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PostSubject: Norimune   Fri May 23, 2014 2:15 am

Clan Information


Bloodline Name: Seion

Bloodline Ability: Seion [Serene]: The mysterious metal ore that is exclusive to the Norimune clan, it is unknown exactly how or why it came to be. The first of the true Norimune, Kyato Norimune named it Seion due to its faint blue colored hue. Its fully capabilities are unknown, but are actively researched and tested by members of the clan. What they do know however is that it naturally absorbs chakra, leading in part to its natural strength and durability, which is slightly greater then that of steel. It is due to this extremely durable, high-quality, and non-magnetic metal that Norimune made weapons are considered to be among the greatest in the world, and the foundation of the Clan's strength.

All norimune have the ability to produce and manipulate this special metal, known as seion, in order to craft weapons in an instant on the battlefield, or whatever else they please, the only exception being that they have, over time, stopped creating armors. Norimune cannot find it within themselves to create armor out of their seion, even if the situation demands it; they would rather just block with a wall of weapons or the broad side of an axe. What exactly the metal is forged into is entirely up to the person shaping it's imagination, however, as the metal can be formed into any non-armor. It can be anything from a simple knife, to a rose, to an anchor. However, the size/amount of seion that can be produced by a norimune is entirely dependent on their mastery of the bloodline. Also, producing and manipulating this seion, without using a technique that is, costs no chakra, as the seion is part of the Norimune's body and they have developed to be able to wield it as naturally as one wields their fists.

At D-ranked mastery, a practitioner can only produce and manipulate up to 3 cubic feet of seion at a time. Any more than this that is created will cause older structures to disintegrate and turn into nothingness.

The amount increases to 5 cubic feet at C-ranked mastery, then to 8 at B-rank, and 15 at A-rank, finally increasing to 30 at S-rank (That's alot of seion). These limits and withering effects only apply to non-technique seion creations, any creations made in a technique will last only as long as the technique does.

Any seion weaponry/items created in this way, not using techniques, is equal in strength to a weapon of the creator's bloodline mastery rank, and thus is as durable, however will fade out on their own at the end of the thread they were created in. Permanent creations can be made using jutsu, or by paying the appropriate price to purchase a weapon/item/whatever of it's supposed rank, meaning in order to make something permanent, the Norimune must apply and pay for it as normal, though they do get a 25% discount for being able to supply the metal themselves.

As master smiths and connoisseurs of craftsmenship, the Norimune make and wield weapons as both a way of war as well as an art form. As such, they are always on the lookout for ideas and inspiration, seeing them in almost everything. More importantly, however, they are always interested in works of other smiths. Norimune also aren't too proud to copy the details of and reproduce things that they see, in an attempt to understand just how it was made and use that technique for themselves. As such, when a Norimune examines a weapon, they gain a perfect understanding of the weapon as well as it's nature. This includes how it works and what it's name is. If they hold the weapon and study it (length set below), they are then able to copy it in the future, making their own version. This ability does not allow the Norimune to copy a weapons unique abilities if the weapon is of S-rank quality; they can only copy the basic form and function of such masterpieces.

At D-ranked capability, this takes 5 full posts of study, and decreases at a rate of 1 post for 1 rank until A-ranked, where it stays at 2-post required study time.

All Norimune also all share the ability to sense seion within 100 meters of them, which really only means that they can sense other members of their clan within that range.

The average weight of Seion is similar to that of steel, at a whopping 500 pounds per cubic foot. However, creations of seion weigh close to nothing to the norimune that made them, so this only matters for the distance that things can be thrown (as their weights will pull them down faster, regardless of the norimune not being hindered), and for the weight of items gifted to other people by the norimune, since they will weigh the appropriate amount for the thread that they exist in. Because of this, any weapons the user owns that are noted as seion creations weigh nothing to the Norimune that made them. The exact perceived weight of the seion by a norimune is (W/100), where 'W' is the weight that the seion would weigh to anyone else.

In every generation, there can be up to 7 'special' norimune. All norimune possess the power of Seion, however these select 7 members are known as the 'nobles' of the clan, and have a special type of seion, selected at character creation. No two members have the same special type of seion, however, and the type must be selected from the list below;

Seion types already taken, and the character each is taken by:


Note: Requirements: In order to utilize join and utilize the abilities of this clan, noble or not, the user MUST have some form of Bukijutsu within their specializations.

Physical Traits: Norimune clan members always have a silverish-white hair due to a reaction between the hair pigments and their estranged DNA, and their body remains a vanilla color no matter how much they try to tan their bodies. Another aspect of each clan member is a birth mark on their bodies, which appears as a star, usually above, or somewhere around, the eye.

Location: Tsukigakure

Clan History:  Though the origin of the Norimune clan is shrouded in the depths of history, both it's recent history and it's founding are known to all of those who know the history of the Norimune Clan. A man known as Kyato Norimune was the founding member of the clan, born with an incredible power in which he couldn't believe existed, however he saw the potential in the kekkei genkai that had been granted to him. Kyato was able to form a foreign metallic ore from his body into his bloodstream so that he could call upon it at any time. He found that he could control the metal in any which way he wanted to, however there were many mysteries he did not know about it. He created the Norimune Clan for the few who were like him and founded the beliefs of the clan, that to forge a weapon, one must first know the weapon and then know how to use that weapon. You see, Kyato created a new way to create weapons, by taking the foreign metal in his blood and forging it with his chakra. He created many treasured weapons and expanded the clan's influence with the Shodai Mizukage, establishing a base within the hidden hurricane.

