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 Assassination of Dew

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PostSubject: Assassination of Dew   Tue May 13, 2014 10:18 pm

Name: Assassination of Dew
Difficulty: A
Location: Boufuugakure no Sato
Reward: 45,000 Ryo
Experience: 150 Experience
Objective: Kill the target ninja.
Description: It has come to our attention that a rogue samurai has come within the boarders of Boufuugakure but the overall location isn't completely known. It is up to you to find and eliminate this man as soon as possible and by any means necessary, keeping collateral damage to a minimum. This man must die.

She held the brown paperwork in her left hand as she studied the words carefully on it: it was an order from the mission she had accepted- the details were highly important. If she misunderstood or chose the wrong target, she would kill the wrong person and likely forfeit the mission rewards. Killing an innocent person didn't phase her, but she needed the ryo- that was her reason for intent concentration for a successful mission.

There was a certain someone in Tsukigakure that Sheffield wished to get closer to, study and interact with... but Sheffeild couldn't do that as "herself" She needed an identity to work with and build off of, but in order to do that: she needed some time, ryo and a bit of training(on some very unfortunate people) The person she was curious about, was another girl. This girl was from her own clan as well, the Onmyoton and she was showing promising signs as a clan member and talented with genjutsu and assassination. Being from that clan and sharing the same history, Sheffield shared a form of a special bond with this girl she had never even met.

The last thing she wanted was for this girl to fall prey to the same scenarios Sheffield herself had fallen in to: she would have been dead if not for a fellow member of Ouroboros who had saved her. The Ouroboros member had been watching her as a candidate for their group and had taken the opportunity to recruit her when Tsukigakure had sentenced her to death even though she was innocent. It was curious really, Sheffield had been a very important figure in Tsukigakure at a point- she had been blinded by her own power and how brightly she shined compared to her other clan members that she couldn't see the darkness growing in their hearts. A singer, dancer, motivating speaker: these were but a few things she had been well known for in Tsukigakure, people loved to go to her concerts and watch her dance and listen to her sing her requiems.

Now those were just memories, memories that people in Tsukigakure could match her identity to- thus her need for a new legitimate identity that she could operate inside Tsukigakure. For now though, she was operating in other villages, such as this village: Boufuugakure, they were lucky to have a skilled shinobi such as her doing their dirty work for them. Even today, her mission was to assassinate a samurai who was causing trouble inside the village. Lucky for them, assassination was her specialty.

The only stipulation was to keep collateral damage to a minimum, easy enough giving her specialties: just finding this samurai would be the trick! His whereabouts were not exact, just reports of him causing trouble in a general area... it was her duty to track him down and kill him while avoiding as much collateral damage as possible.

After several minutes of studying the mission orders and responsibilities, Sheffield folded up the brown paperwork and stuck it in her "easy pocket". Right down in between her breasts and out of view from others- it was the easiest spot to retrieve the paperwork as well as catch people's eyes to lure them into Genjutsu if necessary... and oh, how easy it was to catch people in Genjutsu with a body like hers. One might be ashamed if they used their body as an advantage like she did; but to her, her body was just another weapon or tool gifted to her during birth. She had been born and raised to become the ultimate weapon for her village and even now she continued to be the weapon they had hoped for... even though they had betrayed her, attempted to kill her and completely tabooed her existence or knowledge about her. Why should she feel remorse for using her body to give her the upper hand in most any situation? She wasn't a hopeless optimist or idealist to cling to the ideas of "purity" or "wright & wrong"

She had her own morals, some high and some lower than others: she held a great respect for her body even though she dressed very lewdly. She knew she was beautiful, a bit vain even in her knowledge of her superior beauty... but she wasn't a fool and wasn't a pushover or a ditsy clueless woman. Her body was the best tool against any male and even a large majority of females; thus why she wore such wild clothing- to catch the attention of others, get their imaginations racing and then use that very imagination against them in the best or worst kinds of ways possible. She felt no remorse or pity for those she deemed worthy of death: no matter their social or personal standings. She was her own master with no one telling her what to do or any power(such as a village) to restrict her movements or social standings.

If anything, being banned and hunted by Tsukigaure had made her a renowned criminal- a notorious title like that gave her a very large amount of pull in other villages, the change and advantage in social respect changed almost over night. Before she had been barely living, staying in the shadows and waiting by silently for her next mission to assassinate someone. Now she was free to go wherever she pleased and not having to worry about staying in the shadows or watching her back to ensure there wasn't a blade poised for her vitals. Many times she had killed her own clan members who had been sent by someone else to assassinate her.

So.. this is the place where the samurai was last spotted? Or rather, the direction he had been headed before people were too afraid to follow him anymore. She spoke out loud to herself as she gazed at the small village before her: it was a quaint village, a smaller prosperous village inside Boufuugakure's borders- it thrived in the protection of the larger village and in turn, travelled there to do business and bring profit to their lands.

Honestly she had little clue how she would locate this samurai unless he actually started causing trouble: by then he would already cause some damage and that would make Sheffield look bad to the village of Boufuugakure. Couldn't have that now, could she? There was a large amount of people in the immediate area of the village; they were all peaceful and talking quietly, which was a surprise to Sheffield- she had assumed she would have to make a commotion of her own to get their attention. This wasn't so.

