and less. So much less in fact, that the thieves had become bold enough to steal publicly and retreat to their "haven"

The kage and council finally had had enough of these thieves and the complaints of the citizens; the mission orders were changed and now the bounty was for the thieves dead or alive. Personally, apprehending thieves was not in Vex's top ten of most favorite time passers... though she needed the ryo and now the mission had allowed her to kill the thieves if necessary. It was always necessary to kill the thieves in her opinion: those who preyed on others for financial dependency and misfortune were the lowest of low. It was much better and more respectable to kill the person you planned to rob- that way they at least didn't suffer the grief of a slow death from starvation or a homeless disease. These thieves would have to beg for their lives if they planned to surrender... and that was before she planned to use her weapons.

If she had to use either weapon, it was almost assured that the thieves would not come out of the grove in one whole piece... alive if that even. She contemplated on whether she would use Wrath or Chastity today... she had used Wrath a lot lately and could feel the mental strain of insanity creeping in on her weak mind: she needed a break from that psychotic blood lust for today... so she decided then that she would use Chastity. It was an unique sword... an Uchiwa fan really, a giant bladed fan, light weight but durable and more sturdy than most normal metals. She had blocked bare fists with the flat of the fan and crushed bones upon impact.

The real power of this fan lied dormant within its unique form: the fan had the power to bolster jutsu by 2 ranks of the initial cast. An opponent expecting a C Rank fireball would be caught off-guard by an A Rank inferno. It was a valuable ability, although it cost quite a large amount of chakra to upkeep this ability.

She hadn't actually used the fan's ability much, just enough to be proficient with it: she would have to be careful on how quickly she spent her chakra in dealing with these bandits. Their battle skills are unknown, mostly they just grabbed precious valuables and had a knack for escaping. So Vexxy~~ How do you plan to catch and force these thieves to surrender? Or perhaps... do you plan to kill them before they get a chance?

It was a valid question... If the thieves sensed her as hostile and decided to flee, she wouldn't be able to kill them all...erh catch them rather. I'll think of something.. Likely I will just slice of their legs from the knees down so they can't escape.

It was a dry humored joke to her spirit Wrath, but both knew the high likelihood that the thieves would die from cardiac arrest from having their legs sliced off. It was enough of an indicator to tell Wrath that she cared  not at all if the thieves were dead or alive. Likely she would kill them even if they begged for their lives.

The wind shifted suddenly and became somewhat stale; this area was the entrance to Finrir's grove. As much as she disliked the idea, Vex made a few handseals and a poof of smoke concealed her as she re-emerged in a male form. From all appearances, she looked rough and questionable in nature. She wore a black bandanna on her head and a silver torn sleeveless jacket and jeans as well as a pair of black leather boots:  scar ran down her left cheek and her hair was a long silver color that reached down the the bend of her back.

She traveled for a few more minutes before feeling eyes upon her, finally the den had noticed her and had taken interest in her "male" presence. She couldn't help but smile to herself as three men appeared suddenly from a nearby bush. They crossed their arms and stood in her way, as if to bar her entrance from their hideout- their error was just now revealing themselves though, she could easily enough guess that the trapdoor to their hideout was just on the other side of the bushes. Mister,  don't know what you're doing around here.. but you are not welcome. Leave before you get yourself hurt.

It was a warning, as friendly and subtle as possible... but Vex was never good at being threatened, even if in her best interest.Ohhh, My bad... did I stumble onto some questionable male conduct? I'll just leave and no one will be none the wiser about your orientation preferences. Her words startled the three men as they dropped their guard and looked round at each other to see if their appearance truly made it seem like they were partaking in indecent male bonding. That was her plan, right as they dropped their guard, Wrath came up: the man on the left looked inwards at the center man and didn't even notice the sword coming.

The man in the middle looked in the direction of the man on the left and saw a wide thick blade lodged into the skull of his compaction. He jumped startled and turned to his other ally for assistance, only to find his remaining friend slide in half at the waist and his torso fall to the ground as his legs were still standing. Blood splattered his and Vex from both sides and only he tensed up at the sickening feeling of having the life fluids drenching him and invade his nostrils and flood his taste with a sickening sweet iron taste.

Vex used that moment to lean inwards violently and headbutt the man, he stumbled backwards with a sickening thud as he staggered and held his head in both hands and yelled in agony. He never even saw the sword Wrath come down and lop his head off, all he saw was the last few seconds of his fading eyesight as his head rolled away from his body and he watched his body splurge blood and fall to the ground. Then there was nothing.

Ahhaha! Beautiful Vexxy~ but it seems you've woken up a bee hive beneath us! It was true enough, she could hear movement of heavy footsteps as a group of thieves moved to the trapdoor: she wouldn't give them the opportunity to organize themselves. Being alerted that their allies were under attack was all she had wanted from them, all that remained was to die.

Vex clenched her grip around Chastity as she activated the fan's ability and felt no different from before. in her other hand, she swung Wrath sideways at a downwards angle. A Red netherworld chakra blade erupted from her sword and grew extremely large as it expanded and closed in on the trapdoor. Just as the door opened and two thieves rushed out, side by side- they were completely sliced through and the blade continued deeper into the trapdoor. Several panicked screams and cries of agony were heard before the chakra blade his solid dirt and sent chunks of rock and dirt flying everywhere.

She waited for a few moments and then released the hold on her transformation jutsu: she returned to her original form and continued to gaze at the pile of corpses that hadn't made it out of the trapdoor in time. She used the tip of Wrath to flip bodies and check for survivors; so far there were none... she searched through eight more corpses before she found a survivor: the lone survivor, his left arm was cut off and he was missing a far chunk of the left side of his face. It would be a nasty scar, a permanent reminder of the mistakes the thief made in his life and would not do again.What do you want from us! the thief cried as he held his stumped arm and tried to stop the bleeding face by pressing firmly against his shoulder.

Vex didn't respond at first, she sheathed her weapons and kneeled down to look the thief in the eyes. Do you wish to live? If so, then you're life will be  remainder in prison, a fate deserving of you and your cowardice acts.

The thief abhorred the thought of living the rest of his life in jail, thieves n jail were treated the lowest of the low, right next  to pedophiles. He didn't want to live and tried to convince her to let him go not that he "learned his lesson" She shook her head, there was no escape for him. He wouldn't technically comply to going to jail, so that left Vex with her preferred option. She wrapped her delicate hands around his neck and began to queeze as he started to struggle: he had already lost too much blood to provide any real resistance: still, the idea of him having a chance to survive being choked to death was amusing.

She played with him for a few minutes, choking him until he almost passed out and then releasing her grip to allow him to cough and suck in painful air. Finally she was bored and pressed firmly against his neck and looked him deep into the eyes: the look told him that t was over and he should give up. He struggling relaxed and his eyesight began to fade and his breathless mouth aped open without effort. What was left inside his lug, escaped irresistibly and the lights went out of his eyes. His hands dropped and the survivor was a survivor no more. hahaha! Mission accomplished Vexxy~ No. Survivors.

She nodded her head in agreement with an unchanged face, choking the helpless thief to death did not bother her at all. She had somewhat pitied the fool and granted him a better death than he would have received in the prison. This way she also ensured he couldn't escape somehow later on and hurt someone else. Cold as ice and irrefutable logic, this was the best way to deal with thieves.

Word count- 1,803
Jutsu used-

Her fan Chastity cost 35 chakra to activate as well.
Chakra remaining-D+35=55 chakra: 150-55=95 chakra remaining.
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Mission: Rumbling in the storm.

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