Under Kyato's leadership, the Clan flourished, and it did so for many more years, however a hundred years after Kyato's reign, things started to change for the worst when the clan's young prodigy Makoto Norimune left to join Tsukigakure. She was ordered to slay both Sazaku's father Takashi and himself, and this split the clan in two, one faction siding with the hidden moon and one with the hidden hurricane. The ensuing slaughter by Matoko caused the clan to further shatter, members eventually spreading to all of the great shinobi villages. Sazaku was allowed to live, however he was captured by Tsukigakure, however due to a series of events she ended up becoming the clan head there, and eventually the members of the clan who had scattered either died out or convered on the hidden moon. Over several decades, Sazaku finally died, and the Norimune clan became a clan of fairly good standing in Tsukigakure. Originally, the clan was not as capable at molding the metal into weapons, and focused more on the armor side of things, using the seion to form super durable barriers on themselves. They were known as the Metarumasuta.

Over time, the 'Norimune' family of the Metarumasuta clan developed the ability to craft weapons from the Seion, abandoning the concepts of armor in order to distance themselves in secret from the Metarumasuta, wanting to become an independent sect of Seion users. They didn't hold any distaste or hatred for the Metarumasuta, it was just in their blood to want to stand on their own, be their own clan, mostly due to a few disagreements on the way things should proceed. They didn't cut ties with the metarumasuta clan, but, eventually they succeeded in becoming a separate group from them. Even further; they developed incredible ability to craft weapons of high quality and even produce weapons from their bodies as if it were no effort at all. Moreover, they even developed, naturally, new and unique seion types, only 7 of which are ever seen in each generation. The members of the clan with these special seions were immediately dubbed as the 'royalty' of the new clan, and the split was complete. The Norimune family had left the Metarumasuta, and had become their own clan in the hidden moon, and though they were still allied to the Metarumasuta through a need to maintain some sort of kinship with their 'ancestors', the Norimune were glad to finally be on their own, to do things the way they wanted to.


Name: Invisible Hand
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplementary
Element: None
Range: 5 ft. OR 30 ft.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 2 posts
Description: No Hand Seals Required. Norimune Members may utilize their chakra and through their connection to the seion in their blood, move a single construct that they have created without touching it, as if the article is grasped by an unseen hand. This technique can only be used on a single creation at a time and can not cause the creation to move more then five feet from the user. This can, however be used to throw the targeted item up to 30 feet away, regardless of size and weight. This, however, would prematurely end the jutsu. The item that this jutsu is cast on may not exceed the weight of a D-ranked Norimune creation, as this technique is only D-rank, meaning it can only effect up to three cubic feet of seion. With advanced mastery of the bloodline, this technique can be pushed to effect up to C-ranked norimune items, allowing for the use of up to 5 cubic feet of seion.

Name: Nexus
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: None
Range: 20 ft.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: While 'nexus' is active, any weaponry created and thrown by the user can only travel up to 20 ft. away, at which time they will instantly fly back to the user and land either next to the user or in the user's hand, to be thrown again. If the weapon is caught, or blocked from returning, it will instead disintegrate on the spot, requiring the user to re-form the weapon in order to use it again.


Name: Seion Shell
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Defensive
Element: None
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 4 Posts
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: Seion Shell is a technique in which the user rapidly produces seion from his/her body, forming a thick metal wall around the user in an instant, made up of swords and axes, whose durability is based on the user's bloodline mastery stat, in order to defend against attacks at the last moment. This field of weapons falls to the ground after it defends the caster, and for four posts becomes assorted weapons that are all usable by anyone in the area. Anyone attacking the shell of weapons using taijutsu takes minor damage in the form of cuts and bruises. The number of weapons is equal to the user's bloodline mastery level times five, so at D-rank mastery there are five weapons, at C-rank there are ten, at B-rank there are 15, at A-rank there are 20, and at S there are 25.


Name: Ten Kouken (Heavenly Guardian)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Element: None
Range: 100 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 4 Posts
Cooldown: 10 Posts
Description: Heavenly Guardian is a powerful technique based on the concepts of the 3 previous jutsu, in which the user supposedly 'summons forth all of the weapons ever created by a norimune's seion'. The result is actually just a massive number of random, un-assigned weapons of various sizes and shapes, which form in a large dome 30 meters in radius, pushing back anyone within those hundred meters and deflecting ninjutsu/taijutsu up to A rank in power, while absorbing any weapons lower than B rank into the dome itself. After this initial display is over, the user gains control over all of the weapons in the dome, able to control them all as a single entity, shape them as he/she sees fit, and attack with the lot of them in a wave (similarly to sasori's thousand puppets). This attack is devastating, and is a powerful offensive AND defensive ability. All weapons that were absorbed into the wave are politely returned to their rightful owners upon completion of this jutsu. The number of weapons in the dome (before accounting for absorbed weapons) is 125. This jutsu leaves behind heavy wounds in the form of broken bones and deep lacerations on those it hits, though not quite fatal until the second or third successful hit.

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