As soon as she had walked into the village, several heads turned in her direction and some groups even stopped talking: this made things quite easy for her. She brought both hands up in a skilled manner as if she were about to make handseals, but instead, she just clapped. All the people in the immediate area heard her clap and were then trapped inside her Genjutsu; six mist servants appeared and took the appearance of six different civilians around the village. Moments later, the servants materialized and became reality- they blended into the crowds and observed, listened to tidbits of information and casually played off social interaction with anyone who might think they recognized their disguised figures as friends or relatives.

Sheffield was not finished however, while she had all of them under her Genjutsu, she invaded their daydream-like states of mind one by one and began to gleam information as well as subtly influence the villagers to believe specific things and see her actions as that of someone respectable and would not concern themselves or care about what she did in their village. To their knowledge, Sheffield would have already killed the samurai who was causing trouble and they were extremely grateful to her, so much in fact, that they would have their small board of civilian council members send a letter to Boufuugakure that they really appreciated them sending this shinobi to aid them.

She released the Genjutsu on the crowd of people and smiled warmly as they greeted her kindly and then went about their daily lives again: she had gotten as much information as possible from their minds. She collected it all and went to the nearest bar: inside, she ordered a small gourd of sake and sat at a table. Sheffield reached into her cleavage and withdrew the brown paper from her godlike melons and set the brown paperwork flat on the table. She turned the paperwork over and grabbed a pen from a nearby counter and began to write tidbits of information down on the blank side of the paper before she could forget.

Every little detail was important to her, she always strived for flawless missions and she would leave no stone unturned until she had accomplished this goal. Even if it meant she had to use subterfuge. She took a couple healthy swigs of sake before she had managed to write out every bit of information she could remember. Afterwards, she grabbed some napkins, separated information on different napkins and began to move them around the table as she linked information together into coherent thoughts and events.

She sighed in relief as she finally pieced together all of the information she needed: a wide array of napkins with scribblings lay on the table top in a complex montage of brainstorming like a spider web. She stood up with feelings of pride and accomplishment, her ability to gleam information from people's minds without being discovered was flawless. It was a skill she had been practicing for a time now and this was the first time implementing it in field work. She looked down at the napkins and darted from one napkin to the next as she spoke lowly to herself. So, the samurai is in this village. He caused a scene three days ago and has been hanging out in a bar on the other side of town: he has coerced some of the local women to sleep with him by threatening the lives of their families and possessions.

It all made sense to her now, now that she had written out all of the information and manipulated it until it matched perfectly: now onto business. She grabbed the gourd of sake and chugged the half bottle of remaining alcohol before setting the gourd back on the table. She didn't even bother to pay for the sake, to the store owner who had been out on the streets with her and introduced her to the bar, to him- she had already paid for it.

She left that small bar and walked back out into the bright sunlight, people were still casual in their daily lives; she talked to a few of the locals and looked around a bit more at the things the villagers were selling. They were surprisingly peaceful and obedient considering their lives and families had been threatened by the samurai... even those who had been abused by the samurai showed a large amount of control and sublimated their indignity and shame.

Apparently the samurai was very skilled with his katana, enough so that no one dared to raised a hand or even a word of accusation against him. It was a small scale form of tyranny that this samurai had forced down these villager's throats- fortunately for them, Boufuugakure had sent the right shinobi to do the job. Sheffield hardly ever wore the Oruoboros organization robe, although she did keep it sealed in a scroll at her waist for scenarios where she needed it. This was one of those opportunities.

She reached down at her waist with her beautifully delicate fingers and unclipped the button in the pouch holding the scroll and pulled it free. A single handseal released the hold on the robe and freed it from the scroll; she returned the scroll to the pouch and slid her arms into the robe and fulled it close to her body as she straightened out a wrinkle. The Oruoboros organization robe was red and black but no one really knew what it meant or who they were- Sheffield just didn't wear it most of the time because it hid her lustful figure from the eyes of onlookers.

She didn't want to walk right into the bar looking all eye candy and get everyone's attention: she wanted to survey the situation first and then decide on the best way to deal with the samurai. She walked across the village and set her eyes on the building where the samurai was occupying himself- it was the largest bar in the village and the villagers were quietly upset that he had run them out of the bar.

She opened one of the double doors and slipped inside, her dark garbs kept her from being immediately noticed, the lights in the bar were mostly out except where it mattered. Sheffield got the feel that the samurai was comfortable here and was not afraid of the villagers: he had left the building unlocked, likely so the women who he had demanded "attention" from could come and go as he pleased. Even now, Sheffield could count at least eight females catering to the samurai: a few villagers had been allowed inside the bar to discuss the future of the village with him and to be impressed with how he treated the women and they didn't protest.

