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 Training Thread-New Jutsu #2: Holy Cross

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PostSubject: Training Thread-New Jutsu #2: Holy Cross   Mon May 19, 2014 10:52 pm

Name: B.D.S.M Genjutsu: Holy Cross of Sinful Pleasures
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Inton
Range: Short
Specialty: Genjutsu, Kekkai Genkai(Onmyoton Clan)
Duration: 3 Post
Cooldown: 4 Post
Description: Yuri starts the Genjutsu by making eye contact, snapping her fingers and then Yuri will said the words "Holy Cross". After that is said, the opponent fill finds their selves bound on a X cross by their ankles, wrists, and waist in leather cuffs. The opponent is restrained in a spread eagle position. If the genjutsu is materialized, the X-cross becomes real and the cuffs have C-Rank Soul Strength.  If the opponent STR is equal or less than the cuffs, it will take 2 post to break free. If the opponent STR is higher than the cuffs, then it will only take 1 post to break free. (Note this is based on pure physical strength alone.)

•Effect: All Genjutsu-based jutsu can either be pure genjutsu or genjutsu materialized. Materialized Genjutsus must have a 1 charge post. A Genjutsu that has already been cast can be materialized after 1 post of charge if the opponent does not dispel it. Genjutsus are cast on foes by a clap of the hands, snap of the fingers or eye contact.

C-rank - Approved at 35,000 Ryo + 1,000 word training topic

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Special Jounin

Female Posts : 287
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PostSubject: Re: Training Thread-New Jutsu #2: Holy Cross   Mon May 19, 2014 11:25 pm

It was midnight in the village hidden by the moonlight. When you think about the name, you have stop for a moment and wonder how a village could hide in light, Yuri often thought about this often. Usually light is use as a source to reveal secrets not hide them right? Anyways as the moon shine brightly in the sky, most people in the hidden moon village would be asleep in their beds right now, experiencing wonderful dreams or horrible nightmares. While in their slumber, these people entrusted their safety to the ninjas who preformed nightly patrols in and around the hidden moon village. Night time is a ninja best friend's and to the Onmyoton clan's it was best to stick in the shadows, the clan was highly secretive of their Jutsu and Bloodline ability, which was call Onmyoton of Yin-Yang Release. Unlike most ninja who surprising do their training out in the public training areas around the village, Onmyoton's ninjas do the vast majority of their training in the safety of the Onmyoton compound, in fact in was written rule that any training of new abilities must been done in the Onmyoton compound or face the risk of death for foolishly revealing the secrets of Onmyoton clan.

On the table in front of her, Yuri had two books open as she look through each one. The first book she looking at was the 7th edition of the Icha Icha Series, Icha Bondage: 'The Pleasures of Pain.' , the second book was about a little black book label. 'Bondage for Beginners' and the third and final book she had out on the table was a large pink book called 'Romance for dummies! That means you!' That last book always did got a laugh from her. "Let's what we have here, Saint Andrew's Cross!" Yuri place a hand on her cheek, as she flip the page of the black book. "The Andrew's cross also know as Crux decussate or the X-Cross is a common piece of equipment use in BDSM Dungeons. Interesting concept, I hope I'm not become a sadist or a masochist. That wouldn't be good." Yuri entertain the thought of herself in a Dungeons being tied by her mistress. The thought did have its appeal but if Yuri was going to let anyone be her mistress, she would to trust them completely. Also this wasn't the time to be thinking about her sex life. She had research and training to do. "The Crux decussate, oh god I love that name, typically provides restraining points for ankles, wrists, and waist. When someone is secured to the Crux decussate, the subject is restrained in a spread-eagle position, a popular position in bedroom bondage due to how it leaves the submissive vulnerable to various  mature acts. Wow that a bit kinky but I do need way to keep my opponent from moving around to much. Hehe, on man I have a truly perverted mind but I don't mind. In fact I no shame in admitting to people that I'm a pervert." Yuri giggled to herself as she flip the page and contained to read out aloud, it was a good thing her parents were sleeping or they might have freak out. "The people in the spread eagle  has his or her arms outstretched and legs apart, figuratively resembling an eagle with wings spread or in for a better example think of a human "X". Okay I got the basic conpect in mind, now I just need to put in practice but who to test this on?" There was zero chance that Yuri would ask someone from her family to help her, that would be extremely awkward and uncomfortable. With no other choice Yuri figure she could test out her new genjutsu on herself, hopefully no one with perverted thoughts would catch her in such a vulnerable position. If they do I hope it be a sexy female and not some fat dude. Yuri cringle at the thought of some fat guy touching her.

"In the future if I going to based more my genjutsu on bondage, I think I going to need someone else to assist me or learn how to the shadow clone jutsu, whatever comes first. Training like this needs more than one person." After Yuri finish talking to herself she got out of her bedroom and headed towards her family's private training area.

Once she got to the training area, Yuri sat on the large rock and quickly got into the louts position. Yuri took a deep breath and then released it, as she close her eyes and begin the process of making a new Genjutsu. Everything was silent around the Onmyoton Chuunin, a small breeze blew some leaves in front of Yuri as she remained as motionless and silent as a stone, Yuri was in total thinking mode or what she like to call it, Focus Yuri mode or Zen mode. The young ninja was gather the element of Inton as an image begin to appeared in her mind. "Holy Cross" Yuri could feel herself coming under the effects of her own genjutsu taking place, a white X-shape cross appear behind Yuri, as her arms and legs slowly started to break away from the lotus position and into the spread-eagle position, Yuri could feel the leather cuffs bound her wrists, waist and ankles to the cross. "Step one and step two has been completed, moving on to the final step." Yuri said clammily as she took a few moments to turn the genjutsu cross into a real one. Once the cross became reality. Yuri tried to break free from the restraints but notice she was having some trouble. "The leather cuffs seem to be somewhat durable. "But I think that if someone stronger than me were caught inside the genjutsu they could easily break out of this. So I better use this genjutsu on people who are physically weak. Yeah." Yuri sighed as she continued to struggle against the restraints and gasped. "Wow it looks I might be stuck here for a while!" Yuri nervously chuckled as she look around area, bound in her own genjutsu made real, hopefully nothing perverted will come. Yuri simply look at the moonlight and continue her struggle for freedom and after about a hour or so, the Chunnin was finally able to break free from the cross, her wrist were sore but beside that she was fine.

Word Count: 1076
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Training Thread-New Jutsu #2: Holy Cross

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