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 Putting On a Show[Mission]

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PostSubject: Putting On a Show[Mission]   Thu May 22, 2014 6:19 am

Heiwagakure, the enigma village near Kusamuragakure; the village that had simply re-appeared one night after having been forgotten by the entire world, now in need of help. They had sent a man, Miroku, out to the many ninja villages of the world, asking for their help in Heiwagakure's time of need. They were a brand new village, and weren't very well defended: it seemed magically re-appearing after many years of not existing was not enough to deter the bandits of the lands. Miroku had needed able shinobi to fight for their cause, as they could not fight themselves. To aid in the defence of a possible future rival, some would argue, was counter-productive, as Heiwagakure could easily stab them in the back, as soon as the bandits were defeated and it was safe. But the people of the village were not like that, and Kyomu was never one for thinking of the negatives.

It was her first night in Heiwagakure, she had arrived only a few hours ago, and had quickly rented a room at a nearby inn to stay during her time in this new village. Miroku had not said if they would be getting any special treatment or accommodation for being foreigners to the village that they were now going to try and save, which is why Kyomu had to prepare for the nights, just in case. But she didn't expect Heiwagakure to be as it was.

Despite being in need of help from bandits and such other issues, the people of Heiwagakure sure had a night life to remember. Lights, every colour of the rainbow and attractions as far as the eye could see, along with various fliers asking for volunteers to enter into a competition: a competition to see who could be the most spectacular of all Heiwagakure. The winner would be rewarded for their assistance, and it said foreigners welcome, so Kyomu just had to join in. Luckily for her, there was no height or age restriction, so all she got were a few odd looks from the public as she picked up the nearest flier off from a nearby post, and took it to the place where she could sign up. There were many other people there, all with strange tricks of their own, and they all showed the people of Heiwagakure just what they could do, from fireworks to strange smelling flowers, each was unique and fascinating for Kyomu to watch from the sidelines, until it was her turn to go up.

As soon as she heard her name, she realised she had no idea what her act was actually going to be. All the others had already decided on what their plan was, but Kyomu had no idea whatsoever, so for a few minutes, as she walked onto the stage and was applauded for her desire to please the crowds, despite being so young, she had a thought. These people were followers of old ways, maybe they did not know of the new styles of battle and jutsu. Maybe, just maybe, they could be won over if Kyomu displayed use of her dazzling techniques. She had a few she had never properly tried out, and they were basic jutsu, so they would hardly take anything out of her to use, and so, with her plan set, Kyomu started on the first part of her three part trick, one that was sure to wow the crowds. She began to use her Flare jutsu, a jutsu of light that was sure to please the people of the Light Village. She would normally throw this at a target but she simply said "I'd close your eyes now if I was you. Just a warning." and did the same herself, before releasing the burst of light and letting it consume her. That was her first trick.

Then, while still in the light for a few more minutes, and without opening her eyes, kyomu used a second Jutsu: Bunshin no jutsu, creating a clone of herself to stand in her exact spot as she used another Jutsu: Henge no Jutsu, to transform into Miroku, as it was the only person she knew from the village that would not draw attention to her. She quickly dotted into the crowds as the Flare evaporated, and clapped the Kyomu standing on the stage for her excellent performance. the crowd wanted more, but this Kyomu was not moving at all, making them all think that was all she could do. they were so very wrong. It took a few moments, but soon people noticed that Miroku had returned, or so they thought. The one they thought was Miroku made a single, dispelling hand seal, causing Kyomu to disappear in a puff of smoke, and then also for Miroku to do the same. Miroku had been on the stage as he did this, but now the only one that stood was Kyomu. the moment everyone realised what had just occurred, they couldn't help themselves but laugh and applaud Kyomu for her expertly planned act. They liked her, she had own them over, and she was given the prize money for winning the competition. She then went home and slept, smiling. Strange flowers and fireworks were cool, but nothing could beat a shinobi.

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Putting On a Show[Mission]

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