This was the opportunity Sheffield had wanted, now that some of the villagers were allowed inside, the samurai's attention would be divided between the women and the villagers. She casually strolled across the empty expanse of the large room as she headed in the general direction of the samurai and his "wanna be" harem. One thing I might point out to you, Mr. Samurai... is that a true harem, is a collective amount of bodacious women who want to be there regardless of the other women. Sheffield held out both hands as if pointing to the eight women in the room, some wearing embarrassing outfits, others served him food and drink while the rest danced or did even more lewd things for his amusement. These are not women who want to be here.

It was very true and even as Sheffield verbalized this, the women's eyes fell to the floor in unconscious shame and regret. The samurai's attention was immediately taken in by Sheffield, the strangely robed woman who confidently strolled into his bar and was correcting him on what a harem should be.

His katana was already out, it had been all day, casually leaned up against his large chair he called his "throne" He left it there, he could see that this woman was quite physically "gifted" even though she as wearing a strange robe. And I suppose you know a thing or two about harems? Maybe you want to join my harem and show these women what it is really like? It was more of a statement as he stood up and took a couple steps towards Sheffield.

How careless, he had taken a good number of steps away from his katana and was now inspecting her form from the outer appearance of her robe: she smirked at the thought of any man who thought they could tame her, especially in a harem. She casually reached for the zipper on her Ouroboros robe and unzipped it as she pulled the upper half down to her waist; she revealed her torso to the man, but it was his surprise. Whatever he had been expecting, was not what he saw.

He realized his mistake however, her trained and expert gait and the way her arms moved with practiced skill: she was a shinobi... not some innocent villager who wanted to be in his harem! He couldn't deny the extreme beauty this woman possessed; he tried to play it off casually, but it was obvious he had tensed up and was slowly moving back towards his katana.

He never made it there though, so focused on retrieving his weapon and intent on the idea of defending himself from this strange shinobi woman, he failed to note the villager's movements. His saw them out of the corner of his eye, but his mind registered them as fleeing villagers who were certain a violent fight was about to break out. Sheffield pulled the robe back up and zipped it up to the waist as she watched: her plan finally falling into place.

Six villagers lunged forwards suddenly from around the room, one of them reached the samurai's sword before he could and rushed him. He backpedalled three steps, only to be shanked from behind by another villager with a bread knife. The villager with the katana took the opportunity to plunge the sword straight through the samurai's chest; the other four villagers held weapons like meat cleavers, butcher knives and roller-pins. They proceeded to beat, stab and chop at the samurai until there was nothing left of him except a pile of meat. His screaming had long since died and innocent onlookers around the room watched in horror, too fearful to even move as people they knew violently murdered this man in a sadistic way.

After the deed was done, the six villagers stood up and looked at Sheffield, she nodded to them silently and released the hold on their material bodies. Instantly the six mist servants returned to their original black smoke form and disappeared in the air. Sheffield knelt down, picked up the samurai;'s head and produced a bag she had gotten from the village earlier. She placed the head in the back and walked out of the bar without another word: she left the village without saying anything else to the villagers. Likely, they would be in a confused state at seeing their "friends" murder the samurai, but it had actually been her Genjutsu servants: being that she had the ability to make them reality. Mission accomplished, now... to turn in this filthy man's head.

Word count- 3,017
Name:Ryokō dorīmu(Dream Travel)
Duration:1 Post(maintained for 5 chakra per extra posts)
Cooldown:1 Post
Description:The user casts a chakra synchronized Genjutsu on someone within their range to either cause them a daydream or influences their dreams if already asleep. This jutsu is used for communication VIA dreams long range and for subliminally influencing actions of those unaware. This jutsu is capable of village to village travel if the user has already made chakra-contact with the receiving person, otherwise it is restricted to anyone within the village. The maximum amount of people capable of being involved in one daydream is six members.The more people affected, the more difficult it is to comprehend the chakra signals VIA the Genjutsu- so more people would limit the conversation to small talk.The ability to influence thoughts is strictly limited to the village Sheffield is currently in; she must travel t other villages to affect them. The process of chakra synchronization involves either first casting a Genjutsu on the individual or directly applying her own chakra to their body through physical contact or consumption of food or beverages.

Name:Kasumi Jusha no Jutsu [Mist Servant Technique]
Range:1000 feet max (Sound travels)
Duration:2 Posts
Cooldown:2 Posts
Description:Requiring handseals, this genjutsu starts after the opponent hears the clap after the handseals. The user can creates clones of themselves much like bunshin no jutsu. However, when hit by an attack, rather then puffing away, they act as if they were made of a blackish oil-like liquid, repairing themselves even if fully destroyed. They are able to imitate attacks, though they are only illusions and can’t actually affect their surroundings, and are often used to hide projectiles of the user amongst their own. The user can create far more clones with this then using bunshin no jutsu, able to create over a dozen clones at once even as an Academy Student, and the average Chuunin can create hundreds at once, filling up an entire battlefield with them.

  • Effect: All Genjutsu-based jutsu can either be pure genjutsu or genjutsu materialized. Materialized Genjutsus must have a 1 charge post. A Genjutsu that has already been cast can be materialized after 1 post of charge if the opponent does not dispel it. Genjutsus are cast on foes by a clap of the hands, snap of the fingers or eye contact.

Remaining chakra- 190
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Assassination of Dew

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